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Laws in India

New Delhi

What is the non judicial e-Stamp website for New Delhi for affidavits?

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3 Answers

Priya Gupta

Priya Gupta , lives in New Delhi

The official website of Non Judicial e-stamp Paper is-

Though, You can purchase Non-Judicial e-Stamp Paper without any efforts by visiting to our online portal Non-Judicial e-Stamp Paper-

You will surely love the ease of getting stamp paper at your doorstep.


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Yashu Roy

Yashu Roy , Social Media Marketing Manager at Legodesk (2018-present)

you can follow the above link to get your non- judicial e-stamp

Something which has relation to the administration of justice, judicial papers/stamps are used. Something with which is related to the transfer of property, commercial agreements, Power of Attorney etc, Non judicial stamp papers are used. judicial stamps are also known as court fee stamp paper.

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Anand Srivastava

Anand Srivastava , lived in New Delhi as per Wikipedia- E-stamping
Although I have never used it.