terabit virus maker free download Michael Webster: TeraBIT Virus Maker

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      Bhavesh Virus Maker

      A Windows virus making software with other tools

      It's a windows virus making software with other tools. It can make a variety of viruses but keep in mind to switch off the Antivirus and Reeltime protection because this is a virus making tool.
      The full source code is provided so that people who fear can see for themselves the source and decide to run it.

      Running this will not infect anyone but if you make a virus and then by mistake run it, I'm not responsible.
      I'll add more capabilities and tools to it. Stay tuned!

      24 This Week

      Last Update:

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    • 2


      An open source browser with antivirus, system cleaning, file folder locking, social networking, movie viewing, chatting and parental website block features.

      1 Review

      2 This Week

      Last Update:

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    • 3

      DH Virus Maker By Doddy

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      Last Update:

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    TeraBIT Virus Maker 3.2 [Download]

    Posted by : Nityananda Pradhan
    Wednesday, 22 April 2015

    TeraBIT is a powerful virus maker.
    Its options include:
    1. Disable CMD
    2. Avoid opening browsers
    3. Disable task manager
    4. Funny mouse
    5. Funny keyboard
    6. Turnoff system  and many more… 

     Disable your Anti-virus while using it.  

     Download links 

    Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3   


    Password: blackhatcrew





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      BLACKHAT CREW|| Edited by ~~R@Z~~



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      TeraBIT Virus Maker

      Who says it’s hard to make a virus?Now you can make the most simple of the virus until the Trojans that can damage the system.Okay, now I will give an explanation first
      Terabit Virus Maker 3.2

      1. Software Information:

          This software is made by Iranians. The
      news is also not certain truth, but I tried the search on google.com
      and I got the info that says that Terabit Virus Maker software is the
      original made in Iran, and it was in version 3.1.
      version 3.1 to the previous ones, this software is not yet support for
      Windows 7, just before the OS support in Windows 7, such as Windows XP,
      Here I have Terabit Virus Maker Software version 3.2 that has support with Windows 7.
      2. Software functions:

      software serves to make the virus instantly with the ability that we
      can choose its own so that the user can use it easily and quickly.
      the software has been available features that we can use in the
      manufacture of the virus, there are 54 features that we can use, I will
      only mention the 15 features only and for other features that can be
      seen in the picture.
      15 features are:
      1. Avoid Opening Calculator2. Avoid Opening Copy, Move Window3. Avoid Opening gpedit4. Avoid Opening Media Player5. Avoid Opening Mozilla Firefox6. Avoid Opening msconfig7. Avoid Opening Notepad8. Avoid Opening Wordpad9. Avoid Opening Yahoo Messenger10. Add 30 User Accounts to Windows11. Always Clean Clipboard12. Always Log Off13. Close Internet Explorer Every 10 sec14. Delete All Files In Desktop15. Delete All Files In My Documents
      This virus file had the extension *. Exe. So,
      when the virus file is executed, the features that have been added, it
      will run and change the settings of your computer system in accordance
      with the features you choose.
      And there are items that can be used to complement the perfection of the virus that you created, such as:

      serves to execute / run the file that we associate with the virus you
      have created, the file can be linked in any format, just as image files,
      word files, excel, powerpoint, music, notepad, and others.

          Fake Error Message function to display a false message of our own making, and the sub-item no title, message, and type. Title contents of the message, Message content with your own message, and type, select the type you want.

          Run Custom Command (I have not tried this before)

          Add [] fake KB (s) to the virus function for adding capacity to the fake virus file.

      name after install is the file that actually runs, while fake file is
      executed, there are type / extension *. Exe that can be used.

          Icon files are items that are used to select the icon file virus.

          File Name is the item that is used to name the file.

          Run Virus with Windows is an item that serves to run the file on windows.

          [R] is the reset button to reset the settings have been reset to their default settings

          Create Virus serves to create a virus that we have designed before.
      3. How to Use Software:

          Install deepfreeze to keep your computer safe.
      Disable your Antivirus, because the software is considered as a virus by antivirus.
      Run Software tVirusMaker.exe
      Select / check the features that have been provided and select the items that will be used.
      Finally you click Create Virus and save it to your directory.
      Virus file is ready to run. (* And to divide all your friends, ‘hahahaha … just a suggestion’ *)4. Download Software :
      Download Link —> DOWNLOAD DISINI

      viruses are also very easily detected by antivirus software, most of
      the victims will be successful if the targets are not using antivirus /
      antivirus disabled.

      Thanks, Michael Webster

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