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Sunday, March 22, 2015

[Walkthrough] Akiba’s Trip Plus PSP

I just started playing Akiba’s Trip Plus on the PSP . Its sucks how every time I search for an English walkthrough for this game, I always see walkthroughs for Akiba’s Trip 2 on the Vita instead. So, I’m using the Japanese wiki as my guide for this game. Here’s the link to the site.

My Personal Money Making Schemes:

– Early Game: When you have access to the park, start a fight with one of the school girls, then run around and whack other people to start an angry mob. Soon, they’ll start fighting each other and even wipe out some people but their items will still drop. So, you can finish off everyone or most of them by doing a strip combo after enough damage is dealt. Just make sure your clothes are strong enough to tank attacks (My chara’s clothes had 22 and 18 def when I did this). Each school bag sells at around 700 yen, plus there are 500-1000 yen drops too. Warning: This will decrease the affection for Akiba people and Kageyashi.

– The building rooftop is also a good place to farm for money to buy skill books. Office lady enemies show up often and they drop money and a PC that can be sold for around 1000 something yen. Again, you can create an angry mob, deal enough damage and go on a stripping combo.

– Go to the building rooftop where that masked guy is and talk to him. Agree to fight 3 consecutive enemies. You get rewarded if you succeed. The reward depends on the rank of your opponents.

– Take missions that make you fight 30 people. Use items like ホットケーキ to increase your clothes’ health so you don’t have to stop and fix yourself often.

– Take the mission 深謝の知恵袋 (A Bag of Wisdom on Sincere Apologies) for any faction. There will be an angry mob. You’re not supposed to fight back during that mission or else it fails, but for the case of just making money, you can fight and just retake the mission over and over. However, if you choose to fight, you will have to watch out for the police. Usually there’s around 1-2 of them. If you choose not to fight, you can have at least one of them arrested. Then run near the arrested person and have the mob accidentally hit the police. The police will then join the fight, and you can just stand there and watch them beat each other up. Sometimes, 2 policemen will beat each other up, which is an amusing sight. I just run and collect all the drops.

– Co-existence Route: Fight 30 maidos in the mission メイドまみれ. You get 18,000 yen AND lots of maido outfits and weapons! Just remember to pick the weapons up every 5 drops or so cause if you leave them there for too long, they’ll disappear.

– Late game for Co-existence Route: Right before you go to UD+ to meet the Queen, guitarists will spawn like crazy almost everywhere except Junk Street. You can use this chance to farm for upgrade materials and money to purchase skill books.

Important stuff you need to know:

– To upgrade weapons and clothes, you need Tungsten (タングステン) and Kevlar (ケブラー). You can buy Tungsten from the junk shop beside the Maid Cafe in the Alley (裏通り). If you sell a weapon that’s +3, Tungsten +3 will appear in the shop. So, you basically have to farm for + items and sell them if you want them to appear in the shop.

– To be able to loot some clothes you strip, you need to purchase skill books.

– If your clothes are starting to get loose during a fight, you can press L to stop battle mode. Your clothes will go back to their full health after your character fixes them. Press L again to resume the battle.

– Affection for each power (Kageyashi, NIRO, and People of Akihabara) is affected by the number of people you strip belonging to each side. If you strip a lot of Kageyashi, they will immediately attack you as soon as they see you. The same with NIRO agents (although the ones in UD+ seem to always attack you anyway). For the people of Akihabara, they will immediately run away from you when they see you. So far, the affection didn’t have much effect on the Co-existence and NIRO ending. I don’t know yet if it does affect the Kageyashi ending.

– You can initiate a fight by pressing square near a person, continuously bumping into people, or hitting them while you’re in battle mode. The bumping method works better for people with rare clothes. There’s still a chance for them to run away, but it’s better than pressing square.

Computer Parts

The ジャンクパーツ (Junk Parts) you collect can be given to Yatabe in exchange for money when he is at the HQ in the alley. You need to have all parts before you can do an exchange:


How to get them? Bump into people.

Strip Rock Paper Scissors

This game has so many mini games. Well, if you’re missing some outfits in your collection, playing strip rock paper scissors with the guy standing in line with the life-sized cardboard anime girls at the roof might help you out. Just make sure you save before playing cause if you lose, it’s game over.

Useful Items Info

Note: The effect will fade if you transfer to another location.

タウリミンX Taurimin X
– Temporarily increases attack by 2

ケバブ Kebab
– Temporarily increases attack by a random number

らーめん缶 Ramen Can
– Temporarily increases attack by a random number

おでん缶 Oden Can
– Temporarily increases attack by a random number

真心ゆで卵 Boiled Egg of Devotion
– Increases attack by a large amount

メイドクッキー Maid Cookie
– Increases either attack, health of clothes or item drop rate

絶妙ベーコンエッグ Superb Bacon and Eggs
– Increases health of clothes by a large amount

極上TKG Finest Quality TKG
– Increases rate of EXP acquisition

雑誌「smalt」Smalt Magazine
– Temporarily increases health of clothes by double

学習力向上ソフト Study Power Increasing Software
– Doubles rate of EXP acquisition

さくらんぼ Cherry
– Increases health of clothes

オムライス Omelette Rice
– Increases attack power
– Made with love by maido-san xD

ホットケーキ Pancakes
– Increases health of clothes
– Made with love by maido-san

宝くじ Lottery
– Gives you a chance to earn cash

正体不明 Unknown
– Description says “Once you eat it…”

Skill Books

For the list of Skill Books, the skills they’re for and their location, please refer to this site .

Quick Side Missions Guide

*I’m writing and updating this as I progress in the game

– Side missions can be started by talking to that masked guy/information broker ( 情報屋 ) in the Alley (裏通り)
– Be aware of the faction the missions are from. They affect the “affection points” for NIRO and Kageyashi ( カゲヤシ ), which influence the ending.
 秋葉市民 = missions from the people of Akihabara
– Each mission has a time limit. To stay safe, finish all missions accepted before progressing the main story line.

秋葉市民 サブミッション
People of Akihabara Sub-missions

男の娘の苦悩 The Agony of a She-man
– The client wants you to beat up her little bro who’s a transvestite. Apparently, after playing dress-up with him, he started loving wearing women’s clothes.
– He’s in Northwest Chuo-dori

デバッガー急募!Debugger Needed!
– Head to G3 (new location) and play Samurai Kitchen! Let’s Cooking!
– Report to information broker
Note: If you clear it on Hard difficulty, you get Maid Cookies and earn the title “Debugger”

ダブプリを守れ Defend Dabupuri
– Gon-chan wants you to get rid of annoying fans that bother Dabupuri
– Head to UD+ and defeat 迷惑なファン

MPが足りない!Not Enough MP!
– Talk to that guy ( 種神 ) who’s standing beside the maido that always stops you in the alley ( 裏通り ). He’ll tell you that he needs 10 maido points.
– Go inside the maid cafe and play games or buy stuff there until you earn 10 MP
– Talk to him again.

撮影代行 Agent of Photography
– Meet 双山 at Northwest Chuo-dori ( 中央通り北西 ). He’ll tell you that he’s a huge fan of “Dirty Blood Princess” aka Dabupuri, but he can’t get close to her cause his daughter-in-law is tracking him down with a GPS. So, he wants you to take pictures of her for him.
– Go to UD + and take pictures of Dabupuri ( ダブプリ )
– Go back to 双山 and give him the pictures

地を這うレンズ Lens that Creep on the Ground
– Meet Campaign Girl ( キャンギャル ) in front of the curry shop at the train station area ( 秋葉原駅前 ). She’ll tell you about how there are photographers taking pictures at low angles. To make the models feel safe, she wants you to take down one photographer.
– Go to UD + and beat up the guy. Beware of police.
– Talk to Campaign girl again

逃げたスタッフを追え Chase After The Staff That Ran Away
– Go to the roof and talk to 綿鍋. (I find it funny how his name literally means Cotton Pot)
– Beat ’em up and add his funky clothes to your collection if you can.
– Talk to the information broker guy in the alley

またしても逃げたスタッフ The Staff that Ran Away Again
– It’s Cotton Pot 綿鍋 again. He’s still in the roof. And this time… what… the– how’d he get all buff?
– Strip those fake abs off

アナザーワールド Another World
*Required to progress the main storyline
– Meet 新山 at Junk Street ( ジャンク通り )
– Beat up Goth Lolis at Northwest Chuo-dori ( 中央通り北西 ). There are around 3 of them. Beware of Police. If the police are too near them, I just leave and return until they’re finally out of sight.
– Talk to 新山 again. He will teach you the art of crossdressing!
– Change into the Loli Goth clothes and talk to him again

頭痛の種 Cause of Headache
– Meet 匿名希望 at Junk Street. He’s the guy with the shark head. Hard to miss.
– Beat him up

妹の味1 The Taste of a Little Sister 1
– Meet 志須谷 on the roof’s bench area. He wants to know how it feels to be hit by a little sister. He doesn’t have a little sister, so he wants you to tell him.
– Go to your sister’s room, talk to her, and pick 「殴ってくれないか」
– Talk to 志須谷 again

妹の味2 The Taste of a Little Sister 2
– Meet 志須谷 in the same area. This time, he wants to know how it feels to dress up a little sister.
– Go to your sister’s room and dress her up. (I went for the IT Witch Maria costume. Mehe)
– Go back and talk to 志須谷

ストーカー退治 Stalker Extermination
– Head to UD+ and beat up 双山. Beware of police.

これは呪いですか?Is this a Curse?
– Go to the park ( 芳林公園 ) and beat up the creepy miko girl ( わら子 )

ぼくのともだち My Friend
– Go to the park and beat up 球蹴

ノブくん改造計画 Nobu-kun Modding Project
– Talk to Yukari Hanako 由花子 at Northwest Chuo-dori. She’s apparently in love with Nobu but thinks his sense of fashion sucks. So it’s your job to teach him!
– Hand over either 「有能ジャケットと有能スラックス」、「紺の学ランと紺のスラックス」、or「メイドブラウスとメイドスカート」to Nobu.

For 「メイドブラウスとメイドスカート」”Maid Dress and Maid Skirt”, you need the skill book メイド喫茶攻略入門編 “A Guide to Maid Cafes” which you can obtain by earning maid points at the cafe.
For 「有能ジャケットと有能スラックス」you need the skill book「出来るビジネスマン仕事術」which you can get at Southeast Chuo-dori ( 中央通り南東 ).

Note: The easiest and most amusing one is the maido outfit with cat ears. Mwahaha! You get to make the perv Nobu crossdress! >:D

– Go outside and go back in. Talk to Nobu again.
– Talk to Yukari Hanako

メイドまみれ Covered with Maids  (Coexistence Route only)
– Go to UD+ and beat up maidos
Note: Stop battle mode once in a while to prevent your clothes health from falling dangerously low

勝利の栄光を、君に To You, The Glory of Victory
– Talk to 安村 at the park. Pick 「お前の衣装をいただく」
– Strip him.
– Report to information broker

人捜し Searching for Someone  (Coexistence Route only)
– Talk to 紳士 “gentleman” on the roof. He will ask you to take pictures of Rui.
– Take Rui’s picture by pressing L + O
– Give them to him

What’s interesting about this particular mission is… this guy is actually an important character. This particular mission also affects the ending according to the wiki, but I’m not sure exactly how it influences it. Read below for spoilers lol
He’ll mention that he ran away from his wife and child. Because of that, he came to regret it, so he’s secretly trying to look for them. However, he needs a picture of Rui to see if she’s really his daughter. At the end of the co-existence route, Rui’s mother aka the Queen eventually tells her about how she was in love with a human, who was his father. They lived a normal life together with Rui. Those days were like a dream. However, when he found out that she was Kageyashi, he ran away. So that probably explains why she’s up for wiping out humans.

カゲヤシ サブミッション
Kageyashi Sub-missions

デート所望 Date Request
(Needed to progress the main storyline)
– Go to the cafe in Junk Street and talk to Rui to start the cutscene

異次元転送 Transmission from Another Dimension
– Meet 森泉鈴 on the roof. She’ll tell you she wants food cause she’s hungry.
– Give 5 kebabs, 10 oden cans, 20 ramen, one omelet (from the maid cafe)
You can get the rest of the items from the convenience store in front of the station. Some NPCs like high schoolers also drop the items.

NIRO サブミッション
NIRO Sub-missions

ドアを開けるその前に Before You Open The Door
– Satoko wants you to take care of a deliveryman ( 配達員 ) kageyashi who’s been causing trouble.
– Find him at Southwest Chuo-dori and beat him up
– Talk to the information broker

その他 サブミッション
Other Sub-missions

きれいなおねえさん Beautiful Lady
– So the information broker spotted this pretty girl at the park and wants you to get her e-mail address
– Go to the park and talk to her

チェリー収穫 Cherry Harvest
– Talk to the Servant ( 下僕 ). The Master will tell you that she wants you to bring her a cherry. According to the wiki, there are 3 ways you can complete this mission: Lure 1 of 2 high schoolers or bring actual cherries to her. I have no idea where you get the actual cherries, so I lured the schoolgirl.
– You will find a wandering school girl in Junk Street. Dress up in school clothes. Either a 「学ラン」and「ブラックスラックス」combo or a 「女子高生のベスト」and「女子高生のスカート」combo. Crossdressing will work too, no matter how suspicious you look. XD


Putu Weda Santika

I really appreciate your post. It’s been a great help.

Somehow it’s possible to prevent Yuu’s and Queen’s death in Co-existence Route. By picking certain choices after fighting Yuu as well as completing the submission 人捜し (Searching for Someone).

Putu Weda Santika

The NIRO agent who usually attacks you in UD+, he took a picture of you with the camera like yours before initiating fight with you, right? Well, he will no longer attack you once you have high affection with NIRO. Though he will still fight back if you press square on him.

The one that I found strange is that the NIRO new agents (the ones who die like kageyashi) will still attack you if you’re on NIRO Route after you kill Yatabe’s friend in Junk Shop. They appear everywhere along with Queen’s special agents except in Rooftop, Junk Shop, and Park where the final battle will take place.

Putu Weda Santika

Regardless of how good my "Chaos Frame" is, they will attack me as soon as they see me. Either the new NIRO agent or the Queen special agent. There are around 6 of them in each area, even in Station and Junk Street.

Though the guitarists (in white shirt who appears in early part of the story) will still show up running in Junk Shop as well, they won’t attack me unless I attack them first. Maybe because I have good affection of Kageyashi as well since I completed all submissions. They even stop running when I just talk at them.


BTW how do I complete the mission 深謝の知恵袋 (A Bag of Wisdom on Sincere Apologies)? I know that it fails immediately if I defeat any angry mob. Then how to complete that mission? I managed to have the policemen defeat all of them but there’s still no sign that I completed it. I went back to the client at Rooftop but she still says the same. Yatabe is also seen standing near the exit but he says nothing when I try to talk to him.

There are also two or three policemen show up at Station as well as UD+ aside of at Junk Shop after I talk to the client at Rooftop but nothing else different aside of the angry mobs at Junk Shop.

So far this is the only submission I haven’t completed yet. I managed to complete all other submissions.


Remove all clothing and wear just the headgear 「反省のおふだ」and then talk to Yatabe.


Thanks. It works. I’ve been keeping that quest and it expires once the Queen arrives. I did it on purpose until I found a way how to clear the quest. Besides it’s kind of fun to have multiple policemen around and when they all try to arrest me at the same time, the "busted" speech is said repeatedly. Especially when I use R1+[] tech on him.

Btw how do you get the ultimate weapon for 2-hands? Some said that you need to have good chaos frame of all fractions by donating over 1 million. Then you talk to Yatabe in Co-existence Route to get the weapon. But it seems that he keeps asking for computer parts whether or not I have donated 1M. AFAIK the donate woman ni longer shows up after I donated 1M and there is a girl showed up in Park at the same time.

And once you get all three ultimate weapons, you could trade it to certain NPC to get rare items. Where is that person? The submission agent?


Wow, you attached a song. Cool.


lol As of now, I don’t know the answer to your question yet. I will get back to you if I find out.


Btw what happened to the song you put earlier? You removed it?


Yeah. I was thinking that it might annoy some people if music starts autoplaying, so I decided to take it down.

Shaden Kai

It is kinda annoying how Google-sensei always messes up on walkthrough searches for this game. Kinda happy I found this one though.

I’m just here to ask how many ending routes this game has. So far, I have already seen 4 of them. I’m not gonna spoil but I’ll give hints on what they are so the people who finished this would understand:
1. The Cat in the Alley
2. Fun in Akiba (Fake Kiss lol)
3. New Maid
4. Twin Harem (I was surprised by this one)
But I heard there was another ending which I probably missed. Not sure if it exist so I hope you guys can clarify me on this one……….. Oh and
ミスターケブラー2 (Mr. Kevlar 2)
– Go to the Rooftop area where you last met Mr. Kevlar guy. Talk to him.
– After talking, he will ask you to give him a +10 Kevlar (10ケブラー). You can make this by upgrading a costume to +10 but not reaching +20 since you’ll end up with +20 Kevlar. Sell this costume at that Junk Shop near the Maid Cafe and poof! A +10 Kevlar is now purchase-able in that store. Buy it (Obviously).
– When you have the Item with you, go back and talk to Mr. Kevlar. You will hand the Item over, talk a bit and you’re done…….. BUT!
– You will end up having a chance to strip him even though the mission is finished.
I just put this info as "thanks in advance" for mine. Might not help those who cleared it…. but hey, info for info. It might help someone else and I don’t get to feel guilty just asking in the end 😀

Agustín guerra

Como se guarda.la partida

kodama Panda

This comment has been removed by the author.

kodama Panda

How can I finish the sub mission where I need to talk to a girl in the roof top who was seating on a bench? I am currently stuck on that can you please help me Papina Sensei?

kodama Panda

Ah sorry for the inconvenience Papina Sense but I already finish the sub mission I finally get it =)

Este no es mi nombre.

Can you explain it?

beragas jr

Do you know how to land the 3 hit combos and also the guard breaking hit in fights ? I can only hit with that shitty 2 hits combo and I think that I have to improve my way of fighting. But, I couldn’t figure how as the Google searches are as fucked up as my mind right now. I really want to know how. I saw lots of people doing it just fine, while I’m here mashing every button like a fucking senile old man but all I can do to hit those sacks of shit with that 2 hits combo, without knowing how to do the guard breaking hits like the NPCs do.

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    R4i Skin, High Skin – by StriK3FoRC3
    Updated: Nov 16, 2018

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