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How can I learn understanding Japanese quickly so that I can watch anime without subtitles?

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3 Answers

Karthik P

Karthik P , N2

It might sound harsh but, anyway, let me be straightforward.

There is no quick and shortcut way! If you want to be able to understand, then you have to have experience of, at least, 300hrs of listening to an audio of different contexts! Assuming that you have, all you can likely to grasp is mere 60% of it. Because you have to have experience of, at least, 500hrs of listening to an audio of different context at this stage! So, In light of this fact, try to have at least 300hrs of experience.

In my case, I have been studying Japanese for 1.8years and yet all I can grasp is of the range 10 to 80% of the content of anime or drama depending on genre!

Ghost in the shell & psycho pass—–10%. coz genre is sci-fi (a lot of jargon and scientific terms that I havent had come across, makes things difficult to grasp the context)

Rurouni Kenshin———30%. Coz genre Is historical(ancient Japanese makes things difficult)

Hajimeno ippo—50%. Coz genre is Martial arts (martial art terms makes….)

Great teacher onizuka—–70%. Coz genre is school life.

Sivapriya Raghavan

Sivapriya Raghavan , worked at ASI Intrepreter

Hi adiquated to watching animes is very good thing , by regularly watching animeas with full intrest some sentences which they phrased has been byhearted to you ,and moreover you can able to understand the meanings very soon without the help of subtitles you can get to learn more meanings from internet, if in case of some words not understanding so my opinion is to keep watch animes regularly

i hope this helpful

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