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Is there any good torrent website to download anime (dubbed)?

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I dont use torrents, instead i download it directly from websites. It gives me a much better speed than torrents, you can just google the following and find the show that you want.

For example : narutoget, For naruto

dragonballtime, for dragon ball z super.

If you want any other anime just google, “watch xyz anime online english subbed/dubbed”. And open the top links and then download it using idm.

If you want to use torrent only then use nyaa, kat and tpb, as they are the best option because they have vast collection of anime and hassle free usage. No registration, search your anime, open its page, just click on magnet link and you are done.

Jha Ashutosh

Jha Ashutosh , B.E from SJB Institute of Technology (2019)

Use animekaizoku as it provides anime in dual audio, both Japanese and English plus the subtitles so its the best one in my knowledge.

Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar , Gamer and Anime Lover

try Page on animeget.com
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Srimanthula Bhadra

Srimanthula Bhadra , i have a YouTube channel about subtitles editing

i watch Naruto shippuden on http://kissanime.com/ , they have dubbed animes.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

You can download/watch online dubbed anime from here : https://tinyurl.com/yc5cr2od