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    Based on Ukessays Review 2018, All Students Should Know About Ukessays

    Ukessays is a Britain online writing company that claims to be aimed at giving the best quality academic papers for their clients. The company misuse the customer’s money and claim to be offering them high-quality essays. They major on dissertation and essay writing in all the subjects that are in the education curriculum. Customers click to to place their dissertations to be done by the company. They, therefore, urge customers never to hesitate to give their assignments to be done by their writers. They customers to place their orders to be done and make promises to observe timeliness of delivery of the paper. This Company has been on the market for at since 2003. In their fifteenth year in the academic writing industry, thousands of students have been using the company to do their assignments. However much many students have scored high grades through the company, many more have not managed the good performance when they use it for their assignments.

    There are over four thousand writers working with The company makes claims that their writers are highly trained by themselves. It is highly doubtable if their writers have all the qualities that a professional writer should have. The company also says that they take the best of the best to train to become part of their writing team. Based on the information that the company post about their writers, only native English speakers are part of their writing teams. They say that their writers are from majorly the United Kingdom, United States of America, and Australia. However, it is clear that the company writers are mainly from Kenya and Ukraine. This indicates that the company uses non-native English speakers. The writers’ accounts for the company are today scattered all over the world especially in countries with non-native speakers. There is also a lot of selling and buying of the writer’s accounts belonging to the company. This fact means that a lot of academic fraud is involved in the company writings. Non-professionals who have very little knowledge on the company accounts. Their unskilled writers submit low-quality orders consistently to the customers. The management of the company, however, does not bother making the things right by firing such writers. This is evident in the high levels of complaints that are seen as comments for the services that they offer. The fact that the company does not address their writers to adjust to the quality of orders they do means that their only interest is the customer’s money and not doing the assignments in the right way.

    With the 14 years of experience in academic writing, the company should be aware of the quality that the students want for their assignments. Ukessays understands that some of the assignments that students are very sensitive to language and presentation. However, they do not bother training their writers on how to write quality papers. Moreover, they go around cheating the customers that they test for the writers’ language before they employ them to join their writing team. The company selects these countries as their priorities because their citizens are native speakers of English. According to the company claims, the native speakers are preferred by Ukessays because they do not have any problems writing English and therefore can easily avoid grammatical mistakes. This claim is however just a strategy of winning the customer’s trust so that they can reach their money. The assignments that are done by their writers are of very poor quality with too many spelling mistakes. Most of the writers have little knowledge and hence cannot handle papers that require high professional skills. The writers poorly do the Ph.D. and master papers as they have shallow knowledge that cannot enable them to reach the standards of Ph.D. and master education. Customers are therefore assured that their papers will be presented in the manner that will not cost them any issue with the tutors. Although the normal writings at are in 12 fonts and times new roman, they, however, allow their customers dictate the format that they prefer.

    With the long-term experience that the company has in this industry, Ukessays are aware of the dynamics in education systems. They should, therefore, urge their writers to do a lot of research on the new ways in which assignments are done. Through this, the company can ensure that they do the assignments in the right way. It is so unfortunate that the company does not let their writers aware of the newly introduced ways of doing assignments and make them adjust to meet the new standards, this is a clear indication that the mistakes that are viewed by the customers with the company are due to the failure to take the assignments correctly. They claim to have the quality assurance department that ensures that the papers for their customers are perfect before they are submitted. The company does this department however underperforming and does nothing in the try to ensure the quality of the papers that. The company also acknowledges that everyone makes mistakes. For this reason, they accept all necessary revision requests from the customers. As a student aimed at scoring high grades, it is at essay writers where you get the chance to post a revision request for your order. Ukessays do this to make sure that customers get the value of what they pay for when ordering their assignments. However, the writers are poor and do not do the revisions correctly as their main aims are to do new orders and get more payments.

    The company claims value customer loyalty very much. They, therefore, offer discounts as an appreciation for the customer loyalty. They also craft bonus papers for their loyal customers to maintain the relationships with the customers. The company also has bonuses, which they give as awards for their customers. Most of the customers who get these bonuses and discounts end up losing more money from their credit cards too.

    Their mission for being in this industry is to ensure that students go through their education successfully. Ukessays says that they do not compromise on the quality of work that they do for their customers. In the company, all the writers are professionals with at least a degree. They ensure that customer’s papers are done by the best of the best through this. The organization of their writers into categories also helps us in ensuring that a writer who is specialized in the subject from which the paper is retrieved does a paper. Before submitting the paper to the customer after finishing it, they have the quality assurance department that ensures that the instructions are followed strictly. The company’s selection and training for the writers are also to ensure that they have good writers who will at no point failing to meet the quality demands for the customers’ papers. They claim to urge all writers to proofread their assignments before making their submission after completing the papers. Through this, Ukessays ensures that there are no spelling and grammatical mistakes in the papers that they do for the customers. At, passing the orders done through turn it in to confirm the uniqueness is mandatory. In the real sense, they do not do this because their papers are always full of copied information. They have managed to minimize the situations whereby their writers are penalized for copying assignments from the net through this. The company says that they insist on the 99 percent uniqueness checked by Turnitin so that no case of plagiarized work is reported as a feedback from the customers. The fact that they pay little attention to ensuring quality for the assignments show that they do not value students academic performances.

    Other than writing assignments, the company also offers free services to the users of They have thousands of papers posted on their site that contain information that is necessary for academic performance. In the sample papers that they have on the site, users can get the tips on referencing for Harvard, Chicago, and APA and MLA styles. Users can also get the tips that are used when selecting references and topics for their papers. The papers that are available are however to date and cannot work well for students in the current era. The company also does both writing from scratch and editing works. A student who has already done his or her Work and is not sure of the quality of work can post it on their wall at for editing to attain the right quality. This is however just a post. The reality that the editing is not properly done by the writers. They rush over the papers and eat the customers’ money for nothing.

    The company claim that their value of the customers also extends to the time. They have a simple way of placing orders. After getting into their site that is available at, placing an order is a one-step procedure. A customer simply selects place an order and will get their available support team to help humor her through the next steps. They do this to ensure that the customer does not strain much when placing an order. By helping the client to place the order, they minimize the time that the customer stays on the site posting an assignment that they want to be done. Ukessays make everything on their site simple and are why they have a flexible payment system so that any customer can make the payment using any of the modes that conveniences him or her. The company’s support team is available with the help of customers 24 hours a day and attends to all the issues such that a customer can even add instruction at any time. Being that they have been working well for the clients for the last fourteen years, everyone is urged to consider doing his or her assignment through the company and enjoy the quality work. The company is however not meeting any of the assurances that they make to the students despite the fact that they are aware of what is necessary.
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    The Design Interface is Complex to Use

    Ukessays.comwebsite has a perfect design to help in serving the writers and the customers. The site has four different sections which all play integral roles in ensuring that the company satisfactorily serves the customers. The first section of the site is the administration section, which is available for the view of the administrative team of the company only. The second section is the writer’s section that has the information that is if used for writers with ukessays accounts. This section is available for use by the writers view to serve them in different ways. The third section is the section for customers. This section can be seen by anybody who searches for website page from the internet. The final section of the  is the support section. This is the section that the support team of the account uses to do their relaying role in the account. The design of the account website works as described below.

    The administration section serves the administrative team in doing their work of overlooking into the operations of the company. This is the site that enables the smooth running of the company as all the arising issues are brought here for finding the necessary solutions. Ukessays also comes up with new rules and poses them to the website to aid in their day to day operations. The support section at is the second section in the design. Through this section, the support team reaches the customers and the writers to relay the conversation to the support team. This section is the one that is used to make announcements to the writers and customers concerning the decisions that have been made by the administration team. At, placing an order and the making of any other related requests by the customer are done through the customer section. The company tries to ensure that the customers served completely and that is why all the customer aid details are displayed here. The final section id the writer’s section. This section contains all the writer service details. It is through here that completed orders are posted back to the account. Writers also make application for orders through here. All the questions are also made in this section. The design is very good and could serve the customers to their satisfaction. However, the workers at Ukessays are scammers and take advantage of the customers to steal from them at the expense of serving them.
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    Placing the Order is Simple but Takes a Lot of Customer’s Time

    When a customer has an assignment to post, he or she goes through a short step procedure that is offered at The steps are simple, and it is just a matter of a minute or two to post an assignment successfully. First, the customer specifies the country from which he or she is posting the order. This is to ensure that the recommended format is used for the assignment. The country details are also important for suggesting the payment modes to the customer. The customer then provides the details of the assignment. Here, the customer is expected to give the topic that essays should be written about. Ukessays also requests customers to provide the instructions concerning the format, the number of pages to be written and the style of academic writing that he or she wants for the assignment. Style of writing is necessary to guide in referencing and in-text citation of the assignment. The number of references required by the customer for his or her order is also included here. More instructions such as the way to insert keywords are also included here. If the customer wants his or her sources to be used for the assignment, the company advises the customer to add the sources, whether links or files so that the writer can use them as per the instructions of the client. Ukessays also requests customers to specify the type of paper to be written, whether from scratch or editing. This is necessary for the determination of the cost to be paid for the paper. The deadline for submission of the paper is also indicated as part of the instructions.

    Having given all the details of the assignment to, the client then makes the payment. First, the customer suggests the bid for doing the assignment to the support. The support in charge then suggests the price per page for the assignment. Once the cost per page for the order has been arrived at and agreed, the support then goes ahead to make the payment details. Once the payment is made, the customers’ orders are then put in the display as available orders for writers to place a bid to be assigned to take the assignments and do them. The fact that they for pay before the completion of orders makes it dangerous since they may not refund in case the customer changes his or her mind, or if the order is no longer required by the customer.
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    Kenyan and Pakistan Writers are Non-Native English Speakers But are Highly Used

    Ukessays have over four thousand writers who connect to their account through to bid for the orders. In making selection of their writers, the company prefers individuals from Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The company, however, does not have a well-established mechanism for determining whether the individuals they take as their writers are from other countries other than the referred states. They end up having some of their writers coming from Pakistan and Kenya where English is not a native language. This makes the company unsuitable for handling academic papers, especially the ones that are very sensitive to language and grammar. The writers from these two countries have some influences from their local languages that make them find it difficult to write the correct English. Non-native writers are likely to make many mistakes in the sentence structuring. Dissertations done by Ukessays are therefore likely to have many grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. The non-native writers may also fail to understand the important instructions from the customers. They may end giving essays that are out of content that may cost the customer and suffer poor grades because of irrelevancy. The fact that the company is using non-native writers for some of their essays makes the company not fit for the native students. They are unsuitable for use for sensitive and complicated papers. They may, therefore, make a customer fail in the assignments assigned to them due to quality and accuracy. Students should, therefore, avoid using this company for their academic essays and dissertations, as they do not value their customers. This is to avoid the risk of failing and grammatically incorrect essays that the company provides through their non-native writers.

    Making Changes in Completed Works is a Challenge at The Company

    At the company, making a change in an order that is already considered completed is impossible. This means that the customers may not get the value of what they have paid for as far as quality is concerned. In this case, the customers are limited from getting some of their rights. They cannot be helped by the company to get changes that they want on their papers. Students should, therefore, avoid this company for the correction on completed orders is not allowed.

    Assignments are Not Checked for Plagiarism in This Company

    Ukessays claims to very strict on writing quality papers that are free from any sense of plagiarism. However, many issues proving that this does not happen have been reported on several occasions especially with the urgent orders. This means that some of the writers working at do not pass some of the orders through Turnitin for plagiarism check. For cases where a customer has requested so that his or her work can be edited and plagiarized parts corrected, the writers fail to get this right and end up submitting works without making the necessary connections. This means that Ukessays do not offer enough training for their customers as they claim. Some of the works that customers bring for paraphrasing at are not satisfactorily handled. There is a possibility that the non-native writers who do not find it easy to make sentence structure when doing paraphrasing handle them. Because of the difficulty the non-native writers have when making changes on papers, they end up copy-pasting some of the sentences so that they do not lose the meanings when done a fresh. The quality assurance department is also faulty, as they do not take their work automatically to check for plagiarism when submitted by writers. They wait until a customer makes a complaint is when they do the check. This ends up giving copied works to the customers. Working with Ukessays may, therefore, cost a student disqualification, suspension, or even expulsion because of plagiarized work.

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    Customers’ Testimonials about the Poor Works Done in the Company

    The company has been in the academic writing industry for over fourteen years today. In this long period of offering their academic writing services to their various customers, a lot of testimonials regarding the quality of service they offer to the customers have been made. Some of the testimonials are as follows:

    Testimony: I came across site when I was in the last year of my master’s education. This is where I got the advertisement and got convinced that the company could help me go through my project safely. I then made my mind to have the dissertation done by the writers of the company. However, I suffered many problems working with the company. First, their live support could not make continuous communications to relay my added my added instructions in time. I, therefore, had to stay much longer on the site just because of their slow communication system.

    Testimony: I had an assignment that I paid the company to have their writers do the work for me. However, the final paper that was submitted was full of grammatical mistakes. This coasted me much since I had to paraphrase the whole paper after making a huge payment for a perfect paper that was never delivered.

    Confidentiality is not guaranteed to Clients Personal Information

    Although online academic writing is a legal business, the company is recognized for doing this kind of a business, most of the lecturers do not like it. Because of the belief that the lecturer has that it these yields results are not true reflections of the students’ academic potentials. This makes them discourage the use of online writers to go through assignments. They therefore heavily punish students when they come to realize that the student used an online writing company to do the assignment. It is for this reason that confidentiality concerning the students’ details should be kept so that it is not realized at any time. However, they do not have enough privacy on the customer’s personal details as they claim to be observing. This means that at the company, doing your assignment may cost you both money and penalties at the college. The agreement of keeping personal details for the customers is not observed in this case by the company, and this makes them a dangerous organization to handle any assignment.

    The fact that the company does not keep the personal details of their customers also endangers the security on the personal life of the customers. Once a stranger is accessed to the email addresses of a customer, he or she may end up being framed to certain dangerous businesses. With an email address and personal contacts, a criminal may hack into the email inbox and alter information that is kept in the email. It is through this way that one can even end up being arrested for sending a threatening email or message to another’s. Ukessays is, therefore, one of the worst sites to use for assignments.

    Customers Cards are Charged Twice When they get Discounts

    At, the company has some conditions that when met by a customer, he or she may get a discount for the assignment. Customer loyalty and large assignments may earn a customer some bonus or discounts. The customers who are aware of the conditions for earning a discount on the work, therefore, work very hard to get these discounts on the payments for their assignments that are done by ukessays writers. However, this may look very lucrative in the customers perspective; it is dangerous at the same time. At, customers’ cards are charged twice when he or she is given a discount. This means that the customer ends up paying additional payment that is excess of the normal pay when he is given a discount. Ukessays, therefore, makes it unhealthy for the customers as they are made to spend too much in the name of being given a discount for the orders they want to be done. is, in this case, stealing from their customers and lying to be giving those discounts for their various orders.

    Bonuses are used to steal from Customers

    The company gives bonuses to the customers by their relationships with the company.Just like the discounts, the company gives bonuses to their customers who work with them and meet the thresholds for the bonuses. Just like the other online academic writing companies, the bonuses are given as awards for meeting the threshold conditions. The bonuses are meant to build stronger relationships with the customers. This means that they do all they do as far as bonuses are concerned to attract more customers and maintain the ones already feeling comfortable working with them. However, the conditions under which the company gives their bonuses are dark such that the customer cannot expect getting bonus payments at any time. The customers are therefore kept in the dark, as they cannot understand the criteria under which they are given the bonuses. After winning the bonuses at, ways of redeeming them are not very clear. This means that the customers may not be able to benefit from the bonuses they win at This scummy way of giving bonuses indicates that perhaps they are not confidently and willingly giving the bonuses to the customers. This is against the agreements signed when in a contract with a customer that requires a company to have open ways of doing things.

    Communication and Company Support are Very Slow

    Communication to ukessays is enabled through their support team that is available all times to the customers. This makes it possible to contact the company when placing an order. The customer can also, make communications to the company through support when requesting a revision to be made on a paper that has already been done. Communication with this company also happens when a writer needs more clarification on the order that the client has already applied. Furthermore, communication with them when a customer wants to add more instructions or wants to cancel the order that is in progress is very had. However, there is a big problem with the communication system of the company. Although the support team is available to the customers, the communication system at is very slow and therefore cannot serve the customers well. The fact that ukessays have very slow communication systems makes it difficult for the customers to add urgent instructions to their works. The slow support team also makes placing order complicated as customers take unnecessarily long time. Customers cannot make requests and get instant replies for their requests. Students are therefore risking having a late submission of assignments in case they have urgent issues that need to be addressed about their assignments. Slow communication system with makes it difficult for a customer to add an instruction to an order that has already been assigned to a writer. The company’s support takes a lot of time to convey the message that has been sent by the customer to the writer. The issue of the slow communication system at has resulted in some of the papers being submitted by writers when some of the added instructions not followed. This has resulted in cases whereby customers are asked to pay additional chargers since writers do not accept instructions added after the paper has been submitted.

    The Company’s Payment Systems are not Available for Customers in some Countries

    Ukessays has linked their payment systems with specific banks that are available in specific countries. This means that the customers from countries without those banks are forced to get cards for the banks for them to work with the company. This makes making payments to ukessays very difficult and time-consuming. The complicated payment systems by the company make customers work very difficult as they have to complete it before their assignments are made. The support also takes a lot of time to give the details on how to make payments to the customers. The fact that their payment systems are specific to certain banks forces the customers to form areas where such banks are operating to spend too much. Transacting money from a local bank to a bank with which they work is costly and adds on top of the total pay that a customer finally pays. The fact that the payment systems are complicated means that customers who are not updated on how to use the foreign systems may not be able to make their payments successfully. Some of such customers even end up losing one, as they cannot get the exact accounts to pay for the services at

    No refunds on Poor Quality and Undone Assignments in this Company

    In every business transactions, mistakes on cash transfer happen, regardless of the frequency. In case a transfer mistake happens, and an extra amount is paid, the extra money should be refunded back to the customer. In the online writing business, more than just mistakes occur. Sometimes, a customer can decide to cancel the order he or she has made due to it being no longer relevant. When this happens, the customer deserves a fair treatment from the company by getting the money back. However, the company is a different group altogether. This is the company where the customer’s extra amount or money due to canceled order is never refunded at all. In a situation whereby a customer has already made payment and then happens to get the bonus, the customer is not given back the amount he or she had paid. This seems like double charging the customer for the services offered. In this situation, the business overcharges their customers. Sometimes a customer realizes a mistake on the instructions and decides to reduce the number of pages he or requires for the assignment. The removed pages should be calculated, and the amount is given back. With, a customer must never expect to get back the cash because of reducing the amount pages to be written. The company is therefore very expensive and cannot be afforded by students, especially those from the humble family backgrounds. is therefore among the worst sites for students who want their assignment to be done by professionals. Their impossible refund creates some sense of stealing from their customers, as it is a way of paying for services not offered to the customers.

    DO NOT Place your order to check the Quality Because it is Academic Fraud

    At ukessays, placing your order for quality checking is a big mistake that students should never dare doing. Unlike the other online academic writing companies, the company is an academic fraud on itself. This makes it very dangerous for students who give them their papers so that they can be used for checking quality. The company would instead sell the paper that the student has placed instead of letting it be used by other students to check the quality of works that they do. Ukessays writers also submit plagiarized papers meaning that they all they care about is the pay they get from clients and not the quality of paper they submit. The fact that the company is academic frauds means another customer may end up getting a fellow customers paper which had been placed for quality check. Any student who wants to be safe from the dangers of academic frauds should at all costs avoid placing his or her on paper for the quality check at

    Be warned; don’t use Ukessays doing your assignments because it is an academic fraud!

    Reasons to Choose other Writing Service Companies

    Ukessays .com is not suitable for use for academic writings. Students should, therefore, be advised avoid using this writing service company for their assignments. Here are the issues at Ukessays that makes it necessary for students should not dare use this company to handle their academic assignment essays and dissertations. First, they have employed very many non-native writers. The assignments that are such writers submit are of low quality as far as language, and sentence structures are concerned. Students should, therefore, avoid using this company, as one cannot know the writer who would write your assignment. Students using this company are therefore at the risk of getting works which are very poor, and that cannot fetch quality grades for their academics. To avoid failing because of grammar, avoid using for your assignments. Second, the assignments that they submit are normally plagiarized. Despite them claiming to be using Turnitin for plagiarism check, most of their writers do not use this and end up submitting unworthy papers. Students are therefore at risk of being charged with academic fraud when they use this writing service company. On issues with payment, payment systems are complicated and therefore stressing to use. Individuals should go to the other writing service companies other than them who have easier payment systems. At, refunding is not possible. This means that in case a student no longer needs the paper tans cancels it, he or she would not get money back. has slow communication systems. They, therefore, take a lot of students’ time trying to do their operations at the expense of attending to other duties. Students are a busy category and need things done as fast as possible and should, therefore, use writing service companies with faster communication systems.

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