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6 years ago


difference between privity of estate and privity of contract?

for property (tenant landlord)…in simple terms please!!


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Esq.3 points · 6 years ago

Privity of estate means both of you have an interest in the land, whereas privity of contract means your only shared interest is in the contract (lease) between you.

So when you assign your lease to a third party, you (lessee and assignor) and the lessor have privity of contract based on your original lease. The lessor and the assignee have privity of estate because they both have a current interest in the land. You and the assignee have both privity of contract and estate, due to the contract between you and your remaining interest in the land until the end of the lease term.

In a sublease, the lessor and lessee maintain both between each other, and the lessee and sublesee maintain both. There is no privity between the sublesee and the lessor, so the lessee has a reversionary interest at the end of the sublease, and is responsible for payment of the rent directly to the landlord.

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Esq.2 points · 6 years ago

So one is you got contract between them. That's privity of contract.

But for estate, you basically have to have the terms touch. So I'm a leasee, I sublease without land lords permission, but I take the property back before my lease is up. Then the land lord has no privity of estate against the subleaser, which may limit his remedies.

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1L1 point · 6 years ago

Privity of contract is the relationship that is established when you and someone else have a contract. You're in privity.

Privity of estate refers to being a successor in land or having a smaller part of a larger interest in land. So things that run with with the land would apply to you if they applied to someone with whom you have privity of estate, including the statute of limitations for adverse possession, real covenants, and shit like that.

In the L-T context the main importance is this: If you assign your lease to a 3rd party, your landlord can still sue the assignee for missing rent because of privity of estate.

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privity of estate

  • 1
    privity of estate

    имущественная связь , общий имущественный интерес

    Большой англо-русский и русско-английский словарь

  • 2
    privity of estate

    Юридический термин: имущественная связь, общий имущественный интерес

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь

  • 3
    privity of estate

    имущественная связь; общий имущественный интерес

    Англо-русский юридический словарь

  • 4

    1) имущественные отношения (основанные на договоре, правопреемстве и других личных отношениях)
    2) осведомлённость; согласие; соучастие
    3) наличие общего интереса, общность интересов

    in privity — в соучастии

    – privity of blood

    – privity of contract
    – privity of estate

    Англо-русский юридический словарь

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