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Everyone goes directly from Air Force basic training to Air Force job training locations, which the Air Force calls tech school. Where you go for Air Force tech school depends on the job you were selected for. Many Air Force job schools are conducted at Lackland AFB in Texas, so your travel to tech school may just mean a short march down the street.

A few years ago, the Air Force discovered that giving new recruits total offduty freedom immediately after basic training wasn’t working so well. Too many new basic training graduates spent too much time drinking and partying and not enough time studying and learning their new Air Force jobs. The Air Force responded by implementing a phase system for all of its tech schools, which returns after-basic freedoms to recruits very slowly, during the tech school learning process.

The Air Force Technical School phase program consists of three phases. As airmen advance in each phase, they receive more privileges. The phase program begins on the day you arrive at the technical school and (in most cases) ends when you graduate technical training and proceed to your first permanent duty assignment.

Phase 1

Phase 1 begins at your very first second of arrival at an Air Force tech school. During your time in phase 1, you

  • Will remain on base at all times.
  • Will not purchase, possess, or consume alcohol.
  • Will wear military uniform on and off duty. However, you may wear civilian attire inside your dormitory.
  • Will adhere to a call to quarters (curfew) of 2200 (10 p.m.) to 0400 (4 a.m.) Sunday through Saturday.
  • Will eat three meals per day, Monday through Friday, in a base dining facility (chow hall).
  • Will not operate, ride in, or utilize a private motor vehicle (PMV). Training/operations group commanders may make exceptions on a caseby- case basis.
  • Will have your room inspected a minimum of once per week, but not onthe same day every week.
  • Will make your bed with issue sheets and a bedspread or blanket. Personalized bedspreads or comforters are not authorized.
  • Will not hang pictures of any kind on the walls or lockers. However, pictures in a frame, no larger than 8 inches by 10 inches, may be displayed on your desktop, but must not be of a sexually explicit or degrading nature.
  • May have an alarm clock or radio alarm clock on your nightstand or desk.
  • May not possess or use a television or stereo in your dormitory room. You may, however, use existing televisions or stereos located in dayrooms or common areas.
  • Will march to and from all locations.
  • Will participate in a formal open ranks inspection a minimum of once per week.
  • May use a personal electronic device (cellphone, MP3 player, laptop, and so on) inside your dormitory during nonduty hours only.

You remain in phase 1 until 14 calendar days after arrival. If you fail any ofthe requirements, you may be extended in phase 1 for even longer.

Phase 2

In phase 2, you’ve achieved a higher level of knowledge and proficiency and are expected to be a model Airman. With greater privileges come greater responsibilities. You’re expected to follow, promote, and encourage all Airmen to adhere to standards. You’re held accountable and supervised commensurate with your time in service.

During this phase, you

  • Will remain in uniform and on station during duty hours. If you go off station, you must wear the appropriate blue uniform combination and remain in the local area as determined in writing by the training/operations group commander.
  • May consume alcohol on base only if you’re of legal age, but not during the duty week or 12 hours prior to duty.
  • May ride in and operate a private motor vehicle (PMV) after duty hours.
  • Will adhere to a call to quarters (curfew) of 2200 (10 p.m.) to 0400 (4 a.m.) on evenings prior to duty days and a curfew of 2400 (midnight) to 0400 on evenings prior to nonduty days.
  • Will have your room inspected a minimum of one time while in phase 2. You must keep your room according to local guidelines, but may personalize your room.
  • Will march to and from all locations during duty hours.
  • Will participate in a formal open ranks inspection a minimum of one time while in phase 2.
  • May use a personal electronic device (such as cellphones, laptop, and MP3 players) after duty hours only.
  • Will pass all required open ranks and room evaluations prior to progressing to phase 3.

Phase 2 runs from the 15th calendar day through the 35th calendar day of Air Force tech school.

Phase 3 During phase 3, you’re expected to be a responsible wingman for newer airmen. You require minimal supervision and only random spot-checks for adherence to standards. Your knowledge, proficiency, and conduct should rival that of a permanent party airman, and you’re afforded privileges as such.

During this phase, you

  • Will remain in uniform and on station during duty hours.
  • Will not consume alcohol 12 hours prior to duty. (You must be of legal age to consume alcohol.)
  • Will not possess or consume alcohol in the dormitory or immediate surrounding area. Those who choose to drink alcohol will do so responsibly and not bring discredit to the Air Force, in or out of uniform.
  • Have no restrictions on the use of private motor vehicles (PMVs).
  • Will adhere to a call to quarters (curfew) of 2200 (10 p.m.) on evenings prior to duty days.

Phase 3 runs from the 36th calendar day through completion of all technicaltraining and departure for permanent duty assignment.

Other Restrictions

While in Air Force technical training, some restrictions apply, regardless of what training phase you are in:

  • You can’t smoke on base at any time.
  • You can’t visit the dormitory rooms of any member of the opposite sex.
  • You can’t visit any permanent party dormitory rooms, on-base housing units, or the rooms of anyone assigned TDY (temporary duty) on the base.
  • While in phase 1 or phase 2, you may not rent or visit any off-base hotel rooms.

These restrictions apply until you graduate from Air Force tech school and proceed to your first permanent duty assignment. If your particular Air Force job requires that you attend multiple tech schools, you remain in the phasesystem while attending such training.

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