systemic scleroderma symptoms
Saturday, March 16, 2019

systemic scleroderma symptoms

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Crah System


Designed for use in data centers, data processing rooms, in telecom centers and in other applications where it is important to keep the thermo-hygrometric conditions constant all over the year, so that the correct operation of the equipments installed in these sites is secured. Thanks to their technologically advanced design, these close control units are able to control the ambient temperature with remarkably high precision and, when the humidity level is required, adapting their cooling capacity to the room requirements, all automatically managed by the microprocessor on board. The high technology employed during their design together with the use of the best components available on the markets, make
these units extremely reliable and therefore able to work for long periods, without a break. These units can be also installed easily in small spaces and easily accessible on the front side for ordinary and extraordinary service operations. Assembling and testing are made in the factory.

Technical Features
Enclosure of the unit is supported by a rigid frame and manufactured with parts made of galvanized steel, making the structure strong and suitable also for extreme transport and handling conditions. The external panels, fixed to frame with quick opening connections, are made of pre-painted steel sheet (RAL 9005), ensuring a long-term durability to the unit. They are internally insulated with class 1 sound-proof material, in conformity to the main international regulations in force, reducing the overall sound level of the unit and allowing a good air tightness. All the front and side panels can be dismantled so to allow an easy access to the main components.

EC centrifugal fans with backward curved blade made of high performance composite material, directly coupled to a threephase electrical rotor with IP54 protection grade, which have the possibility of a continuous regulation of the speed by means of 0-10V signal, sent and integrated to the control. The fans are fixed on suitable supports reducing the transmission of vibration to the frame and the impeller is statically and dynamically balanced with long-life bearings. Thanks to their technology, the EC fans ensure a lower electrical absorption and sound level, if compared to the traditional centrifugal fans. Adjusting their air flow to the head pressure requested on site is possible.

Chilled water coil with copper pipe and aluminium fins; suitably sized with a wide exchange surface and a low air crossing speed so to allow a remarkable heat exchange and reduce the pressure drops on the air side and equipped with purging air valves, three-way modulating valve with servomotor, electronically controlled.

Water circuit realized with pipes entirely coated with insulated material and complete with 3-way valve with modulating control and temperature probeElectric board in compliance with CE norms, protected by a panel is separated by the air flow.

Canovate CRAC Units have adiabatic humidity peds to adjust humidity level of incoming ambient air so that we can achieve a better and energy efficient cooling perfermance and spend %30 percent energy less than competitors.

Air economizer option is available for ambient air temperatures below 24 C so that ambiant air is filtered and supplied directly inside the datacenter room. Thus there is no need for connected chillers to operate.

Crah System

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