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Welcome to the THI Homepage!

Since its foundation in 1994, THI offers a wide range of programs that prepare students to use scientific methods in their professional career. Excellent learning and working conditions for 140 professors, more than 400 employees and more than 5400 students from around the globe create the necessary framework for a short period of study and a high level of success. 

The president’s greetings

Dear Visitors,welcome to our website! Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt is currently training more than 5200 students in over 40 technical and business science programs. Our students …

About THI

All there is to know about our presidential office and the chancellor, our campus and the people who learn and teach, work in science or administration. Together, we’re a lively and diverse community.

News and topics

What’s new at THI? Press clippings, info about recent developments on campus, construction sites, grand openings or whatever else might be of intererst for the public.


Graduation ceremonies, a festive opening of a new building or your smaller everyday events from info evenings for our part-time bachelor programs or our "Kids on Campus"-program.

Equality and diversity

We at THI are committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly, regardless of gender, disability, ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, age, or nationality.

Quality management

The quality of our teaching and organsation is dear to our hearts, and it is under constant independent monitoring. We take part in important rankings – with impressive results.

Students only: Everything student at THI

Welcome to the sites of our student’s union and our student clubs. Also here: Student apartments and how to rent them

Alumni and sponsors

Many of our former students remain linked to THI, they are committed partners and contacts in local enterprises. Together with partners and our society of friends of the university, they support us in a variety of projects.

Your career at THI

Looking for a job in science or administration? Our are you a students seeking practical training with an enterprise here or abroad?

Contact and maps

Your contacts for FAQ on student counselling, administration, events and more. Also: Maps and travel.

THI-branded products

Please choose from a wide variety of merchandise products, hoodies, notebooks and more as give-aways, presents or your THI-souvenir.


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  • more THI pages
  • semester dates
  • Moodle
  • PRIMUSS student’s portal
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de en

  • more THI pages
  • semester dates
  • Moodle
  • PRIMUSS student’s portal
  • Curriculum
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Application for master study course

If you are interested in studying at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, the following pages will provide you with information on our programs.

Application period (deadline) for the summer term 2019

15th of November 2018 – 15th of January 2019

The application progress allows you to check the current state of your application. Please inform yourself regulary about the progress of your application.   


General Constitutions, RaPO, APO, study and examination regulations

Online-application and application progress

Here you can apply and check the progress of your application.

Master application from abroad

Here you can find additional information which is relevant if you apply from abroad.

Overview application process

Here you can find a short overview of the application process and all the necessary information for applicants from abroad.

Information on the master courses we offer can be found on our page Master Study Courses .

Important facts for the master application

When do I have to apply?

The application periods at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt are as follows:

  • 2nd of May to 15th of July of a year for the winter term
  • 15th of November to 15th of January of a year for the summer term

How do I have to apply?

1. Register here on the homepage of the THI in the online application portal

2. fill questions

3. add study course(s)

4. upload demanded documents

5. send application online (submitting hardcopies is not necessary anymore for applying)


Applicants who were educated abroad may have to upload specific documents, information on that can be found at application from abroad .

Which grade do I need to get a place in my favourite study course?

The minimum grade for admission is not fixed before the admission process took part. You can have a look on the grades which where necessary for admission in the last years admission and enrollment .

I will not receive my bachelor degree before the application period ends, what can I do?

Please apply online within the application period, upload the demanded documents online (you will only be asked for a current transcript in case you answered all questions truthfully), and send application online.

The final degree can be submitted later.

Do I have to submit certified documents?

For your application you do not have to submit certified copies of your documents.

It is absolutely sufficient to scan your documents (for example with a scan-app, we recommend specific apps which work well in the application portal) and upload them in the application portal .

In case of admission you have to send certified hardcopies of all the documents named in the letter of admission to the THI to process enrollment. All necessary information will be available on your letter of admission and in the application portal.

Information on the process of enrollment, and rules for the certification of documents can be found at admission and enrollment .

Where can I get information on the progress of my application?

In the application progress and in the upload-area of your application portal .

When can I expect admission / how do I get to know?

Letters of admission and rejection can be expected within the following periods:

  • beginning to mid of February, when you applied for the summer term (starting 15th of March)
  • beginning to mid of August, when your applied for the winter term (starting 1st of October)

Letters of admission will be made available in the area "application progress" of your application portal.

Further information can be found at admission and enrollment .

What do I have to do after I received a letter of admission? How will I get enrolled?

Information on this can be found at admission and enrollment .

Can I apply to one of the master courses, when my bachelor degree includes less that 210 ECTS?

You can. But you have to prove further 30 ECTS for compensation until the end of the application period.

Further 30 ECTS can either be proven with an internship or working experience which is equivalent both in terms of time and content to a practical semester of a bachelor degree at the THI which meets the requirements of the respective master course. (regarding the content: for Automotive Production Engineering it has to be in the field of mechanical engineering, for International Automotive Engineering it has to be in the field of electrical engineering; regarding time: practical semesters at the THI last at least 20 weeks in full-time work)

Or additional subjects (which were not part of the bachelor course) passed at a university, the subjects have to meet the requirements of the master course in terms of content as mentioned above.

It is absolutely essential, that the practical experience or the additional subjects have not been part of the Bachelor degree (for example in ways of transfer of credits). This has to be obvious for us with the documents you submit. Working experience gained after finishing the bachelor degree can for example be taken into consideration.

Is there an aptitude test for the master course I’m interested in?

We offer six master courses where there is an aptitude test.

Three of them Automatisiertes Fahren und Fahrzeugsicherheit (page does not exist yet), Applied Research in Engineering Sciences and Marketing, Sales and Media are completely taught in German (which means German level B2 is mandaroty for enrollment) have aptitude tests. For detailed information on the aptitude tests please switch the language to German.

The rest is Automotive Prodution Engineering , International Automotive Engineering , Renewable Energy Systems and Retail and Consumer Management which are completely taught in English. Information on the required English level can be found at application from abroad (see: which English skills do I have to prove?).

The aptitude test for these courses is not a test, where you have to appear in person.

Automotive Production Engineering: Your documented considerable experience in the field of automotive production is being assessed. We expect applicants to have written one or more papers on the subject or having been part of a project and/or having been internships in a company. Proof of it will have to be uploaded in the upload area.

International Automotive Engineering: You experience in the field of automotive is being assessed. Applicants can upload scientific (project-) reports, proof of working experience / internships, proof of the topic of their final thesis. Also general knowledge in the automotive area is being assessed (but through transcript, there won’t be an additional upload slot).

Renewable Energy Systems: Your experience in the field of renewable energy systems is being assessed. In case you already wrote scientific (project-) reports or have working experience / internships in the area of energy science or energy economics, please upload proof of it in the upload area.

Retail and Consumer Management:  your experience in the field Retail and Consumer is being assessed. In detail: the grade of your Bachelor Degree, courses in the area of Retail and Consumer, your final thesis in the area of Retail and Consumer, working experience / internships in the area Retail and Consumer. The detailed description will be provided on the page of the study course shortly.


The examination comission of each study course will check the uploaded experience and perform the aptitude test. Having the above named experience will enhance the chances to get a letter of admission, but it is not mandatory. Applicants with good grades and without experience do also have a chance to get a letter of admission.

Are there residence halls for students in Ingolstadt?

Contact information and adresses can be found on our page for residence halls .

For which Master do I need proof of Englisch language knowledge?

For the following courses proof of English knowledge is necessary:

  • Automotive Production Engineering
  • Financial Management und Controlling (although mostly taught in German, therefore proof of German C1 is also necessary)
  • International Automotive Engineering
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Retail and Consumer Management

For these courses proof of Englisch level B2 is necessary. A comparison table with the recognised tests can be found here .

What is going to happen after the end of the application process?

Information on what is going to happen after the end of the application process can beo found on our page Admission and Enrollment .




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