Middle School Rockband Camp Performance How to Start a Rock Band in High School (with Pictures)
Thursday, December 13, 2018

Middle School Rockband Camp Performance How to Start a Rock Band in High School (with Pictures)

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What are some tips for starting a band in high school?

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6 Answers

Gabriel Tong

Gabriel Tong , Lead Guitar at Rock Bands (2015-present)

Originally Answered: How can I start a high school band?

Hey man, I’m just the right guy to ask.

I’m living in Asia so rockers are more or less non-existant, all just a bunch of K-pop pussies hahaha.

So what I did when I was 16 (last year, graduation year). Was just ask people to join my bands, nevermind that they didn’t know how to play shit on instruments, anyway punk rock is simple, just 4/4 beat and 4 powerchords, shouldn’t be too hard for a beginner. I got this guy, who was a super religious Christian to join and sooner or later he joined the dark side, just slowly expose them to more and more hardcore shit, start with pussy bands like green day, so its easier to listen to for them, its just pop basically, but with rock elements, slowly but steadily increase the dosage of ROCK N ROLL.

ETC. Pop Punk-Classic Rock-Hard Rock-Thrash Metal-Hardcore Punk

So sooner or later, they’ll start independently start to find bands they like. Most people love the idea of being in a band, but don’t have what it takes due to bullshit commitments like school or girlfriends or whatever.

So once you get them into rockin their socks off, just form a band and jam weekly to hopefully perform in your school talent show or whatever.

Last year I was a bit of a jackass at school, they didn’t let me perform but I just ran up in front of the school and picked up the bass and played, rock n roll dude!!! but they unplugged it halfway so shame.

Basically, get a guy who has high drive, expose him to rock n roll, show vids of rockstars getting pussy and being total badasses then you’ll have a whole band at your helm.

Regardless this only worked for me twice, if the person is too much of a pop boy, just leave him be, he’ll keep asking to jam lame shit, but since you’re in high school, you gotta take what you have, my high school band consisted of only 2 members who were serious (including me) and 3 who were just slackers.

But if you want the better route, just go to local gigs and make friends, hardcore punks may look scary but they’re some of the chillest dudes I know, and also its fuckin badass if they roll up to school in their van and everyone just stares at awe while you strut out with your guitar or whatever hahahaha.

or you could just take drugs, helps too.

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Dave Kerwood

Dave Kerwood , Teacher, composer, recording artist, musician (1992-present)

Originally Answered: How do I start a band in high school?

The only critical component is people. Do you know people? Then you’re halfway there.

The other fairly important component is a number of instruments (although Pentatonix would probably disagree about the instruments’ importance). The typical smallest band consists of a bass, guitar, and drums.

If you’re lucky, you might know some people who play those other things that you don’t and are interested in joining a band. Simply find those people and you’re off to the races.

If not, you might have to get creative.

When I was a freshman in high school, I met a guy who played keyboard and a guy who played guitar (I played guitar). We got together for a jam session, and boy, it was rough. For the first guy, “played keyboard” could more accurately be described as “owned a keyboard.” I had to teach him some basic chords to be useful. The second guy was a violinist who owned a guitar. The high E string on his guitar was broken, so I determined he would be the “bass player.” For drums, I programmed some drum patterns on a computer MIDI program (for reference, this was around 1996). I put a dictation microphone next to the computer speaker and used a karaoke machine to record the drums to a cassette tape.

We had three songs. We played for one birthday party. I ran my dictation mic into the karaoke machine for our “PA system,” and I had to tape my microphone into the mic stand I borrowed from my church (it was too small to fit in the mic clip). I have no doubt that it sounded terrible. But I was in a rock band.

Later, I met a lot of musicians and have played in a lot “easier” bands that way, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for that band. Years later, I saw a duet who ran a setup not entirely different than my old one. Recorded electronic drums, gnarly mic running into a tube amp (which was then mic’d into the proper PA), and a fuzz-based guitar setup. Pretty cool. The important thing is this- if you want to make music, do it. Don’t make excuses about the lack of people or resources. You live in the greatest era of music making in history! Get to it!

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Shawn Patrick Daniels

Shawn Patrick Daniels , I have a lot of experience in all things high school.

Practice every spare chance you get. You’re not going to become a well-known band without being REALLY good.

Pay alot of attention in English class. Many an epic lyric has been created thanks to the skills taught by an English teacher.

Play with friends, or people who have the same general world-view you do. Many great bands have been destroyed by arguments and falling out with their team members.

Pay attention in Math. If you plan on getting a record deal or anything, SOMEONE has to know what the numbers are saying.

Polish your skills. Learn how to play multiple songs of your band’s genre. Playing popular songs will get people’s attention, give you and your band a chance to see how you sound with a song that’s already had everything figured out, and give you something to compare your individual performances with.

Pray. You and your band members will likely get close after a while. Don’t abandon that wonderful friend’s ship. Also, don’t give up. Keep going no matter what. No one ever got to be famous in the music world by doing absolutely nothing. You may think you suck, but I promise, eventually you won’t.

Those are the six P’s of band creation and maintenance, my friend. Merry music-making!

Patrick John Dela Rosa

Patrick John Dela Rosa , Honorable Mention, Happy-go-lucky

First and foremost, I believe that during this part of your life you must focus all your time on studying. But, it never hurt to wind up a bit right?

Since your starting, you should know first what type of music would your band wants to play (Acoustic, Alternative Rock, Metal, etc.). The fact that you’re starting means that you need to master many songs. This will serve as your stepping stone as you progress to songwriting. It is good to have some connections if you want to play at a bar or local pub houses with live band show in order for you to showcase what you got. From this point on, if someone finds you good, they will continue to hire you as their performer or some other places might (Since you’re a minor, you will have troubles in finding places to play though).

For now, I suggest to learn many songs and try to perform during events at your school then join battle of the bands somewhere if you’re confident enough. Continue to practice whenever you have free time, never slack-off (specially with your studies).

Rock on! \../

Fabian Nieber

Fabian Nieber , Fan of eclectic mix of punk, rap core, 90s and Top40. And I play instruments!

Originally Answered: How can I start a rock band in high school?

I did just that, although it was after finishing high school, with 2 friends – I was on guitar, and the other played drums and bass – we didnt have a singer though.

In any case, it was truly one of the most fantastic experiences of my life!

The most difficult thing I think is getting a good space to practise that is somewhat soundproofed – we played in our drummer’s garage which was certainly big enough and we could leave our large kit (drums, bass amplifier etc). Without having this space its going to make life difficult (I played in another band later in life and had to drag my drum kit around town!)

Apart from that, you obviously need your instruments and some time to dedicate to practise (nothing worse to have the band learn a new song only to have one member not know it – your practise sessions become far less efficient and more stressed in that case)


Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson , Old school punk rock

Originally Answered: How can I start a high school band?

Have a look around some of your local music venues sign up boards – there could be a lot of other musicians in the same boat.

Have you met everyone at your school? Try putting up posters around the school – you might find you’re not the only one wanting to play that music in a band. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to meet new people as well.

Many of the greatest bands of all time were comprised of musicians who didn’t know each other before. A good example of this is Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Good luck.

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😮 First Avenue Middle School Rock Band Rocking the Public Schools Luncheon with more than 300 people from the community on hand! Way to go Spartans! 🎸🥁😎

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