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  • nounperson who loves his or her country
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Synonyms for patriot

noun person who loves his or her country

  • flag-waver
  • jingoist
  • loyalist
  • nationalist
  • partisan
  • patrioteer
  • volunteer
  • good citizen
  • statesperson
  • ultranationalist


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Antonyms for patriot

  • expatriot
  • traitor
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More words related to patriot


noun . jingo
  • bigot
  • jingoist
  • patriot
  • sexist
  • superpatriot


noun . supporter
  • chauvinist
  • follower
  • patriot


noun . supporter
  • chauvinist
  • follower
  • patriot
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the
Philip Lief Group.

Word Origin & History

1590s, “compatriot,” from Middle French patriote (15c.) and directly from Late Latin patriota “fellow-countryman” (6c.), from Greek patriotes “fellow countryman,” from patrios “of one’s fathers,” patris “fatherland,” from pater (genitive patros) “father” (see father (n.)); with -otes, suffix expressing state or condition. Liddell and Scott write that patriotes was “applied to barbarians who had only a common [patris], [politai] being used of Greeks who had a common [polis] (or free-state).”

Meaning “loyal and disinterested supporter of one’s country” is attested from c.1600, but became an ironic term of ridicule or abuse from mid-18c. in England, so that Johnson, who at first defined it as “one whose ruling passion is the love of his country,” in his fourth edition added, “It is sometimes used for a factious disturber of the government.”

Somewhat revived in reference to resistance movements in overrun countries in World War II, it has usually had a positive sense in American English, where the phony and rascally variety has been consigned to the word patrioteer (1928). Oriana Fallaci [“The Rage and the Pride,” 2002] marvels that Americans, so fond of patriotic , patriot, and patriotism , lack the root noun and are content to express the idea of patria by cumbersome compounds such as homeland. (Joyce, Shaw, and H.G. Wells all used patria as an English word early 20c., but it failed to stick.) Patriots’ Day (April 19, anniversary of the 1775 skirmishes at Lexington and Concord Bridge) was observed as a legal holiday in Maine and Massachusetts from 1894.

Example Sentences for patriot

She was a Livingston, and a patriot, and she knew me for one as well.

This unlucky newspaper was a thorn in the side of every patriot of Carlow County.

Hardly had we breakfasted, when he, the Patriot, waited upon us.

Soon he was in among the trees and out of sight of the patriot soldiers on the Heights.

“There are two things that I hope to do, when in the patriot army,” said Dick.

I intend to be a patriot myself, and to kill the Grand Duke of Reisenburg.

Whose be the white bones by thy side, once leagued in patriot band!

Every good Dutch patriot must feel persuaded of the truth of this.

This was Jonaique Jelly, barber, clock-mender, and Manx patriot.

I would you could have seen me play the part of the patriot.