Quia What is the chemical formula of ammonium phosphide?
Monday, January 14, 2019

Quia What is the chemical formula of ammonium phosphide?

Ammonium phosphate

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Ammonium phosphate [1]
Ammonium phosphate.png
Ball-and-stick model of three ammonium cations and one phosphate anion data-file-height=”589″ />
IUPAC name

ammonium phosphate
Other names

triammonium phosphate
CAS Number
  • 10361-65-6  ☑Y
3D model ( JSmol )
  • Interactive image
  • 140090  ☑Y
ECHA InfoCard 100.030.709
EC Number269-789-9
PubChem CID
  • 159282
  • 2ZJF06M0I9   ‹See TfM› ☒N
  • InChI=1S/3H3N.H3O4P/c;;;1-5(2,3)4/h3*1H3;(H3,1,2,3,4) ☑Y
  • InChI=1/3H3N.H3O4P/c;;;1-5(2,3)4/h3*1H3;(H3,1,2,3,4)
  • [O-]P([O-])([O-])=O.[NH4+].[NH4+].[NH4+]
Chemical formula
Molar mass149 g/mol
AppearanceWhite, tetrahedral crystals
Solubility in water
58.0 g/100 mL (25 °C)
GHS pictograms The exclamation-mark pictogram in the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
GHS signal wordWarning
GHS hazard statements
H302, H319
GHS precautionary statements
P264, P270, P280, P301+312, P305+351+338, P330, P337+313, P501
NFPA 704

NFPA 704 four-colored diamond

Std enthalpy of
formation (ΔfHo298)
−1671.9 kJ/mol
Related compounds
Other cations
Trisodium phosphate
Tripotassium phosphate
Related compounds
Diammonium phosphate
Monoammonium phosphate
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
‹See TfM› ☒N  verify  ( what is  ☑Y ‹See TfM› ☒N ?)
Infobox references

Ammonium phosphate is the salt of ammonium and phosphate . It is a highly unstable compound with the formula (NH4)3PO4. Because of its instability, it is elusive and of no commercial value. A related “double salt”, (NH4)3PO4.(NH4)2HPO4 is also recognized but is too unstable for practical use. Both triammonium salts evolve ammonia. In contrast to the fragile nature of the triammonium salts, diammonium phosphate (NH4)2HPO4 is a valuable material, mainly as a fertilizer. Also of value is monoammonium salt (NH4)H2PO4 which is also valued as a fertilizer. These two salts provide plants with fixed nitrogen and phosphorus. [2]


  • 1 Preparation of triammonium phosphate
  • 2 Preparation of diammonium hydrogen phosphate (DAP)
  • 3 See also
  • 4 References

Preparation of triammonium phosphate[ edit ]

Triammonium phosphate can be prepared in the laboratory by treating 85% phosphoric acid with 30% ammonia solution: [3]

H3PO4 + 3 NH3 → (NH4)3PO4

(NH4)3PO4 is a colorless, crystalline solid. The solid, which has the odor of ammonia, is readily soluble in water. The salt converts to diammonium hydrogen phosphate (NH4)2HPO4.

Preparation of diammonium hydrogen phosphate (DAP)[ edit ]

DAP is a simple salt and a complex fertilizer. [4] [5] It is also the source of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients. [4] [5]

H3PO4 + 2 NH3 → (NH4)2HPO4

On heating, (NH4)2 HPO4 evolves ammonia, giving colorless crystals of the monoammonium salt.

(NH4)2 HPO4 is a colorless, odorless, crystalline solid, which insoluble in water. [4]

See also[ edit ]

  • Ammonium polyphosphate
  • Monoammonium phosphate
  • Diammonium phosphate

References[ edit ]

  1. ^
    Lide, David R. (1998). Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (87 ed.). Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press. pp. 4–42, 5–19. ISBN   0-8493-0594-2 .

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      Formulas of binary ionic compounds  molecular compounds

      calcium carbonateCaCO3
      potassium chlorideKCl
      iron (II) sulfateFeSO4
      lithium bromideLiBr
      magnesium chlorideMgCl2
      iron (II) chlorideFeCl2
      zinc phosphateZn3(PO4)2
      ammonium nitrateNH4 NO3
      aluminum hydroxideAl(OH)3
      copper (I) acetateCuC2H3O2
      lead (II) sulphatePbSO4
      sodium chlorateNaClO3
      iron (III) oxideFe2O3
      ammonium phosphate(NH4)3PO4
      magnesium nitrateMg(NO3)2
      copper (II) sulfateCuSO4
      sodium bicarbonateNaHCO3
      nickel (III) bromideNiBr3
      beryllium nitrateBe(NO3)2
      zinc sulphateZnSO4
      gold (III) chlorideAuCl3
      sodium chlorideNaCl
      carbon monoxideCO
      potassium fluorideKF
      lithium iodideLiI
      phosphorus pentabromidePBr5
      calcium sulphateCaSO4
      aluminum bromideAlBr3
      sulphur dioxideSO2
      hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid)HCl
      dinitrogen tetroxideN2O4
      potassium hydroxideKOH
      hydrogen nitrateHNO3
      oxygen difluorideOF2
      sodium acetateNaC2H3O2
      carbon disulfideCS2
      carbon monoxideCO
      potassium oxideK2O
      diphosphorus pentoxideP2O5
      ammonium chlorideNH4Cl
      aluminum sulphateAl2(SO4)3
      hydrogen sulfate (sulfuric acid)H2SO4
      ammonium nitrateNH4NO3
      zinc oxideZnO
      aluminum oxideAl2O3
      carbon dioxideCO2
      sulfur dioxideSO2
      nitrogen dioxideNO2
      dinitrogen monoxideN2O
      sulfur trioxideSO3
      carbon tetrachlorideCCl4
      nitrogen monoxideNO
      dinitrogen pentoxideN2O5`
      dinitrogen tetroxideN2O4
      barium hydroxideBa(OH)2
      iron (III) chlorideFeCl3
      hydrogen fluoride(hydrofluoric acid)HF
      ammonium hydroxideNH4OH
      lead (IV) sulfatePb(SO4)2
      copper (I) sulfideCu2S
      tin (IV) bicarbonateSn(HCO3)4
      hydrogen acetate (acetic acid)HC2H3O2
      iron (III) phosphateFePO4
      copper (II) carbonateCuCO3
      cobalt (II) sulfateCoSO4
      tin (II) chromateSnCrO4
      beryllium chlorideBeCl2
      sodium oxideNa2O
      hydrogen sulfideH2S
      potassium bromideKBr
      hydrogen iodide (hydriodic acid)HI
      magnesium sulfideMgS
      calcium hydroxideCa(OH)2
      calcium fluorideCaF2
      hydrogen phosphideH3P
      zinc bromideZnBr2
      barium sulfideBaS
      tin (IV) chlorideSnCl4
      magnesium selenideMgSe
      chromium (III) phosphideCrP
      silver bicarbonateAgHCO3
      potassium iodideKI
      lead (IV) chloratePb(ClO3)4
      lead (II) nitratePb(NO3)2
      magnesium carbonateMgCO3
      calcium bicarbonateCa(HCO3)2
      cobalt (II) oxideCoO
      ammonium chromate(NH4)2CrO4
      iron (III) bicarbonateFe(HCO3)3
      ammonium chlorateNH4ClO3
      ammonium perchlorateNH4ClO4
      cobalt (III) acetateCo(C2H3O2)3
      cobalt (II) hydroxideCo(OH)2
      iron (II) chromateFeCrO4
      iron (III) bromideFeBr3
      iron (III) bicarbonateFe(HCO3)3
      barium sulfateBaSO4
      calcium sulfideCaS
      copper (I) sulfateCu2SO4
      iron (II) carbonateFeCO3
      hydrogen bromide (hydrobromic acid)HBr
      hydrogen cyanideHCN
      lithium chromateLi2CrO4
      chromium (III) oxideCr2O3
      barium carbonateBaCO3
      iron (II) chromateFeCrO4
      copper (II) hydroxideCu(OH)2`
      iodine monochlorideICl
      lead (II) oxidePbO
      cobalt (III) chlorateCo(ClO3)3
      potassium perchlorateKClO4
      barium phosphateBa3(PO4)2
      cobalt (III) fluorideCoF3
      hydrogen carbonateH2CO3
      potassium sulfateK2SO4
      phosphorus pentafluoridePF5
      silver oxideAg2O
      lead (II) chloratePb(ClO3)2
      copper (I) chromateCu2CrO4
      calcium perchlorateCa(ClO4)2
      chromium (III) chlorideCrCl3
      hydrogen phosphateH3PO4
      sodium carbonateNa2CO3
      tin (IV) phosphateSn3(PO4)4
      zinc chlorideZnCl2
      iron (II) nitrateFe(NO3)2
      antimony trichlorideSbCl3
      tetraarsenic decoxideAs4O10
      iodine pentafluorideIF5
      lead (IV) oxidePbO2
      copper (I) oxideCu2O
      sodium hydroxideNaOH
      nitrogen triiodideNI3
      chlorine trifluorideClF3
      triphosphorus pentanitrideP3N5
      uranium hexafluorideUF6
      nitrogen tribromideNBr3
      dichlorine trioxideCl2O3
      potassium bicarbonateKHCO3
      antimony (V) chlorideSbCl5
      phosphorus trichloridePCl3
      phosphorus pentabromidePBr5
      iodine heptafluorideIF7
      dichlorine monoxideCl2O
      carbon tetrachlorideCCl4
      xenon tetrafluorideXeF4
      calcium hydrideCaH2
      tetrarsenic hexaoxideAs4O6
      cobalt (II) sulfideCoS
      dinitrogen tetraoxideN2O4
      diiodine pentaoxideI2O5
      sodium bromideNaBr
      sulfur trioxideSO3
      sodium hydrideNaH
      calcium acetateCa(C2H3O2)2
      calcium nitrateCa(NO3)2
      nickel (II) perchlorateNi(ClO4)2
      manganese (II) nitrateMn(NO3)2
      aluminum acetateAl(C2H3O2)3
      beryllium perchlorateBe(ClO4)2
      gold (III) chlorideAuCl3
      aluminum sulfideAl2S3
      magnesium phosphateMg3(PO4)2
      copper ( II) sulfateCuSO4
      chromium (III) sulfateCr2(SO4)3
      iron (III) perchlorateFe(ClO4)3
      chromium (III) hydroxideCr(OH)3
      aluminum hydrideAlH3
      aluminum phosphideAlP3
      aluminum nitrideAl2N3
      aluminum iodideAlI3
      aluminum cyanideAl(CN)3
      aluminum chlorideAlCl3
      aluminum carbideAl4C3
      aluminum nitrateAl(NO3)3
      aluminum phosphateAlPO4
      aluminum fluorideAlF3
      aluminum selenideAl2Se3
      aluminum chlorateAl(ClO3)3
      aluminum perchlorateAl(ClO4)3
      aluminum carbonateAl2(CO3)3
      aluminum bicarbonateAl(HCO3)3
      aluminum chromateAl2(CrO4)3
      ammonium carbide(NH4)4C
      ammonium nitride(NH4)3N
      ammonium phosphide(NH4)3P
      ammonium oxide(NH4)2O
      ammonium sulfide(NH4)2S
      ammonium fluorideNH4F
      ammonium bromideNH4Br
      ammonium iodideNH4I
      ammonium cyanideNH4CN
      ammonium sulfate(NH4)2SO4
      ammonium carbonate(NH4)2CO3
      ammonium bicarbonateNH4HCO3
      ammonium acetateNH4C2H3O2
      barium carbideBa2C
      barium nitrideBa3N2
      barium phosphideBaP
      barium oxideBaO
      barium fluorideBaF2
      barium chlorideBaCl2
      barium bromideBaBr2
      barium iodideBaI2
      barium cyanideBa(CN)2
      barium nitrateBa(NO3)2
      barium chlorateBa(ClO3)2
      barium perchlorateBa(ClO4)2
      barium chromateBaCrO4
      barium bicarbonateBa(HCO3)2
      barium acetateBa(C2H3O2)2
      chromium (II) carbideCr2C
      chromium (II) nitrideCr3N2
      chromium (II) phosphideCr3P2
      chromium (II) oxideCrO
      chromium (II) sulfideCrS
      chromium (II) fluorideCrF2
      chromium (II) chlorideCrCl2
      chromium (II) bromideCrBr2
      chromium (II) iodideCrI2
      chromium (II) hydroxideCr(OH)2
      chromium (II) cyanideCr(CN)2
      chromium(II) nitrateCr(NO3)2
      chromium(II) sulfateCrSO4
      chromium (II) phosphateCr3(PO4)2
      chromium (II) carbonateCrCO3
      chromium (II) bicarbonateCr(HCO3)2
      chromium (II) acetateCr(C2H3O2)2
      beryllium oxideBeO
      beryllium sulfideBeS
      beryllium chlorideBeCl2
      beryllium fluorideBeF2
      beryllium bromideBeBr2
      beryllium iodideBeI2
      beryllium hydroxideBe(OH)2
      beryllium cyanideBe(CN)2
      beryllium sulfateBeSO4
      beryllium phosphateBe3(PO4)2
      beryllium carbonateBeCO3
      beryllium bicarbonateBe(HCO3)2
      calcium carbideCa2C
      calcium nitrideCa3N2
      calcium phosphideCa3P2
      calcium oxideCaO
      calcium chlorideCaCl2
      calcium bromideCaBr2
      calcium iodideCaI2
      calcium cyanideCa(CN)2
      calcium nitrateCa(NO3)2
      calcium phosphateCa3(PO4)2
      calcium carbonateCaCO3
      calcium bicarbonateCa(HCO3)2
      calcium acetateCa(C2H3O2)2
      calcium chromateCaCrO4
      chromium (III) nitrideCrN
      chromium (III) sulfideCr2S3
      chromium (III) fluorideCrF3
      chromium (III) bromideCrBr3
      chromium (III) iodideCrI3
      chromium (III) cyanideCr(CN)3
      chromium (III) nitrateCr(NO3)3
      chromium (III) phosphateCrPO4
      chromium (III) carbonateCr2(CO3)3
      chromium (III) bicarbonateCr(HCO3)3
      cobalt (II) nitrideCo3N2
      cobalt (II) phosphideCo3P2
      cobalt (II) sulfideCoS
      cobalt (II) fluorideCoF2

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