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CNA Training Online

If you are looking to obtain your CNA certification, but cannot commit to a full time or day program, an online course option may be a good alternative.  New online certification programs are making it both flexible and affordable to become a CNA and perform meaningful work in a growing field. While other degrees offer an abundance of online degree options, online CNA programs are lower in number due to the hands-on nature of the clinical section of CNA training. Keep in mind that only a verified CNA training program must offer a hands-on clinical training component in addition to an online classroom option. Be aware, there is a lot of confusing information for online CNA courses across the web.

online cna course
Most credible programs are offered by community colleges. Keep in mind that due the nature of the work of a CNA, gaining training in a hands-on clinical setting is still critical and will still be required by your respective state.   CNA online training is offered as a hybrid option with online class training and in-person clinical training.

Community colleges often offer the best online CNA course option, with accreditation levels that can be trusted and teaching requirements that meet that state’s respective  Health and Nursing standards
Hybrid Examples include:

  • Howard Community College
  • Community College of Aurora
  • Johnson Community College
  • College of Western Idaho

Other community colleges can be found in our state by state guide so you may do research on an online CNA class near you.

In evaluating a private online CNA training provider, it is advised to do thorough research on the program before applying.

Now is a great time to explore a future career as a CNA. The online programs listed above are just a few examples of the many options, so be sure to continue researching until you find the online CNA classes that best suit your individual needs. In the meantime, you may want to try one of our free CNA practice tests to see how much you already know about the position.

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