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Soli J. Sorabjee

The writer is a former attorney general of India.

    Articles By Soli J. Sorabjee

    The noble dissenters

    Dissenting judgments on Sabarimala and Bhima Koregaon speak to the future.

    Amazing Grace

    Atalji made friends and disarmed his opponents

    The Constitution was founded on these

    Our founding fathers were driven by the learnings of the past, the turmoil of the present and the possibilities of the future.

    The Limits Of Freedom

    Sedition law has been misused by over-zealous agencies. That’s no reason to scrap it

    When a PM gave me counsel

    And other memories starring leaders and lawyers

    Be intolerant of intolerance

    Why the Supreme Court judgment in the case of ‘An Insignificant Man’ shows the way.

    A duty to be tolerant

    The rise of intolerance is alarming. Dissent is smothered and self-censorship takes its place, endangering democracy itself.

    Protect the dissenter

    That is the state’s responsibility. It must punish those who violently target dissent

    This thing called privacy

    One salutary consequence is that the right to privacy cannot be curtailed or abrogated by merely enacting a statute but can be done only by a constitutional amendment after complying with certain constitutional prerequisites.

    For the People

    This erudite book illuminates how judicial review of legislation empowers and protects democracy.

    The duty to practise tolerance

    It should be expressly included and highlighted in the list of fundamental duties in our Constitution

    What we need to guard

    Fundamental rights are no gifts of the state, the Constitution only confirms their existence.

    A duty of tolerance

    Intolerance has a chilling effect on freedom of thought and discussion. It places democracy under siege.

    Sedition law cannot be used against honest views, expressed peacefully

    It is the need of the hour to contain the forces of bigotry and intolerance which pose a grave threat to our democratic secular republic.

    A Merry Court

    The temples of justice are also home to moments of laughter.

    A Rule Of Law Culture

    Rule of law must become a part of people’s everyday lives if it is to be safeguarded .

    Taking terror to task

    Pakistan must stop offering specious alibis against prosecuting Hafiz Saeed.

    On governors, go by reason not whim

    In the past, the court has asked the government to show a compelling cause for removing a governor.

    For the butcher,baker and dance bar girl

    The SC’s judgment on Mumbai’s dance bars does well to refuse to countenance the specious distinction between different classes of performers and audiences

    An overdue cleansing has begun

    The Supreme Court has delivered a sterling judgment on convicted legislators. It could have gone further

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