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High School
Grad Year

Don Abernathy
Rogers High School
Class of 1985

Stewart Abramson
Rogers High School
Class of 1962

Julietta Abua
Rogers High School

Brenda Aforementioned
St Georges School
Class of 1982

Zain Akbar
Cranston Calvert
Class of 2011

Angela Alechia
Rogers High School
Class of 1982

Gregory Alexander
Rogers High School
Class of 1965

Mark Alfred
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1969

Michael Allan
Rogers High School

Jack Allen
De La Salle Academy

John Allen
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1940

Michael Allen
St Georges School

Hafaw Allie
St Georges School
Class of 2006

Gideon Almy
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1956

Eric Alvarez
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1995

Patricia Alvarnas
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1959

Doug Amaral
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1955

Kathy Ames
Rogers High School
Class of 2002

Irene Amman
Rogers High School
Class of 1966

Andrea Anderson
Rogers High School
Class of 1965

Andrew Anderson
De La Salle Academy

Andrew Anderson
Rogers High School
Class of 1965

Carol Anderson
Rogers High School
Class of 1958

Donald Anderson
Rogers High School
Class of 1978

Drew Anderson
Rogers High School
Class of 1965

Eric Anderson
Rogers High School
Class of 1983

Rita Anderson
St Catherine Academy

Roger Anderson
Rogers High School
Class of 1971

John Andrade
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1964

Harry Andrews
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1953

Jeanette Andriesse
Rogers High School
Class of 1946

Cinthia Angell
Rogers High School
Class of 1973

Cynthia Angell
Rogers High School
Class of 1973

Kathy Angier
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1965

Gabriella Angiolillo
St Georges School
Class of 2007

Henry Antoni
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1964

Rich Arcieri
Rogers High School
Class of 1972

Richard Arcieri
Rogers High School
Class of 1972

Maria Arellano
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1996

Herbert Armstrong
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1963

Michael Arnold
Rogers High School
Class of 1988

Thomas Arnold
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1966

Boileau Arthur
De La Salle Academy

Eric Assaf
St Catherine Academy
Class of 2010

Fre Atwater
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1940

Frederwick Atwater
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1940

Dianne Augustus
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1960

Elizabeth Augustus
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1949

Dawn Ausrin
Rogers High School
Class of 1973

Susan Baer
Rogers High School
Class of 1971

Richard Baker
Rogers High School

Robert Baker
De La Salle Academy

Stevens Baker
Rogers High School
Class of 1972

Dean Balcirak
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1994

Jennifer Banner
De La Salle Academy

Regina Barbedos
Rogers High School
Class of 1980

Peter Barber
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1991

William Barker
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1959

Scott Barnes
Rogers High School

Patricia Baroncini
Rogers High School
Class of 1972

Gregory Barrett
Rogers High School
Class of 1974

Carolyn Barry
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1960

Pam Barter
Rogers High School
Class of 1966

Stephen Barth
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1965

Steven Barth
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1965

Harold Barton
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1963

James Bayless
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1962

Brianna Bear
Rogers High School

Thomas Beaudoin
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1965

Donna Beaulieu
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1970

Walter Beaune
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1975

Nicole Bebe
Rogers High School
Class of 1988

Tara Behan
Rogers High School

Charles Bell
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1963

Damian Bellamy
Rogers High School
Class of 2001

Cindy Bennett
Newport Alternate School
Class of 1972

Diane Bennett
Rogers High School
Class of 1968

Richard Bennett
Rogers High School
Class of 1946

Howard Benson
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1957

Dykeman Bent
Us Naval Academy Prep School

Tiffany Bentley
Rogers High School
Class of 1999

Roger Berendes
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1967

Beatrice Berman
Rogers High School
Class of 1938

Adam Bert
Rogers High School

Christa Bestoso
St Georges School
Class of 1979

Peter Beverly
Rogers High School
Class of 1988

Hannah Biello
Rogers High School
Class of 2011

Lia Biello
Rogers High School

Robert Bigelow
De La Salle Academy

Donald Bigos
Rogers High School
Class of 1958

Natasha Bison
Rogers High School
Class of 1990

Mary Bisson
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1960

Joseph Biszko
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1965

Claude Blanchard
Rogers High School
Class of 1990

Christine Boiani
Rogers High School
Class of 1971

Juan Bolivar
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1982

Rosemary Bolton
Rogers High School

Michael Bond
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1967

Kyle Borsare
Rogers High School
Class of 1980

Kristen Bottomley
Rogers High School
Class of 2001

Julia Bowen
St Georges School
Class of 1988

Julie Bowen
St Georges School
Class of 1987

Benjamin Bower
St Georges School

Rodney Bowley
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1955

Allen Bowman
St Georges School
Class of 1996

Brian Bowman
St Georges School
Class of 2001

Heather Bowman
St Georges School
Class of 1994

Terry Boyer
Us Naval Academy Prep School

Dina Brad
Rogers High School
Class of 1980

Audrey Bradford
Rogers High School
Class of 1952

James Brady
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1977

Roger Braman
Rogers High School

Kenneth Brasher
Rogers High School
Class of 1995

Ronald Brazier
Rogers High School
Class of 1989

Elizabeth Briggs
St Georges School
Class of 1964

Michael Brooks
Us Naval Academy Prep School

Ron Brooks
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1987

Sarah Brousseau
Rogers High School
Class of 1992

Charlene Brown
Rogers High School
Class of 1965

Dick Brown
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1960

John Brown
St Georges School
Class of 1966

Rodney Brown
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1986

Willie Brown
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1964

Gilbert Brownell
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1957

Harry Brownell
Rogers High School

Laura Brownell
Rogers High School
Class of 1943

Joan Brugman
Rogers High School
Class of 1981

Mary Brugman
Rogers High School
Class of 1980

Stacey Bruno
Rogers High School
Class of 1989

Ken Bucolo
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1961

Christine Burdett
Rogers High School

Brian Burke
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1981

Stacey Burno
Rogers High School

Robbie Burns
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1965

Robyn Busch
Rogers High School
Class of 1978

William Bush
St Georges School
Class of 1990

Randy Butkuss
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1967

Lillian Butler
Rogers High School
Class of 1943

Nita Butler
Rogers High School
Class of 1961

Noah Butler
Rogers High School
Class of 1996

Paul Butler
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1944

Vernita Butler
Rogers High School
Class of 1975

Janet Byers
Rogers High School
Class of 1958

Weston Cage
St Georges School
Class of 2008

Lee Caine
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1953

Eva Camara
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1955

Joseph Camera
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1970

Nicole Campbell
Rogers High School
Class of 1991

William Campbell
Rogers High School
Class of 1967

Andrea Carlisle
Rogers High School
Class of 1991

Rebecca Carlson
St Georges School
Class of 2001

Katherine Carney
Rogers High School
Class of 1962

Frank Carothers
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1980

Franklin Carothers
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1980

Steven Carr
Rogers High School
Class of 1977

Cathy Carrellas
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1969

Christian Carrington
Rogers High School
Class of 1987

Anthony Carson
Cranston Calvert
Class of 2006

Edward Carter
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1967

Elizebeth Carter
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1963

Bryan Cary
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1959

John Casey
De La Salle Academy

Michael Casey
De La Salle Academy

Zachary Casselman
Rogers High School
Class of 2002

Daniel Cassese
Rogers High School

Louis Cassese
Rogers High School

Vincent Cassidy
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1955

Robert Castillo
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1991

David Caswell
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1951

Robert Cavallaro
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1970

Joseph Cayer
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1954

Mike Cecchi
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1966

Deborah Chamberlin
Rogers High School
Class of 1976

Jennifer Chambers
Rogers High School
Class of 1989

Nancy Chambers
Rogers High School

Deborah Champa
Rogers High School
Class of 1975

Edward Champlin
Rogers High School
Class of 1961

Gregory Chapman
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1998

Cheri Chase
Rogers High School
Class of 1964

Ronald Chaves
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1964

Joann Chavous
Rogers High School
Class of 1975

Tammy Cheyne
Rogers High School
Class of 2002

Ant Cimaglia
Rogers High School

Tony Cimaglia
Rogers High School

Myrna Clancy
Rogers High School
Class of 1952

Robert Clapper
Rogers High School
Class of 1987

Diane Claridy
Newport Co Voc Tech Center
Class of 1998

Brenda Clark
Rogers High School
Class of 1979

Howard Clark
Rogers High School
Class of 1955

Barbara Clarke
Rogers High School
Class of 1943

Harrison Clement
St Georges School

Ron Coello
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1962

Mar Coffey
Rogers High School
Class of 2001

Mary Coggeshall
Rogers High School
Class of 1942

Barb Cohen
Rogers High School
Class of 1973

Howard Cohen
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1951

Debbie Coleman
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1961

Debbie Coleman
Rogers High School
Class of 1961

Deborah Coleman
Rogers High School

Albert Commette
De La Salle Academy

Brian Commette
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1966

Michelle Con
Rogers High School
Class of 1997

Leo Conauton
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1956

Dina Concannon
Rogers High School
Class of 1975

Beth Condry
Rogers High School
Class of 1983

Patty Condry
Rogers High School
Class of 1982

Jennifer Conklin
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 2001

Kathy Connell
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1965

Mary Conner
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1972

Kathy Connerton
Rogers High School
Class of 1964

Leo Connerton
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1957

Sta Connerton
Rogers High School

Stacey Connerton
Rogers High School
Class of 1982

Stan Connors
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1959

Joh Cook
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1982

John Cooke
St Georges School

Eugene Cookingham
Rogers High School

Thomas Cookinham
Rogers High School
Class of 1966

John Cooney
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1970

Jesse Cooper
Rogers High School
Class of 1989

Pamela Cooper
Rogers High School
Class of 1964

James Copeland
Rogers High School
Class of 1947

Ron Coper
Rogers High School
Class of 1967

Carolyn Corey
Rogers High School
Class of 1955

Eleanor Corey
Rogers High School
Class of 1959

Paul Coristine
Rogers High School
Class of 1979

Anthony Correia
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1946

Dan Corrigan
Rogers High School
Class of 1975

Susan Cosentino
Rogers High School

David Costa
Rogers High School
Class of 1985

Patricia Costa
St Catherine Academy
Class of 1966

Jane Cottrell
Cranston Calvert
Class of 1979

Robert Courtney
Us Naval Academy Prep School

Ellen Cowie
Rogers High School
Class of 1957

Darby Cox
Rogers High School

Sean Coyle
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1983

Will Creamer
St Georges School
Class of 1962

Mary Cremin
Rogers High School

Jay Croix
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1961

Joseph Cross
Rogers High School
Class of 1995

Paul Cross
Rogers High School

Arthur Csrellas
De La Salle Academy
Class of 1969

James Curran
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1957

James Cutter
Us Naval Academy Prep School
Class of 1981

Jacob Cykert
Rogers High School

Marie Dailey
St Catherine Academy

Natalie Dailey
St Catherine Academy

Kristen Dale
Rogers High School
Class of 1985

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Approximately 1,900 of residents in Newport (8%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 1,200 Newport residents (5%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.

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  • Population:24,672
  • Avg household size:2
  • Households:10,616
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William Schenck

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Arthur Leach

Barbara Clarke

Bernard Barrowclough

George Gallipeau

Henry Fletcher

John Thayer

Leroy Meredith

Louise Schulz

Thomas (Tom) Baker

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Barbara Dawley

Barbara Oberhard

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John Nestor

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Raymond “Ray” Crowell

Reginald Hurley

William Leys

William Thompson

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Alan Fowler

Barbara Taylor

Charles Gamer

Charlotte Kemp

Dalton Brownell

Elaine Potter

Fred Frederick A Caswell

John Daniels

John Dieffenbach

Louise Jhonson

Louis Rodriquez

Norma Olmstead

Richard Halloran

Robert Allan

Theresa Dwyer

William Duba

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Arthur O’Sullivan

Donald Div

Edward Burke

Ernest B Gibbons

Frank Mello

Gloria Gustafson

James E Owens

John Mihlbauer

Joseph Snyder

Richard Bennett

Theodore Geertsema

Class of 1947


Billie Helen Bacheller

Dorothy Terpening

Earle Peckham

Ernest Cooke

George Morgan

Gordon Dey

Helen Anthony

Jacqueline Tefft

James Stephens

Jean Mc Fall

Patricia Shaw

Richard Halloran

Roger Marcil

Theodore Schmults

Wayne Schultz

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Beatrice Peckham

Charles Wentworth

Cornelius Sullivan

Dolores Tarver

Elizabeth Donohoe

Evelyn Mello

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Garnette Crawford

George M Gordon

George Donnelly

Irene Paquin

Jacqueline Daigle

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John Cummings

John Fitzsimmons

Joseph Mirman

Louis Rodriquis

Margaret (Peggy) Mather

Max Wolfe

Michael Lopes

Myron Ricketts

Phyllis Ratcliffe

Russel Nelson

Sally Gluckman

Shirley Frazier

William Taylor

Class of 1949


Angela Gerbeville

Charles Brown

Charlotte Bowman

Edmund Silveria

Fae Deaton

Florence Corr

Gerald Stone

Jane Bolhouse

Joan MAhoney

Joan Wigginton

John Enwright

John Wright

Mickey McMillan

Philip “Phil” Legare

Robert Caplin

Robert Fuller

Roy Smith

Ruth Rusling

Sally Oxx

Thomas Ouellette

Vahram Tashjian

Class of 1950


Alfred Brownell

Alice Neves

Al Molden

Arthur (Art) Williams

Carol MacDonald

Colin Campbell

Dorothy Katz

Dorothy Peckham

Elizabeth Jarvis

Elsie Bozell

Elsie Martin

Francis Caswell

Gerald Snyder

Helen Silveira

Herbert (Herb) Zornow

J Kenneth Aldrich

Jane Barry

Joan Cole

Joann Cole

John Santos

Joyce Giblin

Lillian Stone

Louise Logothets

Mary Lou Whittle

Michael Christensen

Moe Howard

Nancy Warwick

Page Brydon

Patricia Damm

Robert Fleming

Robert Stack

Sally Kellett

Samuel Billard

Theodore (Teddy) Springett

Viola Boone

William Bailey

William Collins

William Sullivan

William Winters

Yvonne Brogden

Class of 1951


Alban McIsaac

Amelia Corey

Barbara Hathaway

David Walsh

Emory Chapman

Frances Dring

Frank Virden

George R Heap

Glenn Locke

Helene Levasseur

Irwin Stone

Jacqueline Bowman

James Crowther

Joan Sawyer

John Medeiros

Leonard Terpening

Lindsay James

Mable Steele

Manuel J Morris

Marie Toppa

Martha Howes

Norma Manuel

Priscilla Silvia

Rev George R Heap

Robert Iannantuoni

William (Bill) McDonald

Class of 1952


Albert Wilson

Antone Escobar

Barbara Bryan

Carl Brown

Carolyn Turner

Charles Silvia

Donald Caswell

Donald Champion

Donald Gomes

Edward (Ed) Mortrude

Edward Malzacher

Elizabeth (Beth) Binney

Elizabeth Glen

George Reese

Jean Nelson

Jean Silveira

Klaire Johnson

Lois Rust

Lucylle Butler

Mary Frances Czarnetzki

Meredith Burke

Myrna Bruner

Norma Megrado

Patricia Van Auken

Roy Rochon

Samuel “Sam” Kaplan

Class of 1953


Agnes Marshall

Alexander Allan

Barbara O’Neill

Barbara Thomas

Carl Larson

Charles (Charlie) Berluti

Charles Laranjo

David Dannin

Duane Fredette

Ellen Haney

Gail Smith

Gloria Parlock

Harold McPherson

Henry Sullivan

Horton Edward

James Heap

Jean Barker

Joan Barker

Joan Halliday

John Encell

Joseph Gionet

Lynne Vaughan

Mary Frances Czarnetzki

Mary Lowman

Michael Capochiano

Patricia Czarnetzki

Robert Jordan

Stewart Robinson

Theresa Pimental

Class of 1954


Barbara Clark

Barbara Dorris

Barbara Taylor

Barbara Teves

C David Rhodin

Carl Bergner

Carol Hall

Charles Raspotnik

Charles Sullivan

Dave Rhodin

David Crowther

David Johnson

Donald Barry

Donald Peckham

Dorothy Pederson

Douglas Weeden

Edward (Ed) Martin

Elizabeth Anthony

Elizabeth Trainor

Ernest Triplett

Frederick (Fred) Marley

George Behan

Geraldine Clark

Gilbert Halliday

Harriet Kroger

Horton Edward

Howard Barlow

Irene Pitchford

Jack Gallagher

James Michael Ryan

James Connerton

James Sullivan

Janice Macdonald

Jeanette Weathered

Joan “Murphy” Murphy

Joan Coddington

John Uperti

Joseph Silva

Joyce Brinton

Lucien Montminy

Marie Sammartano

Marie Silvia

Mary Chase

Mary Hammer

Norma Barboza

Norman Siebens

Patricia Holmerud

Patricia Williams

Penelope Hiotas

Robert Stone

Ronald Cardoza

Ronald Molleur

Rosemary Heitmann

Seth Anthony

Thomas (Tom) Segerson

Veronica Morris

Class of 1955


Alexander Cozzens

Ann Silveira

Anthony Soares

Arline Perry

Carol Holt

Carolyn Angel

Carolyn Corey

Charlotte Costa

Charlotte Napier

David Morgan

David Robbins

Deanna Snowman

Donald Hall

Donald Young

Dorothy Oliver

Elaine Hoffman

Elizabeth (Beth) Coye

Ernest Frankenberg

Eva Camara Fieldhouse

Frederick “Fred” Moulse

Gary Fill

Helen Lawton

Henry Korn

Jesse Bowers

Joan Bergner

Joanna Jo-Ann Thomas

John Pasyanos

Judy Aidinoff

Judy Kelly

Kathleen Hughes

L Mowry

Marian Nass

Michael Pinto

Paul Campbell

Raymond McGrath

Raymond Petschel

Robert (Bob) Chandler

Robert Barlow

Robert Calibani

Robert Chase

Robert Hathaway

Ronald Armstrong

Ronald Letiecq

Ronald Little

Sally Peckham

Sara L Smith

Shirley Garcia

Wallace Snyder

Walter Clarke

William Backman

Class of 1956


Alfred M Cameron

Anna Clarke

Ann Chase

Barbara Donnelly

Barbara Rowland

Barbara Taylor

Beverly Towle

Carol Bottorff

Carol Cook

Carol Mahoney

Carolyn Dennett

Catherine Caine

David Wolfenden

Donald (Don) Eirich

Donald Bannon

Donald Perry

Edith Weed

Edward (Ed) Corey

Edward Moore

Frances Walker

Frank Snow

George Sherman

Geraldine Sylvia

Gerry Leonard

Gilbert Forsythe

Gwen Sharkey

Jack Fucile

James O’Loughlin

Joan Abplanalp

Joan Taber

John W Nelson

John Adams

Joseph Pine

Joseph Platt

Judith Meierovitz

Katherine Peters

Kathleen Coleman

Lino Costa

Margaret Cornelison

Marian Marley

Maryann Rosa

Mary Baggit

Michael Smith

Michael Tierney

Nancy Gray

Naomi Collart

Patricia Howe

Peter King

Peter von Villas

Phyllis Sears

Raymond Cooper

Richard P Lewis

Richard Durst

Robert R Henry

Robert Hamilton

Theodore (Ted) Carter

Thomas Delsey

Wallace Farnum

William Lacey

Class of 1957


Albert Mc Aloon

Alice Alvernaz

Alvin Bliven

Anna Kelly

Anne Styles

Anne Van Arsdall

Arnold “Arnie” Christensen

Arthur Ferreira

Barbara Deviney

Betsy Fritz

Beverly Shellman

Beverly Tilley

Brenda Hall

Charles (Charlie) Swift

Charles Douglas

Charles Howiew

Clifford Carr

David Anthony

David Webber

Demetri Damaskos

Diane Deterra

Diane Soares

Donald Ashton

Donald Crews

Donna Lyons

Edith Howie Culbertson

Edna Parker

Edward (Ed) McWeeney

Edward (Eddie) Gantner

Eleanor Vars

Elizabeth Larsen

Ellen Cowie

Emily Olivera

Frederick (Fred) Hall

Frederick Angel

George Ethier

Gloria Dorr

Gloria Oliveira

Gordon James

Guy Severa

Helen Carr

Jacquelyn Sheehan

Jean Beaudoin

Jeanette Carver

Jean Sanches

John Anderson

John West

Joseph Olaynack

June Anders

Linda Caputti

Lissa Lazaro

Lois Heitmann

Lorraine Lawrence

Louis Dennis

Margaret Anne Peggy) Lipham

Margaret Anne Peggy Lipham

Maria T Dupont

Marian Marley

Marilyn Akin

Martin Segal

Mary Anne O’connors

Mary Brandao

Mary Cornell

Michael Paduano

Patricia Maisen

Patricia Rounds

Paul Cordeiro

Peter Cordeiro

Richard Shovelton

Rosalie Schults

Roseanna Semich

Rose Armstrong

Rosemary Cooney

Terrence Finn

Vance Stepherson

Wally Snyder

William Albro

William Nilsen

Class of 1958


Alan Libby

Ann Gareau

Barbara Cerra

Barbara Cohen

Barbara Parkos

Barbara Sulivan

Barbara Sullivan

Bert Tippett

Carol Anderson

Carolee Higgins

Caroline Nelson

Carol James

Carol Ormerod

Carol Smith

Carolyn Vanstrander

Dean Harley

Diane Sullivan

Diane Warner

Donald Silvia

Earl Bailey

Earl Willcott

Elaine Aidinoff

Elizabeth Anthony

Elizabeth Geraghty

Ellen Sharkey

Frank Clifford

Gail Mckay

Gloria Silva

Irene Alexander

Irene Finerty

Jackie Kelly

Jacqueline Jackie Kelly

James Mike Lyle

James(mike) Lyle

Jessie Sullivan

Joan Sullivan

John Lima

John Taylor

John Thompson

Joseph Laliberte

Joseph Neves

Joseph Soroka

Judith Barker

Kathleen Coffey

Lee Gilleo

Leon Cochrane

Leroy Gilleo

Linda Smith

Manny Murray

Manuel Pinto

Marietta Mary Kirk

Marion Barlow

Mary Baggit

Maureen Brady

Maurice (Maury) Kusinitz

Michael Gold

Mora Hillman

Nanci Hoar

Patricia O’Connell

Patricia Smith

Pat Sharp

Peggi Brennan

Richard (Rick) Scott

Robert (Bob) Anderson

Robert Wilson

Sheila Brownell

Stanley Hutchings

Stephen Harris

Thomas (Tom) Maloney

Tyrone Sylvia

Victoria Nalle

Walter Gray

Wilfred Cayer

William Parrish

Class of 1959


Albert Barth

Alfred Martin

Alton Collins

Andrew Newton

Anna Coleman

Anthony (Tony) Cimaglia

Anthony Zaloumis

Arlene Callahan

Arnold Sargent

Barbara Andrews

Barbara Vivieros

Barbara White

Brenda Davis

Carole Hanson

Carole Matayabas

Caroline Scheel

Carol Ormerod

Cecelia Morris

Chris Tragakis

Craigen Maine

Daniel Watterson

David Dennis

David Hayward

David Mccauley

Dawn White

Dennis Marren

Diane Peirson

Didn’T Graduate O’Kelly

Donald (Don) Sionne

D Sionne

Edmund Murphy

Eleanor Corey

Elizabeth Heizer

Elizabeth O’Brien

Ellen Parsonage

Frances Prasso

Francisirishi Irish

Howard Daughtrey

Jackie Eady

James Geary

Jane Baker

Janet Pimental

Jean Connelly

Jeannette Fougere

Jeffrey (Jeff) Bogart

Joan Bartlett

Joan Connelly

John Hanos

John Kinsella

John Moniz

Jonathan Gaudet

Joseph Chris Conrad

Joyce Manning

Joyce Sprague

Judith Roth

Judith Steeves

Kathryne Dwyer

Kenneth Freeborn

Leonard (Leo) Maguire

Letty Quarry

Linda Clark

Linda Nolen

Linda Wetherell

Lynn Bradeen

Lynn Champion

Margaret Eldridge

Marianne Del Nero

Marietta (mary) Kirk

Marietta Mary Kirk

Marilyn Leach

Mary (pat) Hendrix

Mary Bowers

Mary Mcaloon

Matthew Herz

Mattie Young

Michael Booth

Michele Luby

Noreen Sullivan

Norman Fucile

Patricia Costa

Paulo Mattos

Penny Schwab

Ralph Ruscetta

Richard Phelps

Richard Shovelton

Richard Teitz

Robert Rusling

Ronald Steinhouse

Rosemary Vilardi

Sandra Humes

Sandra Priest

Skip Wittstruck

Stanley Sekunda

Stephen Alexander

Stephen Horvitz

Susan Weisberg

Thomas Yeomans

William Flowers

William Reagan

Class of 1960


Alex Simmons

Alice Travers

Amy Manville

Ann Cordeiro

Anne Mendes

Ann Messer

Barbara Anderson

Barbara Silvia

Brenda Lawrence

Bryan Cooney

Carla Francis

Carol Clark

Carol Clayton

Carol Kesler

Carol McCaslin

Catherine Birkett

Charles Semich

Chris Tustin

David Depew

Diane Feldman

Diane Sylvester

Dianne Hausman

Dianne Marshall

Dianne Scherbarth

Elaine Gauthier

Elaine Glickman

Eleanor Dias

Ernest Platt

Eugene (Gene) Cort

Felicity Acheson

Frances Toppa

Francis Kelly

Gary Letiecq

George Cayer

Harold (Harry) Gould

Helen Dickinson

Irene Fontaine

Irene Lawrence

Jaci Wallander

James (Jim) Carpenter

James Bradfield

James Vaughan

Jean Northup

Jerome Silvia

John Hammond

John Mason

Joseph (Joe) Peters

Joyce Abramowitz

Karen Specie

Kathleen Kate O’Neil

Linda Perry

Loretta Barnum

Louis Moore

Lucy Garrett

Lynn Burke

M Argaret Ritter

Mara Gailitis

Margie Ricks

Marjorie Peckham

Maureen O’Neill

Maurice Agent

Melanie Werner

Michael Dowling

Michael Peckham

Nancy Harwood

Nancy Herald

Norman (Norm) Kitch

Norman Mather

Patricia Kelly

Pat Stauning

Paul Barker

Richard Chellis

Richard Lantz

Rita Almeida

Robert (Bob) Ottilige

Robert Peckham

Robert Taylor

Roger Caswell

Roland Glines

Sandra Erderly

Stephen Hughes

Sue Ann Humphries

Thomas (Tom) Tavares

Thomas Rogers

Thomas Turner

T Lee

Vincent Mccormack

Walter Kelly

Walter Taylor

William Ruhe

William Trezvant

Class of 1961


Albert Sandoval

Alice Hoskins

Ambrose Miller

Arch Arthur

Bernard Williams

Betsy Richardson

Bobby Lee Carey

Bonnie Judge

Carole Evans

Carol Seneff

Catherine Downes

Charles Tracy

Cherry Fletcher

Chris Theodore

Clifford (Cliff) Grimm

Cynthia Craig

Daniel “Dan” Feinberg

Darline Cunningham

David Beals

David Snowman

Dennis Flanders

Donald “Don” Cooper

Donald Schwab

Edward Richie Same

Edward Richard

Eleanor MacLeod

Eleanor Pimental

Elizabeth Richardson

Ellen Callahan

Esther-Darline Cunningham

Extra Listing

Frank Toner

Gail Rubin

Genevieve Wheeler

George Biastre

Glenn Ausmus

Gloria Windley

Harold (Harry) Casey

Harold (Harry) Gould

Helen Fisher

James Bradfield

James Collins

James Maher

Jane Dunn

John Dowd

John Gonsalves

John Halliday

John Lytle

Joyce Smith

Karen Clarke

Lenora Silvia

Lois Willcott

Manny Mello

Marilyn Toppa

Marna Mette

Mary Lynch

Mary Vavoudes

Melinda Skillings

Melissa Grosvenor

Moira A Gouthreau

Nancy Estes

Nancy Tisdall

Neil Sullivan

Nita Butler

Norma Reposa

Patricia Hislop

Patricia Norton

Patricia Reeve

Patricia Sullivan

Paula Johnson

Pauline O’Loughlin

Peter Barton

Peter Speckmanspeckmanpeterss

Richard Augustus

Richard Carter

Robert (Bob) Paquin

Robert (Bob) Ward

Robert Carey

Robert Turner

Rodrigo Rudy Aquino

Sandra “Sandi” Peters

Sandra Watson

Sandy Silvia

Sharon Black

Stephen Skipp

Susan Corliss

Thomas Spero

Victoria (Vicky) Sloan

Wayne Matayabas

William (Bill) McInnis

William Favro

William West

Class of 1962


Albert Jones

Al Conti

Alice Robicheau

Ann Spong

Barbara Ann Lawrence

Barry Williams

Beverly Andrews

Bobb Angel

Bruce Faaland

Candy Stephens

Cecelia Amman

Charles Bellis

Cheryl Woodbury

Claudia Tata

Cynthia Craig

David Grinnell

David Reed

David Young

Dennis Pfeiffer

Dianne Smyth

Donald “Don” King

Donald Nitsche

Donna Mercer

Douglas Napier

Duke Pasyanos

Dwight Purcell

Elaine Cicerone

Elaine Peckham

Elizabeth Libby Swanson

Elizabeth Mace

Eugene (Gene) Brosseau

Eugene Brosseau

Everett Alexander

George Peery

George Reed

Gerald Siegal

Gloria Cornell

Haskins jr Haskins

Irene Brandao

Jackie Arnold

Jacquelyn Geores

Jacquelyn Rhodes

James Elliott

James Maclaughlin

James Vaughan

Janet Chaplin

Janet McIntosh

Jean Spry

Joan Travis

John Panagako

Joseph Sousa

Judith Devlin

Judy Bazarsky

Karen Kingery

Kathryn Tillson

Kenneth Warrick

Leslie Brown

Lew Davis

Linda Sharp

Linda Sharp

Margaret Demma

Marie Fisher

Marilyn Gilleo

Mary Jean Sullivan

Maryann Gray

Mary Brown

Mary Nine

Mary Smith

Michael (Mike) Arnold

Michael Greene

Michael Holder

Michael Prasso

Nancy Gould

Oscar Fortier

Patricia Russell

Paul Libby

Prudence Silvia

Raymond Marshall

Richard Carr

Richard Carroll

Richard Seegal

Robert (Bob) Angel

Robert (Bob) Ericson

Robert (Bob) Holden

Robert James

Roger Vaughn

Ruthann Trojan

Ruthann Trpjan

Sandra Gillies

Sandra Graham

Sandra Wortman

Sarah Fallon

Sarah Hoyle

Steven (Steve) Myers

Stewart Abramson

Susan Leahy

Thomas Blacklock

Thomas Matthews

William (Bill) Kingery

William Annett

William Barbarow

William Bourne

William Mercer

Class of 1963


Agnes Beattie

Anise Jackson

Ann Beattie

Ann Gottlieb

Anthony Amado

Barbara Katzman

Barbara Morris

Barbara Welch

Cecelia Morris

Charles Porter

Chris Christon

Christine Marchese

Cindy Hirst

Connie Ardito

Dale Archer

Diana Jones

Diane Kendall

Donald Kaull

Edward Snyder

Elaine Parkos

Ethelberta Tomlin

Frank Magee

G David Berman

Georgia Biscari

Grace Bryan

Helena Duggan

Jacquelyn Stone

James Mcclanahan

Jammie Yarbrough

Jane Faerber

Jo-Anne Sullivan

Joan Rickwalt

John Cappuccilli

John Newbolt

John Salvador

Joy Dobson

Judith Riegel

Judy Judypontbriand

Karen Winter

Kenneth Stein

Linda George

Linda Logothets

Linda Marley

Linda Reynolds

Loretta Butler

Louis Gaspar

Margaret “Marge” Shaw

Mary Alice Burns

Mary Fitzpatrick

Mary Moffitt

Maureen Faerber

Mersina Christopher

Michael Soares

Mike Michael Maurer

Noni Beattie

Paul Libby

Penny Dixon

Peter Edes

Peter Pelletier

Raymond Saunders

Richard Carpender

Richard Dahlgren

Robert (Bob) Beebe

Robert Segal

Robert Suggs

Robert Weaver

Robert Woodridge

Ronald Erickson

Ronald Irons

Sharon Savage

Ssuzanne Favro

Stephen Gallagher

Susan Clifford

Susan Geyer

Suzanne Labonte

Suzanne Perry

Suzanne Svenson

William (Bill) Semich

Class of 1964


Albert Simmons

Allan Ramos

Ann Howayeck

Barbara Ells

Beverly Mello

Brenda Ratcliff

Britney Wallace

Camille Macknight

Carlton Roberts

Carolyn MAttos

Charles Weymouth

Cheri Chase

Cheryl Aidinoff

Christopher Cornell

Christopher Smith

Claudia Druken

Claudia Sweeney

Clyde Irons

David Boone

David Cole

David Dwyer

David Sperandio

Dottie Huss

Dottie Ward

Edwin Booth

Elizabeth (Beth) Carter

Elizabeth Baxter

Frank Skinner

Freida Sequeira

Garner Bishop

George Bateman

George Dell

Gloria Silveira

Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen

Hazel Yaeger

Herbert Wosencroft

James Lloyd

James Rogers

James Sweet

Jammie Yarbrough

Jane Estes

Janet “Jan” Frye

Janice Brathwaite

Janice Greene

Jdottie Huss

Jeffrey (Jeff) Anderson

Joann Vondembowski

John Burns

John Foley

John Hanson

Joseph “Joe” Blanchette

Joseph Campo

Judie Mullins

Judy Cryer

Karen Genga

Karen Olsen

Kathie Chapman

Kathleen Daly

Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Weaver

Kathy Hall

Laura Kusinitz

Leslie Zelda Feinberg

Linda Koslow

Linda Morris

Lois Javelle

Margaret Green

Marie Rhodes

Martha Robinson

Maureen Faerber

Meredith Sims

Pamela (Pam) Vashon

Patricia Flack

Paul Balzer

Paul Harpin

Paul Simons

Paul Young

Peter Carey

Phillip Smith

Phyllie Penny Norden

Regina Hurley

Richaard Abrams

Richard Donelly

Richard Vieira

Robert (Bob) Fisher

Roberta Hoskins

Robert Cook

Robert Pinto

Ronald Dunbar

Rosemarie Rhodes

Ruth Yockell

Sandra Ferguson

Sharyn Bradley

Stepehn Myers

Stephen Sullivan

Steven (Steve) Myers

Steven (Steve) Spotts

Steven Johnson

Steven Weaver

Susan Thomas

Suzanne Easterbrooks

Terry Smith

Terry Sullivan

Theodore (Teddy) Cope

Thomas Kelley

Wayne Deascentis

William Doval

William Johnson

William King

William Zook

Class of 1965


Alan Locke

Albren Bowers

Andrea Anderson

Andrew Anderson

Ann Eidsmoe

Anne Spriggs

Ann Nason

Anthony Campo

Arthur Clifford

Barbara Magee

Barbara Vieira

Benjamin (Ben) Santos

Carole Novick

Catherine (Cathy) Lowes

Christie Smith

Christy Howard

Cynthia Hooper

Dan Same

Dave Lilly

David Nicodemus

Dawson Mills

Denise Monteiro

Dennis Melcher

Donna Denson

Doria Dede Pilotte Forgue

Douglas Tefft

Drew Anderson

Edward (Ed) Silveira

Floyd Hightower

Floy Hightower

Frank Forgue

Frederick Rolando

George Sullivan

Gerald Chase

Gerald Payton

Gregory Alexander

Hallman Graff

Helen Watson

Jacquelyn Mc Innis

James Manuel

James Pennington

Jane Fontaine

Janet Jenkins

Jo-Anne Torres

Joanne Bradfield

Joanne Janaros

Joanne Rush

John Erikson

John Ferreira

John Pacheco

John Sant

Joseph “Joe” Deconto

Joseph (Joe) Savage

Joseph Diviny

Joyce Jacobs

Judith Stidhams

Karen Eddy

Kenneth Chaplin

Kenneth Riley

Kenneth Wygant

Lanni Northup

Larry Fry

Laura Schwyhart

Lenore Greenberg

Leslie O’Brien

Leslie Socks

Lois Gladding

Lois Vaillancourt

Louise Vieira

Maitland Mckenzie

Margaret (Maggie) Grenier

Marie Rhodes

Marjorie Coleman

Martin Petersen

Mary Ellen Canavan

Mary Ellen Deterra

Mary Ellen Dwyer

Mary(mickey)margueri Gouthreau

Maryann Raspotnik

Mary Carlisle

Mary Oakley

Maureen Deasley Maureen Deasley

Melinda Arcieri

Michael Macy

Michael Murphy

Michele Gariepy

Michelle Lafleur

Mickie Lafleur Coughlan

Nancy Rusk

Nancy Smith

Norman Bradley

Pamela Hoffman

Patricia Boriotti

Patrick Bowles

Peter Coyne

Peter Pemantell

Priscilla Costa

Ralph Parker

Regina Hurley

Richard Munro

Robert (Bob) Higgins

Roger Francis

Ronald Pedersen

Rosemary Alexander

Sandra Dennis

Sandra Perry

Saul Woythaler

Sheila Holder

Shirley Ripa

Sonny Behan

Stanley (Stan) Moody

Stephanie M Gilman

Susan Kluth

Susan Potter

Thomas Cookinham

Thomas Dunn

Trudi Ozarin

Virginia Shatzer

Wendy Judge

William Johnson

William North

William Perry

William Willis

Class of 1966


Andrew Christensen

Anita Dickson

Arthur Clifford

Carol Connell

Caroline Ansel

Carol Lane

Carol Potter

Catherine (Cathy) Bonus

Chet Lay

Christopher Perry

Chris Wood

Clare Bratten

David Greenberg

Donald “Don” Watkins

Donald Gray

Edward (Ed) O’Donnell

Edward Britto

Elaine Fucile

Eleanor Hamill

Eleanor Sherman

Frank Logler

Frank Palmer

Frank Wood

Gary Tryzbiak

Geraldine Gaspar

Gerald Mosher

Grace Roderick

Howard Schaffer

Irene Amman

James (Jim) Smarowsky

James Gizzi

James Wayne

Jane Lincourt

Janet Blanchard

Janet Gollis

Janice Preston

Jeanne “Jean” Riegel

Jeffrey Staats

Jerry Moore

Jerry Taylor

Joanne Millington

John Johnson

John Occaso

John Sullivan

Josephine Millington

Judith Booth

Judith Lynch

Judy Morel

Karen Nicholson

Karen Schultz

Kar Larnay

Katherine Oxx

Katie Lynch

Kenneth (Ken) Zammer

Kenneth Chaplin

Kerry Smith

Laura Humphreys

Linda Matoes

Linda Oconnell

Loraine Silvia

Luis Trezvant

Lynda Upton

Manny Silvia

Marc Kusinitz

Marge Massey

Marie Augusta

Marion Del Monico

Mary Pachuto

Mary Silvia

Maureen O’Brien

Michael (Mike) Sullivan

Michael Freeman

Mickie Hosfelt

Nancy Hart

Nancy Soares

Norman Lawrence

Pamela (Pam) Barter

Patricia Hartley

Patrick Carr

Patrick Fox

Paul Carpender

Peter Silvia

Philip Ruggeri

Quentin Anthony

Rebekah Sueur

Richard Kessler

Robert (Bob) Macmillan

Robert (Bob) Souza

Robert Dobson

Robert Fuquea

Robert Griffin

Robert King

Robert Taylor

Ruthann Brown

Sam “Sammy” Mitchell

Sandra Deese

Stephen Moss

Steven Todd

Susan Collum

Susanne Vieira

Susan Spooner

Theresa Bowman

Thomas Cookinham

Timothy Brennan

Trudi Ozarin

William “Bill” Dunn

William Gurney

Class of 1967


Andrea Katzman

Anne Stanfield

Anthony (Tony) Devico

Arden Anderson

Bonnie Loehr

Bradley (Brad) Paddock

Brian Gillson

Bruce Mcnaught

Bruce Steele

Carol Connell

Carol Watson

Caryn Rae Robin

Catharyn Migneault

Charles Lightfoot

Chuck Cabral

Clifford (Cliff) Hinck

Cynthia Foster

David Zimmer

Dean Thompson

Deborah Bottorff

Dewitt Ford

Dianne Friend

Douglas Stearns

Edward (Ed) Berube

Eric Roiter Eric Roiter

Ferry Ferry

Flora Amaral

Frances Burbank

Frank Silvia

Frank Sullivan

Frederick (Fred) Watson

Frederick Kent

Gloria Reynolds

Howard Johnson

Howard Shea

Jacquelyn Surber

James (Jim) Johnsen

James Chaplin

James Dorney

James Gallagher

Jane Lincourt

Jan Reynolds

Jeffrey “Jeffery” Field

Jennifer (aaliyah) Jarvis

Jennifer Aaliyah Jarvis

Jeremiah L Harrington

Joan Studer

Jocelyn Labonte

John Benny Smith

John Currier

John Frazier

John Marshall

John Moreau

John Muncie

John Paduano

John Spong

John Wilcox

Joseph (Joe) Bandin

Joseph (Joe) Vinnie

Joseph Barbarow

Jude Sanches

Judith Hoyle

Judy Berman

Jurgen Harriman

Karen Bowley

Kathleen Landry

Kathy Livingston

Lawrence Hurley

Leetta Lynch

Leonard (Leo) Walsh

Leonard Fribourg

Linda Drabek

Lorna Babbitt

Lydia Ricks

Lynn Steeves

Madolin Spear

Margaret (Peggy) Gray

Mark E Russell

Mary Ann Adams

Mary Ann Northrup

Melissa Blake

Michael Boiani

Michael Cosmo

Michael Kane

Michael Ripa

Nancy Gold

Pamela Eddy

Pat Levi

Patrick Dugan

Preston Peckham

Raymond Potter

Richard Lowes

Rich Weiss

Robert Barella

Robert Jones

Robert Wayne

Ruth Fell

Sam Fay

Sharon Silveira

Shelton Sanders

Shirley Aguiar

Shirley Baldaia

Stephen Segerson

Stephen Wilcox

Steven (Steve) de Caro

Susan Bedard

Susan Fonseca

Terry Barnes

Terry Beaulieu

Tery Barnes

Thomas Clarke

Thomas Howayeck

Timothy Fitzgerald

Vicki Kelly

Wayne Gilman

William (Bill) Seiple

William Campbell

William Finn

William Napier

William Yockell

Yvette Chilabato

Class of 1968


Alexander Rode

Alice Maloof

Andrea Penta

Anita Trezvant

Anna Nilsen

Anne Edmunds

Anthony (Tony) Mello

Barbara Clifford

Barbara Lang

Barbara Morrison

Bethany Burke

Bruce Decosta

Carol Watson

Carolyn Martley

Catherine (Cathy) Lawrence

Charles Carpenter

Cheryl Mccarthy

Cindy Medeiros

Cynthia Medeiros

David Jenkins

David Vieira

Deanna Conheeny

Deborah Malone

Deborah Zamil

Dennis Plaster

Diane Bennett

Dixie Donovan

Donald Hollis

Donna Hunter

Dwayne Melcher

Edward Melusky

Elaine Gauthier

Elizabeth G Wilson

Elizabeth Oliveira

Ellen Bond

Ellen Thomas

Emily Medeiros

Ernest Milner

Florence Jackson

Frederick Graham

Helen Sumner

James Chapman

Joani Russell

Joan Lloyd

Joan Maccartee

Joanne Haddad

John Doyle Lynch

John Lightfoot

John Marshall

John McCollum

John Methvin

Joseph Ford

Joseph Plante

Joyce Howell

Karen Hunter

Kathy Creaney

Kevin Kehoe

Laura Mattson

Lauren Mattson

Leonard (Leo) Boiani

Leslie Noonan

Linda Hanley

Lynn Moitoza

Marcia Giffin

Margaret Ellen Huss

Marion Winton

Mary Blackwell

Mary Escobar

Mary Winters

Maureen Kelly

Maurice (Maury) Bric

Melissa Blake

Michael (Mike) Cesario

Michael Bidlack

Michael Macy

Michael Metzler

Michael Twomey

Olleen Conklin

Pat Richard

Patricia Holloway

Paul Correia

Paul Golden

Paul Migneault

Paul Murray

Peter Solecki

Philip Hemley

Philip Pimental

Richard Becker

Richard Mosher

Richard Williams

Robert Chamberlin

Robert Hagensen

Robert Kain

Robert Mcintosh

Robert Nagle

Roberto Vasquez

Ronald (Ron) Smith

Ronald Pilotte

Roslyn Perkins

Sandra Irons

Sandra Same

Scott Lyons

Sharlene Vieira

Sharon Adams

Sheryle Campbell

Stephen Dennis

Stephen Ford

Steven (Steve) Nippert

Steven James

Susan Fitzgerald

Susan West

Suzanne Harpin

Thomas (Tom) Lewis

Wendy Mello

William (Bill) Boniface

William (Bill) Southern

William Amado

William McCollum

Young Sin

Class of 1969


Albert de La Cruz

Albert Devlin

Al Ellis

Alfred Baesemann

Alfred Decosta

Alice Hammond

Allan Almeida

Anita Merritt

Anna Giannotis

Barbara Donovan

Barbara Hartley

Barbara Jennings

Bruce Jankuska

Caroline Perry

Carol Mosher

Carol Soles

Cathleen Geyer

Cherlyn Bullock

Cheryl Williams

Christine A Williams

Colleen Nolan

Corinne Kelly

Cynthia Sheehan

Danette Jacobs

Daniel Benway

Daniel Donovan

Dave Clarke

David Decker

Deborah Blank

Deborah Mcgann

Debra Kerr

Dennis Demessianos

Desley Sant

Donald (Don) Carroll

Donald O`neill

Dorothy Jean Oakley

Edward Williamson

Eileen King

Elaine Campo

Florence Sandru

Frank Ferry

Frederick (Fred) Scheel

George W Patnode

Guy Long

Guy Tutwiler

Gwendolyn Spencer

Harold Morgan

Helen Gilleo

Jackie Jones

Jacqueline Johnsen

James (Jim) Barnhill

James (Jim) Birkett

Joan Fifield

John McFarland

John Rosa

Joseph (Joe) Matheus

Karen Chamberlin

Karen Freeman

Kenneth (Ken) Southern

Larry Smith

Lauren Matson

Lenny Smith

Lindaann Covington

Linda Mcfarlane

Lorna Van Auken

Louis C Rogers

Margaret (Peggy) Mottram

Marie Brannigan

Marie Dresser

Marion Fulk Crutchfield

Marion Fulk

Marsha Preslopsky

Mary Jo Bellows

Mary Lou McCarthy

Mary Barrett

Maryelizabeth Barrett

Michael “Mike” Walsh

Michael (Mike) Mcauliffe

Michael (Mike) Ribera

Michael French

Michael McFarland

Michael Santos

Michael Saunders

Michael Yates

Mona Jones

N. Ray Skogstad

Nancy Haigwood

Nancy Jackson

Nanette Fougere

Nereida Daudt

Norman Soares

Norris Ray Skogstad

Oriana Brown

Pamela (Pam) Ballard

Pat Collum

Patricia King

Patricia Soares

Patricia Sullivan

Patti Todd

Paula Bayersdorfer

Paula Hazard

Paul Migneault

Paul Reynolds

Paul Sullivan

Peter Sheehan

Peter Tefft

Photene Karras

Raymond (Ray) Perry

Raymond Burman

Raymond Silvia

Richie Good

Robert (Bob) Peckham

Robert Butler

Robert Jackson

Robert Miller

Robert Power

Robin Rittenberry

Roger Roberts

Ronald (Ron) Welby

Rosalind Green

Roseanna Evans

Roseann Evans

Roy Tower Kimball

Sandra Haslam

Stephen Browne

Stephen Ford

Susan Adamson

Susan Devlin

Susan Lawton

Susan Roberts

Susasn Dias

Timothy (Tim) Wasko

Vonda Maybery

Wayne Dowler

Wendy Harlow

William (Bill) Simcox

Class of 1970


Adrian Nunes

Alethea Cochran

Bailey Siletchnik

Barbara Bradfield

Barbara Caminiti

Barbara Correiro

Barbara Cottom

Barbara Leskowitz

Barbara Patnode

Barbara Quattrucci

Barbara Souza

Betty Lane

Betty Mcmurphy

Beverly Borer

Beverly Smith

Carla Harris

Charlene Lambert

Charles (Charlie) Meehan

Charles Hayes

Charles Robin

Christine Dobie

Christopher Dunn

Claudia Angel

Claudia Simmons

Cornelious Moule

Cynthia Mello

Cynthia Ward

Daniel Morel

David Epstein

David Guffey

Davidmccollum McCollum

David White

Davie Gillus

Deborah Ebbitt

Deborah Larson

Debra Blixt

Diane Kehoe

Diane Moniz

Edward (Ed) Same

Elizabeth Kent

Elsie Medeiros

Eric Petersen

Frank Maloof

Gaynell Seaman

George Toppa

Gregory (Greg) Raposa

Helen Doval

Jacqueline Laux

James (Jim) Edwards

James Wong

Jane Back

Jane Connerton

Janet Trifero

Janice Tobin

Jeanne Lucas

Jean Sullivan

Jesse Gaines

Jill Deleo

John Almeida

John Baillargeron

John Rossell

John Zabriskie

Joseph Medeiros

Joseph Santos

Judy O’Connor

Karen Jefferds

Kathleen Nance

Kathleen Shaw

Kathleen Toussaint

Kenneth Smith

Kris Blank

Kurt Lauth

Lamont Wells

Laura Clarke

Leona Ponsock Todd

Leonard “Lenny” Silvia

Lesley Thomas

Linda Brinton

Lisbeth Dwyer

Lorraine K Campion

Lucy Moss

Lydgia Wilson

Lynne Zamil

Manuel Santos

Marcel Daquay

Margaret (Maggie) Chamberlain

Margaret Silvia

Margaret Yorganjian

Mark Novasad

Mary Ellen Grundner

Mary Troiano

Maureen Currier

Michael (Mike) Trezvant

Michael Davis

Michael Moseff

Michael Norbury

Nancy Coggeshall

Nathaniel H Jenkins

Norma Taylor

Pamela Ellis

Pamela Migneault

Patricia Oakley

Patrick Kelley

Pauline Pelletier

Paul Razza

Penny Dresser

Peter Herzog

Peter Morris

Richard Baker

Richard Meyer

Rita Dwyer

Robert (Bob) Byron

Robert (Bob) Nicol

Robert Blanchette

Robert Gamer

Robyn Fell

Ronald Nalle

Sandra Fonseca

Sandy Johnson

Sharon Higgins

Sheila Warren

Stephen Bowers

Steven (Steve) Laurin

Steven (Steve) Viele

Steven Medeiros

Susan Clarke

Susan Post

Suzanne Kenney

Thomas (Tom) Richard

Thomas Basile

Valerie Singleton

William Martin

William Morrison

William Oxx

William Stringer

Class of 1971


Alan Bernstein

Angelina Estrella

Anne O’Connell

Barbara Cunha

Bea James

Brenda Greene

Bruce Toppa

Carmen Gaines

Carol Currie

Carol Fuquea

Carol Weremay

Catherine (Cathy) Corey

Catherine (Cathy) Gray

Charles Albright

Charles Peckham

Charles Tasso

Cherie Dennett

Christine Anderson

Christine Boiani

Christopher Abbruzzi

Cynthia Ellis

Dale Andersen

Dan Gokey

Debbie Collins

Deborah “Debbie” Ford

Deborah Ellis

Deborah Kaber

Deborah Smith

Deborah Tobler

Deborah Westmoreland

Debra Lawson

Debra Urquhart

Denise Clement

Denise Tourigny

Diane Nicodemus

Donna Klein

Doreen Isom

Dorri Auten

Dorri Gradel

Edward Blanchette

Edward Morinho

Elizabeth (Liz) Depue

Elizabeth Caron

Elsie Yates

Fee Lippitt

Frank Kluth

Garry Buckminster

George Lastra

Germaine Roche

Gloriaj Gray

Gregorio Nocon

Hal Spencer

Harold (Harry) Leonard

James (Jim) Fagan

James (Jim) Smyth

James Beebe

James Rodrigues

James Roiter

Jan Conley

Janice Miller

Janine Goheen-silvia

Jesse Gaines

Joan Mccarthy

Joanne Mccarthy

John King

Joseph (Joe) Kelly

Joseph Olivera

Karen Siletchnik

Katherine Triplett

Kathleen Keeley

Kathleen Murphy

Kathryn Hull

Kristie Furtado

Kristin Field

Lawrence Rutherford

Leah Plummer

Linda Botelho

Linda Dowd

Linda Halliday

Linda Jackson

Linda Kardel

Linda Nelson

Linda Scaldino

Lois Arcaro

Lois Robbins

Loretta Robinson

Lorraine Bruce

Louise Jenkins

Louis Faverio

Marilyn Kerins

Mark Elliott

Mark Erbe

Martin Casey

Maryanne Rositer

Mary Butler

Maureen Fleming

Maureen Metzler

Michaela Kalkus

Michael Tefft

Michael Turner

Murray Williams

Nancy Fitzgerald

Pamela (Pam) Georgiou

Pamela (Pam) Martel

Pamela Klein

Pat Johnson

Patricia Ann Paquette

Patricia Arruda

Patricia Coffey

Patricia Lebeau

Patricia Rodrigues

Patti Feinstein

Pat Toussaint

Pauline Butler

Pauline Gobidas

Peder Cox

Philip Larson

Phyllis Dresser

Ralph Morgan

Raymond Mey

Richard Vasquez

Robert “Bob” Hyssong

Robert Hooker

Robert Plummer

Robert Vogel

Robert Williamson

Robyn Lemaire

Ronald (Ron) Owens

Roxane Fell

Roxane Sprague

R Ramos

Ruth Barber

Scott Fiske

Sharon Dennis

Sharon Mosher

Sharon Parker

Sheila Ruggeri

Shelley Foster

Sherry House

Shirleyann Jackson

Shirley Jackson

Stephen Bowley

Stephen Johnson

Stephen Martin

Susan Cudworth

Susan Walker

Teri Boucher

Thomas (Tommy) Gwinn

Thomas McSparren

Timothy (Tim) Pasvolsky

Timothy (Tim) Tefft

Toni Sicilia

Warren Dewhurst

Westmorelandjan Westmoreland

Class of 1972


Annamarie Graeber

Ann Pascoe

Ann Rankin

Barbara Clarke

Barbara Hunter

Barbara Lobley

Bruce Kohl

Carl Johansen

Carl Oaklund

Carol Broker

Carol Finn

Carol Goff

Carolyn Cottom

Charlene Sullivan

Charles Grinnell

Charles Perry

Cheryl Williamson

Christine Cooney

Christopher Hollingworth

Claudia Isom

Constance Daggett

Cynthia Ellis

Cynthia Parker

Dan Daniel L Byron

Dan Grass

David Aguire

David Cabral

David McClintock

David Walker

David Watkins

Deb Barber

Debbee Peters

Debbie Kasevich

Debbie Ponsock

Debbie Trudell

Deborah Jonker

Diane Sullivan

Donald Grass

Donna Weeden

Dorothy Hopkins

Edward James

Eileen Winters

Elaine Clement

Elizabeth (Beth) Johnson

Elizabeth Browne

Elizabeth Finn

Elizabeth Greenman

Elizabeth Perry

Ellen Winthrop

Elmer Nunes

Erik Fiske

Eugene Kardel

Francine Helfner

Francine Paschoal

Frank Earle

Gary Smith

Geoffrey Martin

George Marshall

Gretchen Maes

Gwendolyn Green

Ingrid Mattson

J Drew Komos

Jackie Kittrell

James (Jim) Eng

James (Jim) Guilday

James Banks

James Meyers

James Ring

Jane Spingler

Janet Moffitt

Janice Diggs

Joan “Joni” Tarter

Joanna Rosso

Joanne Mcinvale

Jody Walter

John Aharonian

John Crookes

John Riddick

John Schenck

Joseph (Joe) Nevins

Joseph (Joe) Trifero

Joseph Mathias

Joseph Mitchell

Joseph Nunes

Joseph Trifero

Judith Fitzgerald

Judith Marciel

Karen Beach

Karen Roberts

Karen Williams

Kathleen “Kathy” Flack

Kathleen Humes

Kathleen Morris

Kathleen Watterson

Kathryn Bucher

Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Warner

Kurt Genga

Lane Berst

Lane Mickelson

Laura Williams

Laurie Wyatt

Linda Giguere

Lisa Daniels

Lois Platts

Lydia Spencer

Lynne Chrupcala

Marcella Raffa

Marie Whalon

Marilyn Donnelly

Marlyn Gaines

Marlyn Overman

Marsha Mazza

Mary Alvernas

Mary Collins

Maureen Brennan

Maureen Davidson

Maureen Tefft

Max Potts

Meg Toppa

Melodie Priddy

Michael Carrellas

Michael Dimarzo

Michael Singleton

Michael Slom

Michael Sullivan

Michele Holiday

Nancy Chambers

Nancy Nilsen

Patrcia Lee

Patrice Winters

Patricia Armstrong

Patricia Baroncini

Patricia Lee

Patricia McFarland

Patricia Peckham

Paula Lawrence

Paul Donovan

Paul Mccauley

Paul Monsen

Paul Napolitano

Paul Vieira

Peter McFarland

Philip Berg

Richard Arcieri

Richard Jackson

Richard Wiggin

Robert Conklin

Robert Miller

Robert Regan

Robin Scott

Rodney Heines

Ronald Allan

Rosemary Bric

Russell (Russ) Breault

Ruth Bonus

Samuel Shoppell

Sandra “Sandy” Kane

Shanna Mitchell

Sharon Peckham

Sheila Andrade

Sonya Simmons

Stephen Marx

Steven (Steve) Flynn

Steven (Steve) Hornbeak

Susan Aguiar Stroup

Susan Barry

Susan Bedard

Tanya Wilson

Timothy (Tim) Stidhams

Tyanne Henry

Vickie Goff

Wally Christensen

Wesley (Wes) Stone

William (Billy) Alexander

William Martland

William Sant

William Smith

Zinovia Mellekas

Class of 1973


Alan Hanna

Amy Hartigan

Angelo Howard

Anne Bernt

Anne Soucie

Avis Babcock

Barbara E Stackpole

Benjamin (Ben) Pasquale

Beverly Richard

Brian Cox

Carl Gillies

Carol Collins

Carol Walker

Carolyn O’Connor

Casey Brown

Catherine Nippert

Charles Dwyer

Cheryl Young

Chris Sandve

Chris Sullivan

Christine Brown

Claire Dennett

Cneryl Maine

Dana Perry

David Albro

David Dise

David Leonard

David Livingston

David Lynn

Dawn Austin

Debbie Ponsock

Debora Brengan

Debra McAuliffe

Dermot Mcdermot

Diane Bordelon

Donald Bechtel

Donna Benard

Donna Truver

Douglas (Doug) Prindle

Douglas (Doug) Vogel

Elizabeth (Beth) Carr

Elizabeth (Beth) Johann

Ernest Violet

Gerald Elfstrom

Grace Gobidas

Gwendolyn Smith

Harold (Harry) Silvia

Irene Pasyanos

Iver Regina Kelly

Jacalyn Andrade

James Benway

James Friedman

James Sears

James Shankles

Jane Fortier

Jane Watterson

Janice Zimmerman

Jan Westmoreland

Jayne Danforth

Jean Ayton

Jeannie Silvia

Jerry Reynolds

Jerry Sullivan

Joann Correira

John Homer

John Kohl

John Raider

Joseph “Joe” Weaver

Joseph (Joe) Same

Joyce Kohl

Kimberly (Kim) Hunt

Kyle Pedersen

Larry Desack

Lawrence Dupree

Lawrence Galkowski

Leslie Coutu

Lia Biello

Linda Deery

Linda Edwards

Linda Michalek

Lisa Peterson

Lois Sturtevant

Manuel Ventura

Margaret Biello

Margaret Harrigan

Margaret Koch

Marianna Spencer

Marie Pimental

Marilyn Bateman

Marilyn Corey

Mary Lou Galvin

Mary Gale

Mary Gillette

Mary Hartman

Mary Miner

Mary Saunders

Melinda Dennis

Melinda Olson

Michael “Micheal” Raspberry

Michael (Mike) Landry

Michael Botelho

Michael Carroll

Michael Deveau

Michael Lemaire

Michael Tick

Micheal White

Missouri Graham

Monica Walker

Monica Williams

Patrick Palmer

Paula Smith

Paul Boucher

Peter Cassese

Peter Gailitis

Peter Slom

Philip Berg

Raymond Rankin

Rexene Lagle

Richard (Rick) Thompson

Richard Ford

Richard Rolando

Richard Williams

Rita Childress

Robert Delehanty

Robert Hjik

Robin Litsey

Roy Lauth

Sarah Garcia

Sharon James

Shawn Devlin

Sheila Dunn

Stephanie Novick

Stephen Mathias

Steven (Steve) Ponte

Steven Hillerud

Susan “Sue” Hargrove

Susan Cranson

Susan Morgera

Susan Norlin

Susan Ziegler

Teresa Korpal

Terry Homer

Theodore Carr

Theresa Cody

Theresa Laparle

Theresa Liczkowski

Theresa Silvia

Thomas Aguiar

Thomas MacKin

Trudy O’Neill

Valerie Martin

Walter Groux

Walter Perryman

William (Willie) Cohen

William Borer

William Killian

William Oman

William Richard

Class of 1974


Alice Carter

Alice Thompson

Alicia Mattson

Andrew Nemtzow

Anne Roberts

Ann Nelson

Ann Rinkel

Anthony (Tony) Caputi

Arlene Atwood

Arthur Jenkins

Barbara Brinton

Beverlee Young

Beverly Triplett

Bradford Martin

Brian Gallagher

Bruce Anderson

Buddy Conklin

Caleb Mason

Catherine (Cathy) Callahan

Catherine (Cathy) Langstaff

Catherine Groff

Charles “Charlie” Burns

Charles Rogers

Christina (Tina) Kuiee

Christopher Boyle

Cindy Olaynack

Colleen Drenner

Dave Interlake

David Collum

David Dewhurst

Dean Hamilton

Deborah Williams

Debra Butler

Debra Smith

Debra Towle

Denise Decaporale

Diane Seaman

Dianne Dennett

Donald Medeiros

Dorinda Dupree

Doris Wardlow

Edward (Ed) Waible

Edward Green

Edward Johnson

Edward Silvia

Eileen McCoy

Elizabeth (Liz) Walker

Elizabeth Walker

Ella Rice

Emily Smith

Ernest Collier

Fair Monteiro

Frank Martin

Garry Allan

Gary Anderson

Goldie Gilbert

Gregory Barrett

Harold (Harry) Koulouvardis

Helen Platt

Herbert Winston

Jack John F Toner

Jack Baillargeron

James (Jimmy) Medlock

James Cameron

Janet Pierce

Janice Workman

Jay Napoli

Jeanne Finn

Jean Winthrop

John Almeida

John Canavan

John Slay

John Souza

John Szpotanski

Joseph Martins

Joyce Lincourt

Karen Cole

Karen Doncaster

Karen Donnelly

Karen Huff

Karen Noonan

Katherine Buck

Katherine Johnston

Kathleen Bailey

Kathy Lewis

Kathy Sparks

Keith Lauder

Kevin Keith

Laura Scheck

Laurie Cesario

Laurie Connerton

Leeanne Lan

Leeanne Richards

Libby Aud

Libby Gill

Linda Bertrand

Linda Leskowitz

Luann Benedict

Luann Pachkoski

Lynda Thompson

Lynn Burns

Lynn Taylor

Malcolm Poulin

Margaret (Peggy) Kennedy

Maria Alves

Marianne Vivona

Marie Fougere

Marion Bucci

Mark Alber

Marlyn Gaines

Marnie Winters

Mary Mentz

Mary Nagle

Mary Stephens

Mary Whitford

Matthew Grimes

Maureen Leonard

Michael (Mike) Harris

Michael Craven

Michael Graham

Michael Gullison

Michael Odonnell

Michael Tick

Nancy Burns

Nancy Dennett

Neil O Evans

Neil Sullivan

Nina Edwards

Noreen Petersen

Orren Whiddon

Pamela (Pam) Bruno

Pamela Crookshanks

Pamela Paiva

Peter Beekman

Peter Hayes

Peter Mcauliffe

Reginald Wilson

Renie Lamphere

Richard (Rick) Melanson

Richard Field

Richard Ford

Robert (Bob) Flanders

Robert (Bob) Watterson

Robert Migneault

Robert Sedoma

Robin West

Rodney Lockwood

Roxanne Paiva

Russell Berube

Sandra Donnelly

Scott Kingsley

Stephen Killian

Steven Cloutier

Sue Rydberg

Susan Miller

Tammy Williams

Teresa Fuerstenberg

Teresa Swinehart

Teresa Weyand

Thomas (Tommy) Frederick

Timothy (Tim) Anderson

Vernita Butler

Wendy Smith

William Bosworth

William Lopes

William Stone

Class of 1975


Allen Ripa

Anne Corcoran

Anne Gill

Anne Goldberg

Anne Stephens

Anthony (Tony) Mastalski

Arthur Kelly

Ayanna Briscoe

Barbara Jordan

Barbara Methvin

Bethany Furtado

Betsy Ouellette

Bonnie King

Bonnie Kng

Bonnie Musnicky

Bradley (Brad) Cloud

Brittina Sarden

Brooke Robertson

Bruce Albro

Burton Whisler

Butch Gilbert

Carlos Amaral

Carlos Erausquin

Carole Manley

Carol Heller

Catherine (Cathy) Langstaff

Catherine (Cathy) Lovering

Catherine Smith

Cathleen Connelly

Chris Johnson

Christopher Key

Clifton Gaines

Dale Curtin

Dave Shaw

David Barselow

David Ridenour

David Roberts

David Triplett

Debbie Novick

Deborah L Somerlot

Deborah Champa

Deborah Kenney

Debra Branham

Debra Peterson

Deb Redlich

Delia Gilmore

Denise Costa

Denise Gaspar

Dennis Soares

Derek Cooper

Donna Thompson

Donna Trainor

Donna Weston

Douglas Soper

Edward (Ed) Delehanty

Elaine Pierce

Elizabeth (Beth) Allen

Elizabeth (Liz) Lombard

Elizabeth Gomes

Erlene Fiori

Eugene Platt

Gail Ruscetta

Gail Sullivan

Gale Kennedy

Garrett Loftus

Gary Anderson

George Cottrell

George Hattub

George Tompsett

George Whitley

Georgie Boganowski

Gloria Oman

Gordon Taplin

Gregg Johnson

Jacquelyn Butler

James “Jim” Cottrell

James (Jim) Byrne

James Johnson

James Paul

James Schultz

Janes Johnson

Jan Maguire

Jean Dunning Beveridge

Jean Camara

Jean Dunning

Jeffrey Tick

Jennifer Wood

Joan MacKin

Joan Quinlan

Joh Lucy

Jonathon (Jon) Craigue

Joseph Murphy

Judy Dorkin

Karen Gavin

Katherine Faison

Katherine Perrotti

Kathryn Ripa

Kathyren Smith

Kenneth (Ken) Moore

Kevin Gouveia

Kevin Humphries

Lawrie Cox

Linda Sullivan

Loretta Kriner


Lou Ann Wright

Marcia Mccaull

Margaret Murphy

Marianne Meservey

Mark Corbin

Mark Erbe

Mark Sullivan

Maryann Marcucci

Mary Dees

Mary Nielsen

Mary Sherman

Matthew Killian

Maureen Donnelly

Maureen Toner

Melanie Morris

Michael Liptak

Michael Mclaughlin

Michael Smith

Mimi Dias

Nancy Haslam

Nancy Mazza

Nicholas Grimes

Pamela Sullivan Mccann

Pamela Berluti

Pamela Jackson

Pamela Jackson-Combellack

Pamela Lawrence

Patricia Martin

Paul Levi

Paul Santasieri

Peggy Donilon Murphy

Randall Meyer

Raymond Cloutier

Rhoda Logan

Ricardo Orosco

Richard (Rick) Rochon

Richard Ford

Robert (Bob) Silvia

Robert Kits Van Heyningen

Robert Quattrucci

Robert Ramos

Romana Lopes

Sali Justa

Salvina Justa

Sandra Diomandes

Sandra Morrow

Sandra Wiggins

Scott Lane

Sharon Botelho

Sharon Raspberry

Sharon Rothrauff

Sheila Buck

Sheila Dennis

Sheryl Costa

Soile Iivonen

Stacy Taber

Stanley Porada

Stephen Robinson

Steven Watterson

Sue Strutz

Susan Carrigan

Susan Funk

Susan Koponen

Susan Prentice

Suzanne Shaw

Terri Dewitt

Terry McNally

Thomas (Tom) Richardson

Timothy Watterson

Vera Briscoe

Vickie Warfield

Vivian Schenck

Waldo Christensen

Walter Evans

William (Bill) Fitzgerald

William (Bill) Mathews

William Bechtel

William Benisch

William Bowley

Class of 1976


Anita Zagaglia

Ann Marie Davidson

Anne Goldberg

Anthony Aleicho

Aphrodite Rozes

Arleen Rosenberg

Arnold Carson

Arthur Dennis

Barbara Correiro

Barbara Deveau

Barbara Gilman

Barbara King

Barbara Pendergast

Barry Ford

B Downes

Benjamin Berard

Bernadette Balakit

Bettina Caldwell

Bonnie King

Bradford Angelini

Brenda Coville

Brenda Ford

Brian Alber

Bruce Moniz

C J Smith

Carla Barton

Carl Smith

Carol Fougere

Catherine Knapp

Catherine Silvia

Catherine Wilson-Smith

Cathleen Ronayne

Charles Golden

Charles Martens

Charles Smith

Cheryl Carrigan

Cheryle Vincent

Cheryl Kuehner

Christina (Tina) Christensen

Christine Ford

Christine Volton

Claywell Chafton

Colleen Delehanty

Daniel Warner

Darrel Westbrook

Dave Deyo

David Burns

David Cosgrove

David Manuel

Debbie Bailey

Debbie Lecaroz

Deb Burrows

Deborah Lou Whisler

Deborah Bishop

Deborah Sullivan

Debra Dorine Branham

Debra Woolhouse

Dolores Adams

Donald Ashton

Donald Sleeper

Donna Gray

Donna Spencer

Donna Sumner

Donya Cayce

Dottie Mulligan

Duane Vorse

E Charles Buckner

Edith Evans

Edward Croft

Edward McGrath

Edwards Edwards

Edward Silva

Elizabeth (Beth) Downes

Elizabeth (Liz) Smith

Elizabeth Richards

Ellen Moitoza

Ernest Dickens

Evelyn Armstrong

Fraser Feltner

Gregory (Greg) Leggett

Iva Butler

James Carney

James Massed

James Rogers

James Spencer

Jeanne Cottom

Jeffrey (Jeff) Neronha

Jenifer Curtis

Joanne Barclay de Tolly

Joann Sullivan

Joan Radic

John Erickson

John McLain

John Watts

Joseph Hussey

Karen Davis

Karen Dowler

Karen Halliday

Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen O’Connell

Kathleen O’Donnell

Kathryn Ripa

Kathryn Silveira

Kathy Hicks

Kathy Phifield

Keith Stokes

Kiki Whitford

Laurene Boiani

Laurie Bowers

Leslie Charles

Linda Walsh

Linnea Larson

Lisa Cayce

Lisa Prindle

Lisa Wardlow

Lonnie Edwards

Lori Graham

Lorraine Post

Louis Abel

Luann Benedict

Lynda Tobin

M Lauren Andrea

Marie Galli

Marie Mizerek

Marie Tarter

Marilyn Gemmell

Marilyn Kenney

Mark Harmon

Mark Johnson

Mark Ouellette

Mary Finn

Matthew “Matt” Stephens

Maureen Coyne

Michael “Mike” Lahey

Michael Ardito

Michael Cabral

Michael Dugan

Michael Moniz

Michael Orosco

Michael Raspberry

Michael Rinkel

Michele Botelho

Missy Dias

Monica Fagan

Nadene Baker

Nancy Braga

Nancy Dennett

Nancy Northup

Nancy Wallace

Newport Slim

Patricia Connell

Patricia Franklin

Patricia Nagle

Patricia Sargent

Patrick Sacrey

Patty Fleming

Paul Cutright

Paul Norbury

Paul Silvia

Paul Toracinta

Peter Lee

Peter Rogers

Polly Marcucci

Priscilla Bechtel

Ralph Windle

Raymond (Ray) Henriques

Raymond (Ray) Jellison

Raymond Perry

Rebecca Vars

Rex Byrd

Richard Blight

Richard Cordeiro

Richard Cunningham

Robert Ekstrom

Robert Fields

Ronald Jones

Sal Spencer

Sandra Ayton-Ferro

Sara Spaulding

Shannon Russell

Sharon Serpa

Shawn Donnelly

Sheila Plaster

Sheila Riegel

Stephen Pulice

Stephen Turner

Steven (Steve) Rogers

Susan Boiani

Susan Chase

Susan Ferris

Susan Gayauski

Susan Jennings

Susan Stoddard

Susan Walsh

Susan Wright

Terence Dugan

Theodore (Ted) Ribeiro

Theodore Bostic

Theresa O’Hara

Theresa O’hera

Thomas Skip Wildes

Thomas Kane

Thomas Lemaire

Timothy “Tim” Wygant

Trish Del Nero

Trish Nagle

Wendy Kelly

William “Will” Rogers

William Fitzgerald

Class of 1977


Alex Daglis

Amy Thoni

Anna Moitoso

Anne Moitoza

Anthony (Tony) Greene

Anthony Thomas

Barbara Steinhouse

Bernard (Bernie) Gallagher

Brenda Baldaia

Brenda Sullivan

Brian Sullivan

Carl Petersen

Carole Trifero

Carol Galbreath

Cathleen Fontes

Charles Truver

Chris Rogers

Christine “Chris” Ripa

Christine Manuel

Christopher Cable

Chuck Mureddu

Cindy Shaw

Coleen Curran

Colleen Walsh

Darlene Medeiros

David Ferreira

Dawn Elizabeth Gilman

Deb Burrows

Deborah Jordan

Deborah Sullivan

Debra Mathinos

Debra Monroe

Debra Powell

Debra Ryan

Denis Beaudoin

Donna Morris

Dorothy Weaver

Edward Harrigan

Elena Perrello

Elizabeth Napoli

Elizabeth Polk

Elizabeth Waggener

Ellie Corcoran

Emma Gonsalves

Gary Smith

Gerald “Jerry” Comfort

Geri Franklin

Gerry Martin

Graham Sellar

Harold (Harry) Hallgring

Henry Bridgham

Howard Sykes

Jack Replogle

James (Jim) Zamil

James Allan

James Dubois

James Quartochi

Janice Killian

Jeanne Brockway

Jed Carr

Jeffrey (Jeff) Ashton

Jeffrey (Jeff) Shelton

Jerry Sleeper

Jill Hodgkins

Joan Lynch

Joann Wilson

John Benko

John Calcagno

John Grover

John Martins

John McGinn

John Moore

John Myers

John Silvia

John Smith

Joy Furtado

Joy Groves

Julie Martland

Karen Keech

Karen Lavoie

Karen Santos

Katherine Hudson

Kenneth Breitenstein

Kiki Perakis

Kimberley Linderme

Kimberly Bruno

Lauren Curtis

Leslie Bauman

Leslie Palmer

Linda Salos

Lisa Hartley

Loren Anderson

Loren Jennings

Machado Machado

Maria Pereira

Marie Teresa Paiva

Marie Sullivan

Mark Killian

Mark Seyster

Marsha Kelly

Martin Kits Van Heyningen

Mary Leslie Palmer

Mary Tisdale

Mary Vacchione

Maureen Meehan

Melanie McCray

Michael (Mike) Chamcerlin

Michael (Mike) Cisewski

Michael (Mike) Taber

Michael Frongillo

Michael Hattub

Nadine Merritt

Norman (Norm) Demers

Norman Owens

Pamela Hale

Patricia Murphy

Patricia Walker

Patricia Windle

Paul Clarke

Paul Rousseau

Paul Silvia

Peter Coble

Renee Ware

Robert Deane

Roberte Neville

Robert Hehl

Robert Michaud

Roland Caldwell

Rose Hehl

Ross Adams

Sandra Bric

Sandra Migneault

Sarah Kay

Sarah Williams

Sharon Anthony

Sheila Delehanty

Sherry Duranty

Steevo Carr

Stephen Ferris

Steven (Steve) Mortrude

Susan Butler

Susan Paiva

Susan Wright

Terence Livingston

Teri Murray

Thomas Corey

Thomas Magee

Timothy (Tim) Dunn

Wanda Barclay de Toly

Wayne Carson

Wayne George

Wesley Lewis

William (Bill) O’Connell

William (Billy) Lyons

William Avery

William Leander

Class of 1978


Aj Brodeur

Alan Joslyn

Alicia Reyes

Andrew Casey

Andrew McCarthy

Anne Burns

Anne Smith

Annette Neves

Anthony (Tony) Maccice

Anthony Bradfield

Arthur Chapman

Arthur Lee

Barbara Cooper

Barbara Doyle

Belinda Massey

Bobbie Bouchard

Brenda Crowley

Brian Fiske

Brian Robinson

Brian Spencer

Bri Robbins

Bruce Albro

Bruce Moniz

Bryant Keith

Bucky Janes

Carl Yazstremski

Carol Platt

Cassie Bills

Catherine Marshall

Cheri Szpotanski

Cheryl Geas

Chris Randall

Christina (Tina) Toppa

Christopher Firby

Christopher Perrotti

Chuck Dingman

Cindy Toner

Colleen Fahey

Colleen Murphy

C Pratt

Cristina Castonguay

Curtis Lachance

Cynthia Boiani

Cynthia Pratt

Cynthia Woolhouse

Daun Dimery

Dave Daniels

Dave George

David Rybicki

David Sloane

Dean Lambert

Debbie Blake

Deborah Key

Deborah Robinson

Debra Cayce

Debra Duclos

Diane Correia

Donald (Don) Clark

Donald Gray

Donna Botelho

Donna Kent

Donna Krick

Donna Morris

Eden Lahr

Edward Homer

Eileen Healey

Elizabeth (Beth) Downes

Elizabeth (Beth) Nelson

Elizabeth Bentley

Elizabeth Richards

Ernest (Ernie) Calash

Evangeline Bitzileos

Eve English

Frances Silvia

Francis Irish

Fran Irish

Gary Marshall

Gregory Raspberry

Heidi E Brockwell

Helaine Newman

Holly Robinson

Jacobnewsom Newsom

Jacqueline Affonso

James “Jim” Jackson

James (Jim) Cable

James Banks

James Davies

James Quinn

James Tollefson

Jane O’Brien

Jane Perry

Janice Harpin

Jay Connerton

Jay Digs

Jay Gooda

Jean Boudreau

Jeanne Mccauley

Jeanne Rodewald

Jean Weida

Jeffrey “Jeff” Lawton

Jeffrey Lynch

Joanne Hull

John Abong

John Aguiar

John Cruz

John Fucile

John Kluth

John McDonald

John Van Wert

Joseph (Joe) Markman

Joseph (Joe) O’Loughlin

Joseph (Joe) Oloughlin

Joseph Garcia

Joseph Williams

Karen Fitzgerald

Karen Trecida

Kathy Garcia

Kathy Guevin

Katie Smith

Kellee Pockette

Kelly Barnhill

Kenneth Clark

Kenneth Cutright

Kevin Johnson

K Paul

Lea Henry

Lea Migneault

Lee Arthur

Linda Beanblossom

Linda Randall

Lisa Amado

Lori Aguiar

Lori Braga

Lynette Mendonca

Lynne Moniz

Margret Waluk

Marilyn Banville

Martha Langley

Mary Antone

Mary Boggs

Mary Byrd

Mary Magee

Mary Rinkel

Matthew Peterson

Michael (Mike) Osullivan

Michael (Mike) Ruggeri

Michael Bryer

Michael Cottrell

Michael Matern

Michael Pierson

Michael Pimental

Michael Vincent

Michele Glynn

Michelle Pickett

Myra Savage

Nadine Ekstrom

Nicole Reigert

Pamela Martin

Pamela Whisler

Pat Mclaughlin

Patricia Finnegan

Patrick Garcia

Paul Hamill

Paul Souza

Paul Tobak

Peter Kane

Peter Livingston

Phyllis Mulligan

Ralph Hicks

Raymond Mccarthy

Raymond Silvia

Raymond Walsh

Rebecca (Becky) Green

Rebecca Sirmans

Rhonda Medeiros

Richard Davis

Richard Obrien

Robert “Bob” Coyne

Robert Caplin

Robert Crowley

Robert Greichen

Robert Preston

Robert Reed

Robin Wilson

Robyn Busch

Ruby Franklin

Sandra Jean Lesley

Sharon Sulivan

Sheril Foust

Sonya Wilson

Sophia Ustalot

Stephen Moy

Steven (Steve) Beaudoin

Steven Kelley

Steven Tick

Susan Alexander

Suzanne Greichen

Thomas “Thom” Curry

Thomas Hopkins

Thomas Kelly

Thomas Sibley

Timothy Costello

Tomas Sullivan

Vicki Campton

Virginia Coite

Virginia Delnero

Wayne George

William (Bill) Mason

William Berube

William Janes

William Newbolt

Class of 1979


Alan Bradley

Albert Manglicmot

Alice Engstrume

Alison Condon

Alva Evans

Andre Khalfayan

Angela McDonnell

Anthony Perrotti

Anthony Wyres

Arthur Bell

Audrey Berman

Barbara Barbee Smith-Lunney

Barbara Escobar

Barbara Garcia

Barbara Helfner

Barbara Pendergast

Barbara Smith

Barry Young

Bernadette Coriander

Bethann Moitoso

Brenda Clark

Brigid Rubin

Bruce Laramee

Bruce Lee

Carl Davis

Catherine (Cathy) Truver

Catherine Damaskos

Chip Vernon Parker

Christina Meharg

Chris Tompsett

Cindy Taylor

Cindy Winfield

Claire Rich

Cole Mackay

Craig Sloane

Cynthia Peckham

Dani Roberts

Darrell Daley

David Owen Firby

David Glynn

David Koohy

David Parsonage

Dawn Silvia

Deanna Bailey

Deanna Marucci

Debra Bazzo

Debra Chartier

Debra Thompson

Denise Magnett

Desley Parker

Dolores Woolhouse

Donna Marie King

Donna Silvia

Edna Phillips

Edward (Eddie) Moitoso

Elaine Kane

Elizabeth (Beth) Taber

Ellen Buckley

Eric Deveau

Eva Meloy

Francis Egan

Frank Roose

Franlin Ribera

Frederick (Fred) Showers

Garry Cayce

Glenn Johnson

Herbert Byrd

Howard Barlow

J Pinky Gonzalez

Jack McNally

James (Jim) Surber

James Obrien

Jeffrey (Jeff) Reed

Jena Gaines

Jennifer Mello

J Mclean

Jodie Powers

Joel Mccray

John Calash

John Dailey

John Duchesneau

John Fitzgerald

John Hopf

Jolynn Windle

Jonathan Burrows

Joseph (Joe) Hicks

Joseph Murphy

Joseph Pinheiro

Joshua (Josh) Mosher

Judith Hetland

Judy Bell

Judy MacFarlane

Julie Lambert

Karen Sheets

Kathleen Beattie

Kathleen Mills

Kathleen Perry

Kathy Estrella

Kathy Hill

Kathy Passman

Keith Hanson

Kelli Shuter

Kevin Moniz

Kimberlie Nea

Kimberly Myers

Kinley Tener

Kristina Wall

Laura Stotka

Laurie Albro

Linda Carr

Linda Crowley

Linda Smith

Lisa Jacome

Lori Burns

Lynn Parsonage

Malcolm Joslyn

Manuel Motta

Margaret (Peggy) Atkins

Marie Cutright

Mark Booth

Martin Stepalavich

Mary Achilles

Mary Sheehan

Michael Deady

Michael Keenan

Michael Martins

Michael Silvia

Michele Vars

Milton Rogers

Nancy Jones Coyne

Nancy Breitenstein

Nancy Camara

Nancy Gilman

Nancy Peterson

Nicola Bartlow

Nicola Dorris

Patricia Mosher

Paula Olson

Pauline Magnan

Peta Smit

Peter Livingston

Pj Lewis

Randy Repak

Rebecca Coofer

Rebecca Hayes

Renee Caldwell

Richard Pierce

Richard Seaman

Rita Jackson

Robert G Rosenthal

Robert Franklin

Robert Hall

Robert Silveria

Ronald Jones

Rose O’Connor

Rose Santasieri

Sallyn Wardlow

Sandra St John

Sandy Becker

Sarah Lubeck

Scott Poling

Selena Love Colon

Sheila Connerton

Sherry Redcay

Stephen Kane

Steven (Steve) Hyder

Steven (Steve) Thomas

Stoney St John

Stoney St. John

Susan Ford

Susan George

Susan McCarthy

Susan Mclean

Susan Schmidt

Susan Steinhouse

Tamie Caltenback

Tammy Mosher

Thomas (Tom) Albright

Thomas Donahue

Thomas Mcguinness

Thomas Rayner

Thomas Sibley

Timothy (Tim) Mcgee

Timothy (Tim) Murphy

Timothy (Tim) Sullivan

Timothy Banks

Timothy Kelly

Todd Flores

Tracey Silvia

Trisha Brown

Tuesday Randolph

V Bruno

Vernon Parker

Veronica Mays

Veronica Perkins

Vicki Bruno

Walter Shaffer

William (Bill) Dodd

William (Billy) Alsheimer

William Corcoran

William Craft

William Griffinsr

William Warner

Class of 1980


A Campbell

Andrea Key-Abdul

Andrew Avery

Andrew Hattub

Anne Johnson

Anne Mayo

Arthur Soares

Barbara Gomez

Barbara Shufelt

Brett Gaines

Bryan Mureddu

Carmen Perry

Carolee Marley

Carole Fernandez

Caroline Ware

Cassandra Oliveira

Catherine Kate Janes

Catherine(kate) Janes

Celeste Champeau

Charles (Charlie) Dawson

Charles Murphy

Charles O’Brien

Christian Wood

Christine Bric

Christine Salter

Christine Smith

Chuck Obrien

C Jean

Claudina Scott

Clifford Renshaw

Colleen Chase

Colleen Riley

Constance Gwinn

Courtney Norbury

Dana Lee Silvia

Dan Dwyer

David Harkness

David Mason

David Schnare

Debbie Grover

Deb Moss

Deborah Brinkmann

Debra Camara

Denise Shorey

Derrick Ship

Diane Deruggiero

Donald Schnare

Donna Dettlinger

Donna Gilfand

Dwight Turner

Earl Kennedy

Edward Coleman

Edward Lorenzini

Eileen Pinheiro

Elizabeth (Liz) Furtado

Elizabeth Furtado

Elizabeth Sawyer

Elizabeth Virgadamo

Ellen Healey

Enrique Farrell

Erica Peterson

Erin Walsh

Eugene (Gene) Loyola

Evelyn Moore

Frank Musnicky

Frank Sullivan

Fulvio Pires

George Ring

Gilbert Oliveira

Gregg Mello

Gregory (Greg) Dawley

Jackie Kessler

Jacqueline Carter

James (Jim) Paiva

James Babb

James O’Neil

Jay O’Neil

Jeannine Viau

Jeffrey Murray

Jill Chamberlin

Jo-D Pockette

Johanna Zambrotta

John Fucile

John Hackett

John McCarthy

John Wilson

Jo Pockette

Joseph Kaiser

Judy Cook

Judy Whitehead

Karen Day

Karen Sullivan

Katherine Dyer

Katrina Swanson

Keith Genga

Kenneth (Ken) Barlow

Keron Anderson

Kimberley Butterworth

Kimberly (Kim) Maynard

Kimberly (Kim) Sylvia

Kimberly Fisher

Kimberly Vestel

Kyle Beach

Laura Aubin

Laura Mockler

Leah Feldman

Lillian Janes

Lillian Knight

Linda Evans

Linda Freeman

Linda Key

Lisa Bowley

Lisa Morgan

Lisa Williams

Lori Moore

Lorraine Perry

Lucy Halliwell-brown

Lynne Kesson

Margaret (Maggie) Robinson

Margaret Platte

Mari Lynn Perry

Marilyn Foster

Marion Baird

Mark Keselica

Mark Ziegler

Martha Bruckner

Mary Ruggeri

Michael (Mike) Brawner

Michaela Barbato

Michael Frank

Michael Pearson

Michael Seaman

Michael Wilson

Michelle Preston

Nathan Claytor

Neal Cesario

Nik Man

Norma Scott

Paget Wetherell

Patricia Ripa

Patricia Silvia

Paula Hadfield

Paul Ribera

Paul Ruggeri

Paul Southern

Peter Behane

Philip (Phil) Roach

Philip Peterson

Phillip James

Renee Cohen

Richard (Rick) Beggs

Robert (Bob) Riegel

Robert (Bob) Seager

Robert (Bob) Terlisner

Robert Cochran

Robert Dyl

Robin Davis

Robin Mcintyre

Ronald Jenkins

Rosel Provost

Salvatore Lucanto

Santos Marjorie

Scott Edgerton

Sean Glynn

Sean Merritt

Sharon Howe

Sharon Taylor

Shawn Dugan

Stephanie Damaskos

Stephen Deady

Stephen Matthews

Stephen Tessier

Steven (Steve) Leduc

Steven Dupont

Sue Perry

Susan Dinosky

Susan Green

Susan Mcmurry

Susan Morgan

Teri Piszcz

Terry Swing

Theodora Rozes

Theresa Justis

Theresa Pine

Tracy Delnero

Vincent Martin

Walter Purdy

Wendy Hensley

William Randall

William Tarter

Class of 1981


Ann Marie Thomas

Annette Whitford

Antoinette Daniel

Axel Harsch

Barbara Carr

Bonnie Macfarlane

Brian Delehanty

Candice Freeman

Carol Dodd

Carol Fitzgerald

Carolyn Ardrey

Celeste Jolie

Charlene Nelson

Charles Murphy

Cherie Maune

Cheryl Murphy

Christine Kane

Chris Vaillancourt

Claudia James

Colleen Carney

Colleen Spencer

Cynthia Washburn Rose

Cynthia Kneip

Cynthia Washburn

Dana Morgan

Daniel Levitre

Daniel Perry

David James Mosher

David Hull

David Jones

David Just

David Lemler

David Wheeler

Dawn Johnston

Debbie Silvia

Deborah Ferreira

Deborah Robinson

Delia Spencer

Diana Kinsley

Dino Lorenzini

Donald (Don) Ronchie

Donna McKinney

Durant Jenkins

Edward Fucile

Elizabeth (Liz) Souza

Elizabeth Geary

Farrell Pharis

Gerome Rogers

Gerry Willis

Gina Melnyk

Graham Sellar

Harold Sullivan

Hubert Graham

Irene Ekstrom

Jack Obrien

Jacqueline Mccarthy

James (Jim) McNally

James (Jim) Quinlan

James (Jimmy) Corey

James Clements

James Davis

James Violet

Jamie Mass

Janel Leary

Jayne Walker

Jeffrey Kelly

Jennifer Thomas

Jerrylee Dupree

Joan Brugman

Joanna Going

Joanne Regan

John Burrows

John Enwright

John West

Joseph “Joe” Escobar

Joseph (Joe) Paiva

Joseph Kaiser

Judith Moore

Judy Banks

Judy Freeman

Karen Bachus

Katheryn Murphy

Kathleen George

Kathleen Martin

Kathleen Miner

Kathleen Mosher

Kathy Kirwin

Keith Williams

Kelly Galloway

Kevin Matsch

Kimberly (Kim) Harkness

Kimberly (Kim) Jones

Kimberly (Kim) Pachico

Kimberly Graham

Kirsten Burcroff

Kit Miner

Laura Hattub

Laura Johnson

Laura Kusinitz

Laura Marley

Lauren Finley

Leslie Haight

Linda George

Lisa Boiani

Lisa Callahan

Lisa Golden

Lisa Lyon

Lisa Plummer

Lisa Roach

Lisa Silvia

Lloyd Northup

Lorenzo Jackson

Lori Bumkin

Lori Washburn

Lou Upham

Lynn Sisson

Margaret Waluk

Maria Mendes

Mari Perry

Mark Genga

Mark Woodley

Mary Ellen Coen

Marybeth Downey

Mary Budlong

Mary Curtis

Mary Davidson

Mary Franklin

Maureen Coffey

Michael (Mike) Williams

Michael Burba

Michael Pavao

Michael Richards

Michael Tiebout

Michael Woods

Michelle Musnicky

Nancy Vierra Kent

Nancy Davis

Nancy Ricard

Nancy Smith

Nancy Williams

Nicholas Cooper

Pamela Moffatt

Pamela Moffatt-Limoges

Pat Molenda

Pat Pridgen

Patricia Keeley

Patrick Mcguire

Patti Gaines

Patti Nodell

Patti Pimental

Paul Bunn

Paul Gatta

Paul Gordon

Paul Haupt

Paul Levitre

Paul Messina

Paul Sawyer

Peter Houlihan

Peter Zebrowski

Philip Young

Ramey Maddox

Raymund Yu Ekey

Renee Mahoney

Richard Trinidad

Robin Collum

Russell Ritchie

Ruth Swanson

Sarah Jones

Scott Bishop

Sharon Keeley

Sheila Finnegan

Sherri Burt

Sonya Starnes

Stephanie Spiratos

Sue Quinn

Sue Silveria

Susan Camara

Susan Donegan

Susan Lopes

Susan Morgan

Susan Verge

Theresa Silvia

Thomas (Tom) Groff

Todd Chamberlin

Todd Howard

Todd Leander

Tod Jesso

Toni Anderson

Vickie Adkins

Wendy Haas

William “Bill” Weston

William (Bill) Broke

William Brinkmann

William Farrell

William Mcginn

Class of 1982


Alex Hamilton

Angela Alechia

Angela Aleicho

Ann Marie Nadeau

Anne Ruggles

Ann Johannsen

Ann Leno

Anthony McKinney

Arthur Ferreira

Arthur Leduc

Arthur Piava

Barbara Costello

Barbie Windley

Benjamin Raffaelly

Betsy McCoy

Beverly Ware

Bradford Briggs

Brenda Gwinn

Brenda Gwinn-Montantine

Bridget Perry

Carolyn Finn

Carolyn Warner

Catherine (Cathy) White

Celeste Durden

Charles Ramos

Charlotte Hall

Cheryl Santos

Chris Foley

Chris Moy

Christine Ford

Christine Fredette

Christine Viveiros

Christopher Hayward

Christopher Hyder

Christopher Mureddu

Cindy Langstaff

Crystal Moss

Dana Allan

Danette Dettlinger

Daniel Blinn

Daniel Neves

Danny Everett

Dan Thomson

David Callandret

David Sullivan

David Taylor

David Wight

Debbie Colby

Debbie Shorey

Debbie Walker

Dennis Hill

Donna Martins

Donna Roberts

Edna Young

Elizabeth O’Brien

Elizabeth Taber

Ellen Coite

Ernest Jordan

Frank Morgan

Henry Lawrence

Jacqueline Jordan

James (Jim) Riley

James Doncaster

Jane Estes

Jay Turner

Jeffrey (Jeff) Mello

Jeffrey Brokovich

Jill Hargrove

John Allan

John Guadagni

John Hackett

Johni Dupree

John McManus

John Moore

John Muncy

John Smith

John Soares

Jonathon (Jon) Jordan

Jose Abua

Joseph (Joe) Russo

Joseph Smith

Karen Amaral

Karen DeSantis

Karen Raffaelly

Karl Massey

Katherine Boss

Kathleen Brugman

Kathleen Sullivan

Kathryn Rinkel

Kathy Finn

Kathy Fischer

Kelly Donelly

Kelly Dorr

Kevin Barlow

Kevin Parsonage

Kimberly (Kim) Connor

Kimberly (Kim) Gerrie

Kit Cole

K Rinkel

Larry Swing

Laura Deady

Lauri Viana

Lenny Dawson

Leshia Ivy

Leslie-paige Tilson

Leslie Oliver

Linda Mulligan

Lisa Black

Lisa Botelho

Lisa Gunning

Lisa Luzzi

Lisa Neves

Lisa Olaynack

Lisa Pedro

Lois Grundy

Lora Moitoza

Lorenzo McCoy

Lorraine Whitford

Louis Perini

Lynne Furtado

Macy Black

Margaret (Peggy) Kuiee

Margaret Nelson

Margo Edward

Marilyn Moitoza

Mark Anderson

Mark Jacobs

Mary Gray Kennedy

Marybeth Groff

Marybeth Hayes

Mary Dechane

Mary Dyman

Maryellen Jones

Mary Toppa

Matthew (Matt) Nunes

Matthew Walker

Melissa Allen

Michael Cluff

Michaelene Odonnell

Michael Homer

Michael Mendonca

Michael Shane

Michele White

Michelle Donovan Brennan

Michelle Anderson

Monica Frechette

Nichelle Nikki Neves

Norma Elaine Achilles

Pamela Leys

Patricia Abherve

Patrick Flanagan

Patrick Maloney

Patrick None

Patti Potter Clarke

Patti Potter

Paula Delanoy

Paul Lawrence

Paul Paul

Polly Dobson

Ralph Paiva

Ramona Bailey

Rena Pinkham

Richard Baeza

Richard Boucher

Rick “Ricky” Oakley

Robert (Rob) Robinson

Roberta Stanwood

Roberto Ayala

Robert Sleiertin

Robert Thomas

Robert Wroblewski

Robin Bigalke

Robyn Braga

Robyn Terlisner

Rosalinda Velilla

Roseleen Holder

Rosemarie Souza

Russell Ritchie

Sally Freebird

Sara Scott

Scott Ferrell

Scott Kent

Scott Vanhorn

Sean Riley

Sharon Brown

Sharon Fernandez

Sharon Wood

Sherrie Mccullough

Stacey Bowe

Stacey Connerton

Stacey Dicroce

Stacey Lee

Stacy Piszcz

Steven (Steve) Anthony

Steven (Steve) Finn

Susan Hopf

Susanne Amaral

Susan Thayer

Susie Kay

Suzanne Brown

Tammy Logothets

Teresa Drasko

Teresa McCollum

Teresa Williams

Terri Glynn

Theodore “Ted” Croy

Thomas (Tom) Johnston

Thomas Kenwood

Thomas McCullough

Thomas Ward

Tiffany Woods

Timothy (Tim) Brown

Timothy Ribeiro

T Latimer

Todd Bates

Toni Ellis

Velvet Devol

Wendy Hensley

William (Bill) Pendergast

William (Bill) Wilson

Class of 1983


Alan Sullivan

Albert Roderick

Allyson Andromalos

Amy Hopper

Angela Fox

Angela Semonelli

Ann Brantingham

Anne Nadeau

Anthony Bostic

Anthony Torio

Ashley Scotts

Barbara Glomb

Barbara Henderson

Barton Fiske

Bonnie Adams

Brenda Rodriques

Brennan Begley

Brigitta Varone

Carla Neeves

Carla Neves

Cary Clark

Cassandra Hennessey

Catherine Gomez

Catherine Sheehan

Charles Nichols

Charles Ramos

Charles Trimbach

Cherie Toner

Cheryl Gatta

Christina Grigas

Christine Bettencourt

Christine Clarke

Christine Connell

Christine Murphy

Cj Duncan

Danette Dupree

Danette Moore

Daniel Sullivan

Dave Easterbrooks

David Bryce

David Owens

Dawn Grinnell

Diane Shorey

Dierdre Pina

Donald (Don) Loflin

Donna Browning

Donna Champion

Donna Moniz

Doreen Willis

Dupree Jerry

Earl Metzler

Edward (Eddie) Young

Eileen Joe Izzo-Ferreira

Eileen-Joe Izzo-ferreira

Eileen Paixao

Elizabeth (Beth) Condry

Elizabeth (Liz) Toppa

Elizabeth Springett

Ellen Randall

Emily Kuiee Lewis

Eric Alsager

Eric King

Estelle Kelly

Francesca Elliott

Frederick (Fred) Owen

George Ray

Gerald Dupree

Gretchen Platt

H Terrence Chapman

Heather Duncan

Heather Jones

Heidi Beardsworth

Jackie Costa

Jacki Taylor

Jacqueline Chamberlin

Jacqueline Devine

James Garvey

Jannine Salo

Jay John Nettles

Jeffrey Clowes

Jeffrey Kinsley

Jennifer OBrien

Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer Weiffenbach

Jodi Goodwin

Jodi Higgins

John Burns

John Gray

John Holmes

John Miller

John Nettles

John Smith

John Taylor

Josef Coite

Joseph Ferreira

Juliann Obrien

June Chester

Karen Kyle

Karen Miner

Karen Murphy

Karyn Henry

Kate Perlingiero Cozzens

Kathleen Martins

Kathy Patient

Keith MacDonald

Kelly Mcpherson

Kenneth (Ken) Kinsella

Kenneth Lawrence

Kenneth Silveria

Kevin Jernigan

Kevin Quirk

Kristine O’Neill

Larry Amrose

Larry Bettencourt

Laura Whitehurst

Lauren Brown

Lavirga Nelson

Leslie Engstrume

Lisa Bell

Lisa Cronell

Lisa Vars

Lori King

Lorraine Daniels

Louis Feldman

Lucia Ratcliff

Marc Olechnowicz

Margaret (Peggy) Mcgee

Margaret Jenkins

Mario Neves

Mark Brownell

Mark Gibbons

Mary Hood

Matthew Duncan

Max Jenkins

Melody Gonsalves

Michael Escobar

Michele Carson

Michelle Frechette Pinheiro

Morgan Leake

Paige Wall

Patricia Fishburn

Patrick Perry

Patrick Sullivan

Patti Michael

Paul Emerick

Paulino Paixao

Paul Morris

Paul Nadeau

Paul Tortora

Peter Glynn

Peter Olaynack

Peter Spencer

Philip “Phil” Margolis

Ralph Gunning

Randall Olson

Randy Evans

Randylyn Masse

Reagan Meriwether

Rebecca Patty

Regina Piszcz

Renee Howellel

Renee Lima

Richard Botteron

Richard Payne

Robert (Bob) Dim

Robert Jordan

Robin Mailey

Ronald “Ron” Crowell

Rose Velazquez

Sara Martin

Scott Olson

Scott Woolhouse

Sean Gallagher

Shannon Lewis

Sharon Lyman

Sharon Oneill

Sheila Butler

Sheila Callahan

Sherri Lambert

Sonya Wilson

Stephanie Hutchison

Stephen Coyne

Susan Chase

Susan Oliver

Susan Silvia

Tamara Hall

Teresa Dunn

Thomas (Tom) Connelly

Thomas (Tom) Conte

Thomas McCabe

Thomas Moffatt

Tj Moffatt

Todd Dechane

Todd Mello

Tracy Du

Tracy Fitzsimons

Tracy Walls

Valerie Raynor

Wayne McKinney

Yvonne Wong

Class of 1984


Alan Costa

Andrea Wilson

Andrew Going

Andrew Peterson

Andrew Thomas

Angelina Hewett

Anne Ruggeri

Antonio Velazquez

Audrey Cohen

Audrey Feldman

Audrey Pavia

Barbara Moniz

Barbara O’Loughlin

Barbara Sullivan

Bert Emerson

Beverly Weed

Brian Earl

Carl Lucas

Carol Giba

Carol Ray

Celia Silveira

Christina Fainter

Christine Martland

Christin Goff

Christopher Williams

Chuck Dresser

Cindy Connell

Cindy Ware

Clarence Watkins

Colleen Langstaff

Concetta Owens

Concetta Vieira

Cynthia Baker

Cynthia Petropoulos

Dan Sullivan

David Clinton

David Mccarthy

David Stewart

David Tobin

Davod Costa

Dawn Mascis

Dean Mathews

Debbie Sullivan

Deborah Sammons

Dee Santos

Denise Crookes

Diane Engstrume

Donna Cinotti

Earl Smith

Elizabeth (Beth) Blakeley

Elizabeth (Beth) Ferreira

Elizabeth (Liz) Garcia

Elizabeth Blakeley

Ellen Getty

Ellen Josephson

Ellen Newton

Eric Gilfand

Erin Oconnell

Ernst Mosley

Florence Kinney

Gregory (Greg) Bell

Gregory Freemont

Gunter Kern

Gwendolyn Schultz

Heather Keith

Herbert Martin

Jacqueline La Pierre

James (Jim) Jividen

Jane Fitzgerald

Jane Geraghty

Jean Cassidy

Jeffrey (Jeff) Campbell

Jeffrey (Jeff) Mcdonald

Jeffrey (Jeff) Sullivan

Jennifer Burns Clinton

Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Jordan

Joette Ducharme

John Brinz

John Carauta

John Croy

John Dupree

John Wise

Jonathon (Jon) Bounds

Jonathon (Jon) Daly

Joseph Colonna

Josephine Antone

Joseph Shoe

Julie O’Brien

Karen Botteron

Karen Edes

Karen Williams

Katherine (Kate) Carter

Kathleen Towne

Katie Behan

Kelley Joyce

Kelley West

Kelly Cronin

Kenneth Ware

Keri Connerton

Kimberly (Kim) Walker

Kimberly Burt

Krista Bidlack

Kurt Allen

Kurt Hadfield

Laura Anderson

Laureen Odonnell

Laurie Spencer Dutra

Lisa Purdy

Lori Reis

Manuel Silvia

Marc A Olechnowicz

Mark Pratt

Martha Blackett

Mary Murphy

Matthew (Matt) Baer

Matthew (Matt) Buckels

Melissa Bryant

Michael Benisch

Michael Ferreira

Michael Kelly

Michael Laurion

Michael Puckett

Michael Ranaudo

Michelle Lyon

Monique Dupuis

Nancy Blacklock

Nina Andrews

Norman Stormy Gilfand

Pat Boggs

Patrick Sweeney

Paula Gaines

Penny Oakley

Peter Janes

Peter Ruscetta

Ragan Meriwether

Randy Reeves

Rebecca (Becky) Baxter

Rebecca Hastings

Regina Rodriguez

Richard Cooper

Richard Murphy

Richard Thomas

Robert (Bob) Elliott

Robert Hunt

Robert Irish

Robert Kuell

Robert Leno

Robert Newbolt

Robert Reich

Russell (Russ) Milham

Russell Monteiro

Scott Cook

Scott Ferreira

Scott Lord

Scott Margolis

Scott Obrien

Scott Windley

Sean Connerton

Shawn Carson

Staceu Stevens

Stacey Stevens

Stephen Bruno

Steven (Steve) Bland

Steven (Steve) Cormier

Steven (Steve) Smith

Steven Deery

Susan Alexander

Susan Ariola

Teri Grigas

Terri Marques

Theodore (Ted) Mahoney

Theodore (Ted) Mahony

Theresa Migliori

Thomas (Tom) Conklin

Timothy (Tim) Flowers

Timothy (Tim) Miner

Timothy Behan

Timothy Milburn

Todd Hedly

Ursula Platt

Vincent Lombard

William (Bill) Markel

William Bettencourt

Class of 1985


Aida Ventura

Alan Alicio

Alicia Johnson

Alison Deady

Alvin Williams

Amy Fuller

Amy Thoni

Andrea Scheffler

Angela Garcia

Angela Smith

Anita Martin

Anne Smith

Annie Hattub

Anthony (Tony) Peters

April Gannett-Leeming

Archibald Cookinham

Atif Madyun

Belinda Olson

Brian Garvey

Brian Lillian

Carrie Montgomery

Charles “Chuck” Cooper

Charles Dyer

Charles Edwards

Charles Mckee

Charlotte Russ

Christian Herminghaus

Christie Beebe

Christine Grover

Colleen Moy

Colleen Sullivan

Constance Curtis

Craig Turner

C Weaver

Daniel Miller

Daniel Titus

Dan Rucker

Dan Sullivan

Dan Whitelatch

Darya Delves

David Miner

David Morris

David Nelson

David Robinson

David Wardlow

Deanne Coughlin

Debra “Debbie” Johnston

Denis Carlisle

Denise Arruda

Denise Frechette

Diane Otto

Donald (Don) Abernathy

Donald (Don) Mosher

Douglas (Doug) Fink

Ellen Mcdonald

Ellen Sullivan

Ernesto Crespo

Francis Corcoran

Frederick (Fred) Bebe

Frederick Cookinham

Freeman Leung

Gerri Duarte

Gina Atkins Peake

Gina Carter

Gregory (Greg) Ouellette

Gretchen Cornelius

Henry Dees

Hoyd Hardwick

Ilesha Edward

Jacqueline Taylor

Jamee Bartis

James (Jim) Delanoy

James Braswell

James Correia

Jane Burns

Jeannine Dufault

Jean Pinheiro

Jeffrey (Jeff) Dietz

Jennifer Glynn Barton

Jennifer O’Brien

Jennifer Randall

Jermane Noka

Jerold Schwartz

Jill Towey

Joanne Jannitto

Joanne Rodericks

John Egan

John Escobar

John James

Johnna Mello

Jonathan Bounds

Karen Kelly

Kari Fanala

Karyn Key

Kathryn Girr

Katie Lischke

Kelly Cronin

Kelly O’Neill

Kenneth (Ken) Hall

Kenneth Freeborn

Kerry Dugan

Kevin Cody

Kevin Smith

Khoale Black

Kimberley Burton

Kimberly (Kim) Hudson

Kristen Dupuis

Kristin Rochelle

Kristin Wood

Lance Dyl

Laura Fitzgerald

Laurie Cook

Laurie Upham

Lawrence Allan

Lee Johns

Lenard Mccall

Leon Arouth

Linda Nichols

Lorn Scott Allen

Lynne Neves

Manny Reyes

Marcia Lasky

Marie Matais

Mark Nunes

Martina Curtis

Mary Albright

Mary Scanlon

Matthew Dieffenbach

Melanie Crowell

Melissa O’Brien

Melissa Silveria

Melody Williams

Michael (Mike) Clinton

Michael Macken

Michael Miller

Michael Pieroni

Michael Wood

Michele King

Michele McCarthy

Michelle Spencer Thomas

Michelle Keeler

Nathaya Carter

Owen Martin

Paige Manuel

Pamela Biastre

Parke Maxton

Patrick Condry

Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick Francis

Paulj Langlois

Penny Souza

Peter Cortellessa

Peter Galkowski

Philip Coady

Philip Woolhouse

Phillip Puckett

Phuong Bui

Randy Reeves

Raymond (Ray) Wilkinson

Rebecca Weekes

Rebecca Williams

Renee Grandchamp

Richard (Rick) Paiva

Richard Donohue

Robert Watson

Robin Mattos

Rodney Davis

Rose-Anna Sekunda

Roseleen Obrien

Russell George

Sadie Dorsey

Sandi Newell

Sandi Warner

Sarah Sherman

Sharon Byron

Shaun Cooper

Sheila Gray

Sherri Barlow

Stanley Rochelle

Stephanie Baer

Sue Dunn

Susan Terlisner

Susan Walker

Susie Lederer

Suzy Turner

Thomas Johnston

Thomas Mally

Thomas Nasser

Todd Henderson

Tonya Finn

Tracey Yarnall

Tracy Messina

Trina Rubeck

Trisa Finholm

Warburton Sekunda

Wayne Davidson

William Bachus

William Murphy

Class of 1986


Albert Proulx

Amanda Reese

Amy Geraghty

Angela Davis Bush

Anthony Gatta

Barbara Butler

Billie Jo James

Brandi Arnhold-Vincini

Brenda Perez

Brian Wright

Britt Ostrowsb

Bronwyn Boerth

Candice Yates

Caroline Mccarthy

Caroline Winslow

Charles Weaver

Christie-Ann Gafgen

Christina Williams

Christine Chester

Christine Clark

Christine Souza

Christy Finn

Cindy Vandevender

Crystal Marsh

Damonica Bailey

Daniel Martin

Dan Remington

Darlene Bateman

David Wilson

Dawn Crawford

Dawn Murray

Edith Kuiee

Edward Same

Edward Tha

Elisabeth Brugman

Elizabeth (Liz) Brugman

Elizabeth (Liz) Taber

Elizabeth O’Neill

Elizabeth Purdy

Elizabeth Smith

Eric Emerson

Eric Engstrume

Eric Picard

Erik Bigalke

Ernesto Crespo

Fabian Fonseca

Frank Myers

Gabrielle Sconyers

George Grassi

Gordon Johnson

Gregg Unangst

Gregory Godino

Gregory Willis

Hans Weiffenbach

Holly Mcculley

Holly Pimental

Ian Story

Jackie Furkes

Jacqueline Gillen

James “Jimmy” Hicks

James (Jim) Knox

James Dougherty

James Roberts

Jamie Kirwin

Jana Ward

Jane Burrows

Jason Davis

Jeffrey “Jeff” McIntyre

Jeffrey Ford

Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer Sadowski-Jones

Jill Duncan

John Brewer

John Brockley

John Dring

John Evernworth

John Paiva

Jonathan Saunders

Joseph (Joe) Leno

Judy Janes

Kaitrin Lynch

Katherine Van Alstyne

Kathleen Corgan

Kathleen Sottnick

Kathy Chung

Kathy Gooch

Keith Kinsella

Kelly Chamberlin

Kerry Harden

Kevin Kinsella

Kevjn Sweeney

Kimberly Eubanks

Krista Bidlack

Krista Oliveira

Krista Petropoulos

Larry Weldon

Leandrea Bebe

Lesli Williams

Lori Pensivy

Lucille Taylor

Lynne Neves

Margery Bradshaw

Mark Emerick

Mary Catherine Gough

Mary Escobar

Matthew (Matt) Dorton

Matthew Grigas

Meghan Sisson

Melissa Nelson

Michael (Mike) Egli

Michael Clinton

Michael Perugini

Michael Wood

Michele Hayward

Michele White

Michelle Robinson

Millicent Carpenter

Missy Howard

Monique Blane

Page Smith

Pam Amarantes Macfarlane

Patrick Bowles

Patrick Condry

Paul Dyl

Paul Kyler

Paul Payton

Phillip Gray

Ralph Goodwin

Richard (Rick) Gray

Robert Lasky

Robert Lytle

Robert Marks

Ruth O’Hara

Sarah Mermin

Shannon Maher

Sharon Palmer

Sharon Patrick

Sharon Thibeault

Shelli Lynch

Stacey Jejelola

Stacey Mason

Stephanie Abramson

Steven (Steve) Hughes

Steven Kenyon

Susan Berry

Susanne Hamilton

Susan Sidney

Suzanna Dison

Tanya Bell

Tanya Conrad

Tara Finn

Terance Jones

Terence Sullivan

Teresa Schwartz

Thomas Miner

Thomas Proulx

Troy McDonald

Tyanne Gilbert

Victoria Florendo

Victoria Gray

Victoria Wong

Wayne Demello

William (Bill) Markel

William Gallagher

Class of 1987


Abe Sanders

Alberto Orosco

Alexa Dull

Alexander Morris

Alix Flood

Amberrae Quintana

Amy Chase

Ancel Carter

Anne Kelly Fink

Anne Francis

Annie Scanlon

April Crook

April Woolhouse

Armond Cormier

Barbara Dorr

Benjamin (Ben) Harris

Bernice Minniefield

Beth Gerrie Ponte

Bill “Billy” Murphy

Brian Myslivy

Cam Mckenney

Carl Lester

Casey Kirwin

Catherine (Cathy) Lohrman

Catherine Sanderson

Celeste Daniel

Charlee Spath

Charles Baer

Charles Holder

Charles Mann

Charles Mccosco

Chris Gleason

Chris Hampstead

Christina (Tina) Allen

Christine Dunbar

Christine Walker

Christopher Emerson

Claire Schoenbucher

Czar Nicholas

Dana D’eramo

Daniel Calek

David Edes

David Napoliello

David Smith

David Sullivan

Dawn Amado

Dawn Garabedian

Dawn Glynn

Dawn Gomes

Dawn Pattie

Derek Woods

Diane Flanagan

Diane Kinsella

Dianne Ford

Donald Lee

Donna Dias

Dori Starks

Edith Finney

Edward Butler

Edward Cayton

Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Kearns

Elizabeth Murphy

Gina Benge

Gregory Gray

Heather Day

Ingrid Platt

James Beach

James Cortes

James Crocker

James Reid

James Robinson

Jamie Medeiros

Jamie Thaubald

Jasmine Sinclair

Jason Bennett

Jason Davis

Jason Ellis

Jeanette Kinney

Jeffrey (Jeff) Freeman

Jeffrey (Jeff) Williams

Jennifer Baeza

Jennifer Dodge

Jennifer Hendryx

Jennifer Hole

Jennifer Lahoud

Joan Francis

Joel Schubert

John Peabody

John Thompson

Jonathan Chambers

Joshua (Josh) Slocum

Joyce Faria

Justin Ward

Kara Laughlin

Kara Malkovich

Karen Banks

Katherine (Kate) Berluti

Katherine Acciola

Kathlene O’Neill

Kelly Bashant

Kelly Fink

Kerri Vieira

Kerry Smith

Kimberly (Kim) Shore

Kirsten Schmitt

Kristen Schwartz

Kristin Rojas

Lauren Kerr

Lauren Stanek

Lee Thaubald

Leon Freeman

Linda Pereira

Lisa Hanson

Lisa Smith

Lorraine Drakes

Lou Longo

Lucy Thompson

Macey Dunbar

Manny Botelho

Manny Same

Margaret Abernathy

Mark Monteiro

Martha Kent

Matthew Whitman

Matthew Woods

Melissa Donohue

Melodie Spires

Mia Elliott

Michael Days

Monty Scott

Nadine Bordelon

Napoleon Freeman

Natalie Mostovoj

Nichole Anderson

Nickie Gianetis

Nicole Dufault

Nicolle Downey

Noel Sanchez

Norman Knight

Onrubio Florendo

Pamela Harmon

Patricia Carrellas

Patricia Wilson

Patrick Fike

Paula Wenger

Paul Bouchard

Paul Gaines

Paul MacKin

Peter Lendrum

Raymon McCloy

Regina Franchi

Renee Little Malgieri

Renee Sherman

Ricardo Nario

Richard Feldman

Richard Ratcliff

Robert (Rob) Beattie

Robert (Rob) Gould

Robert Chambers

Robert Clapper

Robert Henry

Robert Viveiros

Ronald “Ron” Nasser

Sam Wickens

Sandra Santos

Sara Sexton

Scott Corrigan

Scott Sutton

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberys

Siobhan Kelley

Stacey Plumley

Stacy Rakijasic

Stephanie Metz

Stephen Earl

Stephen White

Susan Arouth

Susan Pinheiro

Tammy Dennis

Tara King

Theresa Ball

Theresa Burgess

Thomas “Tom” Gough

Thomas (Tommy) Wilson

Thomas Goff

Thomas Peterson

Thomas Pratt

Timothy (Tim) Sullivan

Timothy Engstrume

Tribbie Bostic

Vincent Spencer

Wade Fish

Wayne Botelho

Wendy Faulds

William Thaubald

Yvette Silva

Class of 1988


Adam Aleicho

Adam Gelbard

Allison Gray

Allisson Smith

Amy Northup

Andrea Gray

Anne Purdy

Annissa Dunbar

Ann Schlager

Barbara Harry

Barbara White

Bobbie Dodd

Brenda Randall

Brian White

Bronwyn Boerth

Carla Mogardo

Cassandra Ciardi

Champ Maxwell

Chip Gerrish

Chris Gaudet

Chris Levada

Chris Marks

Chris Pratt

Christina (Tina) Woods

Christopher Willi

Cindy Vandevender

Corrado Marcucci

Craig Gariepy

Cundy Vandevender

Daniel “Dan” Garcia

Danielle Jacks

Dan Neves

Dan Santiago

Dari Kline

David Cutright

David DePasquale

Debi Ferreira

Desiree House

Diana Linam

Donald (Don) Maxwell

Donna Nichols

Doreen Broomhead

Douglas Rick

Elizabeth Raffa

Ellen Pistana

Emily Pryor

Eric Flanders

Erik Dietz

Fabian (rico) Fonseca

Fabian Rico Fonseca

Fawn Hanson

Francine Menas

George Hanos

Gerard Bostic

Gina Santos

Gretchen Heufelder

Hayden Drakes

Heather Hole

Heather Peters

Heather Richardson

Irene Carroll

James Downey

James Rankin

Jane Chambers

Jeanne Marshall

Jeannie Souza

Jean Thompson

Jeffrey (Jeff) Picard

Jennifer (Jen) Lang

Jennifer O’Brien

J Langstaff

John Dwyer

John Mclaren

John Newsome

Juliet Hardwick

Justin Viau

Kathleen “Kathy” Worel

Kathleen Clapper

Katie Maroney

Katie Thurst

Keith Richardson

Kelly Beebe

Kelly Evans

Kelly Magalis

Kimberly Cormier

Kimberly Fridley

Kimberly St Germain

Kristen Bullock

Kristin Kelly

Lachlann Mccracken

Laura Pryor

Linda Maccormick

Lisa Davis

Lisa Scullen

Lynne Michaud

Malik Perry

Manny Botelho

Margaret Maggi Mclean

Maria Jesus Perez

Marion Aguiar

Maryann Mckinney

Matthew Whisman

Maureen Domenici

Maureen Full

Maureen Penman

Melonie Whalon

Michael Kaiser

Michael Livingston

Michael Wagenseil

Monica Irons

Monica Mroz

Nakitta Jones

Natalie Mostovoj

Nicholas Begelman

Nicole Bebe

Nicole Grandchamp

Norie Sherman

Patricia Ohearn

Patrick Mathinos

Paul Gallagher

Peter Beverly

Peter Kelly

Petrina Cooper

Rebecca Girr

Rebecca Whitelatch

Robert Bullock

Roberto Cruz

Robin Gray

Ronald (Ron) Morway

Ronald Smith

Rosemary Sears

Rowan Thompson

Samantha Kuiee

Sandra Tripp

Sarah Jones

Scott Hallman

Scott Parker

Sean Reed

Sean Schroer

Shawnita Lambert

Shayne Fraser

Shayne O’Brien

Stacy Heald

Stephanie Pell

Steven (Steve) Finn

Steven (Steve) Glass

Susan “Sue” Blacklock

Susan Skipper

Teri-Lee Nihart

Thaddeus Anthony Tolbert

Thomas (Tom) Durand

Thomas Marshall

Tiffany Beaumont

Tiffany Bell

Timothy Dyl

Timothy Piszcz

Tracy Kuiee

Vanessa Payton

Vanessa Roberts

Victor Cohen

Victoria (Vicky) Winkle

Vonya Miller

Wayne Blackson

Wayne Botelho

William (Will) Spates

William Lyman

Yvette Ruiz

Class of 1989


Alicia Gonsalves

Allison Andrade

Amy Lemelr

Bobbette Edwards

Bobbette Minniefield

Brian Rochelle

Bridget Riley

C Adams

Carol Castillo

Carrie Richardson

Carrie Worthen

Charles Mayer

Chris Callan

Chris Foss

Chris Roach

Christa Callahan

Christina (Tina) Woods

Christina Bowlby

Christine Days

Cindy Bliss

Cristina M Strassel

Cyndi Parker

Dale Litsey

Dana Roubidoux

Danielle Bolender

Dan Turner

David Evans

David Faraci

David McLaughlin

David Smith

Debbie Dias Christensen

Debby Harden

Denice Cartwright

Denise Brewster

Derek Olsen

Deric Harden

Donald (Don) Crandall

Dori Starks

Edward Morman

Elena Burnham

Elizabeth (Beth) Brantingham

Elizabeth Silvia

Elizabeth Toppa

Ellen Arnold

Erik Glaser

Erin Dugan

Frank Decon

Gordon Stewart

Grant Stewart

Gwen Hammick

Henry F Haskell

Jackie Baker

Jacque Wuest

Jade Phillips

James McCullough

James Penman

James Watts

Jason White

Jay Ostrowski

Jeanette Minniefield

Jennifer Chambers

Jennifer Curtis

Jessica Hill

Jodie MacDonald

John Lynn

Joseph Levy

Juliane Viau

Julie Belmont

Kala Horvitz

Karen Reise

Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Payton

Kelly Brooke Kistler

Kimberly (Kim) Sullivan

Kirsten Mey

Kristen Silvia

Kristina Bryer

Kristin Turcotte

Laura Marx

Leah Gray

Maria Fowler

Mary Hanos

Matthew (Matt) Sowa

Melanie Mills

Melinda Castillo

Melinda Smith

Melissa Ritchie

Meredith Flood

Michael Finley

Michael Kalwak

Michael Page

Michael Thompson

Nancy Janes

Nicole Provost

Pamela (Pam) Folger

Pedro Nam

Prudence Vogus

Quentin Clarke

Rachael Soto

Rachel Duncan

Rachel Dyl

Rachel Keith

Richard “Rick” Silva

Richard (Rick) Hampstead

Richard (Rick) Miller

Richard Gerardi

Rico Fonseca

Robert Cayton

Robert Purdy

Robert Robertson

Robin Chaves

Robin Williams

Rosemary Kosinski

Rosemary McIntyre

Rose Smith

Ryan Sisson

Samantha Richard

Santiago Perez Crespo

Sara Kindsfater

Scooby Cayton

Sean Hennessey

Seth Margolis

Shannon Ciummo

Sharon Leno

Sheila Anderson

Sheila Toppa

Shellise Perry

Shell Shough

Stacey Bruno

Stephanie Mogardo

Stephen Anderson

Stephen Kelley

Stephen Lytle

Stephen Moses

Susan Donnelly

Tammy Gomes

Thomas Harrison

Thomas Milburn

Thomas Scullen

Timothy Bowen

Todd Mccosco

Todd Rollins

Toni Rego

Travis Massey

Tyrone Spencer

William (Bill) Homer

Yvette Ruiz

Yvonne Hood

Class of 1990


Alberto Orosco

Allison Martellino

Amy Morris

Andrea Gray

Andrew Wasilewski

Angelo Ferguson

Anthony Cochran

Antoinetta Mello

Bradford Dunn

Brenda Levy

Bruce Charfauros

Candice Barry

Candice Didonna

Candice Moitoza

Caroline Purdy

Cary Baxley

Cathryn Eckhardt

Charles (Charlie) Ingersoll

Christopher Mitchell

Corey Shea

Craig Johnson

Cyndy Etler

Dan Raftery

Denee Andrade

Diane Benz

Edward (Eddie) Rivera

Elaina Monteiro

Elisa Dugan

Elisa Ferri

Elizabeth (Beth) Bartolomei

Elizabeth Sousa

Elizabeth Stewart

Ellen Dyl

Ellen Emerson

Eric Moore

Erin Anderson

Felicity Brown

George Botelho

Germaine Hanley

Giovanna Pennick Henriquez

Gregor McPhillips

Happy Cam

Heath Littlejohn

Heidi Barker

Heidi Lobecker

Holly Furtado

Holly Reidy

Iesha Jones

Jack Smith

Janet Same

Jason French

Jason Martens

Jason Polofsky

Jeffrey (Jeff) Pickering

Jennifer Crookes

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Landry

Jennifer Seyster-Miller

Jessica Ward

Jodi McKenna

Jose Nunez

Joseph (Joe) Goodman

Joshua “Josh” Wood

Justin Vidotto

Kathie Espiritu

Kathie Reed

Kathleen Rhodes

Kathryn Coleman

Kelly Quintana

Kerri Lewia

K Mc

Kristen King

la Tanya Monteiro

Lamont Goode

Leetta Gilleo

Lisa Watson

Lori Golden

Maria Holder

Marisabel Chiriboga

Mark Parks

Matthew Hayes

Megan Wood

Melissa Long

Michael (Mike) Martin

Michael Bowen

Michael Pado

Michael Smith

Michelle Gagne

Mitchell Palmer

Monica de Angelis

Nathan Bradley

Neva Ayala

Opal Tarbet

Pamela (Pam) Demello

Patrick Kinsella

Paula Harrison

Paul Notarangelo

Pedro Orosco

Penny Buck

P Guan

Rachael Holder

Rachael Soto

Rachel Duncan

Raymond (Ray) Smith

Raymond Hines

Raymond Sears

Richard “Richie” Blanchette

Richard Sowers

Sandy Pattie

Sarah Kraeger

Scott Sparrow

Shannon Whitaker Weaver

Sherri Rodrigues

Stephen “Steve” Amaral

Tammy Hamel

Tess Calma

Thomas Oliviera

Thomas Ryan

Tone Kuiee

Valerie Gray

Veronica Holbert

Vincent Tarducci

William Bredbeck

Zimra Panitz

Class of 1991


Aine Cunningham

Alfonso Duberick

Alfred Baesemann

Alison Cappuccilli

Allan Ramos

Alton Weldon

Andrea Carlisle

Anita Harding

Antonio Raposo

Austin Gurney

Brenda Arruda

Brendan Provost

Catherine Wakester Robertson

Catherine Wakester

Chip Stroup

Christine Curt

Christopher Geier

Christopher Mitchell

Christos Perakis

Claude Blanchard

Colby Field

Danielle Dufault

Dannielle Ramos

Danny Tenaglia

David Garnett

Dawn Young

Denise Fox

Diana Menezes

Dianna Forrest

Elise Wilkerson

Elizabeth Tinges

Eric Lincoln

Florence Lapalus

Frank Newsome

Greggory Fugate

Heather Campbell

Heather Hoban

J Scott Sibya

James (Jim) Smith

Jayme Avery

Jeffrey (Jeff) Bumgardner

Jennifer Beese

Jennifer Chase

Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer Perry

Jeremy Cruz

Jill Bettencourt

John Geezer

John Sallaberry

John Wooldridge

Jonathan Barber

Joseph Shaffer

Joshua (Josh) Carlin

Joshua Blumen

Judith “Judy” Heald

Kari Mccosco

Kelly Campbell

Kelly Catteau

Kevin Brown

Kevin Donohue

Kimberly (Kim) Sprague

Kimberly DiDonna

Kristie Mulvany

Lance Christmas

Lanea Foster

Laura Joubert

Lee Bradshaw

Lisa Gordon

Lori Beavers

Lucille Greene

Marc Edenbach

Mark Cochran

Mark Ribera

Matthew (Matt) Harris

Melanie Cimaglia

Melissa Pierce

Meridith Purdy

Michael Cadenazzi

Michael Connor

Michael James

Michael Vars

Michelle Mead

Nancy Millington

Nicholas Sousa

Nyree Raposa

Pamela Simmons

Pascal Freeman

Patrick Lemler

Paul Sheehan

Peter Sousa

R Jeremy Cruz

Robert Bruen

Roger Kulpinski

Roger Loman

Ryan Pattie

Samantha Cooper

Shari Donnelly

Shawn Mahoney

Shelley Peckham

Stacey Cordeiro

Stephanie Simas

Stephen Edes

Susan Baer

Taesha Evans

Tammy Shore

Tara Todd

Teresa Harrison

Theresa Ball

Timothy (Tim) Wein

Timothy Albro

Timothy Tam

Tonya Rogers

Tracey Butler

Tracey Butler-Cruz

Tricia Milburn

Tyson Slocum

Vincent “Vinny” Roggero

William Mercer

William Peno

Class of 1992


Akerblom Maria

Albert Bowley

Al Grimes

Alicia Campbell

Altheda Butler

Amanda Hathorn

Amy Bednarz

Andrea Perkins Collymore

Angelina Marley

Arnold Chapman

Arthur Massey

Asa Montgomery

Audrey Martin

Bethany Kopplin

Beulah Earle

Bobby Lovelace

Brandon Pico

Brian Blanchette

Brian Johnson

Brian Polofsky

Carmen Maldonado

Chazz House

Chelsie Swink

Christine Allen

Christine Holmes

Christine Sullivan

Christopher Kelly

Christopher Wosencroft

Chris Wen

Craig Knowles

David Quiroa

Diana Folkes

Doris Parton

Edith Vivieros

Eleanor Stoos

Elizabeth Foulke

Elizabeth Whisler

Erik Prip

Glen Williams

Gregory (Greg) Sheehan

Ilse Platt

Jack Mccorkel

Jamaine Hazard

James McEvoy

Jamie Goodison

Jamie Kuykendall

January Davis

Jaymes Hardy

Jay Prouty

Jean Ramos

Jeffrey (Jeff) Walker

Jennifer Dunham

Jennifer Hardwick

Jennifer Scullen

Jessica Rush

Jimmylance Mountain

John Hubbard

John Kost

John Miller

Jonathon (Jon) Smith

Joseph (Joe) D’Andrea

Julia Belle

Karla Peer Mitchell

Katherine Edenbach

Kathleen Flunn

Kathleen Flynn

Kathy Maraist

Kerry Martucci

Kimberly (Kim) Gaskell

Kimberly (Kim) Knowles

Kristen Gillespie

Kristi Bagley

Kristine Sullivan

Kyle Burke

Laurie Warner

Lisa Ribera

Lorna Thurman

Lynda Theriault

Marni Wood

Maurice Bostic

Meghan Holloway

Melanie Martens

Meredith Hope

Mia Henry

Michael Massey

Michael Pattarozzi

Michelle Lambert

Mindy Kinnison

Misha Houston

Molly Ahlbrecht

Patrick Sullivan

Paul Knight

Rachel Newman

Renae Gushee

Rhonda Tessmer

Richard (Rick) Fullerton

Richard (Rick) Reed

Robert (Rob) Griffin

Robert Clifton

Sarah Brousseau

Sarah Horn

Sara Kindsfater

Sean Bell

Shannon Millington

Sherri Perkins

Simone Whatley

Stephanie Dimercurio

Stephanie Smyth

Stephen “Steve” Decotis

Steven Eisele

Suzanne Mower

Tara Chambers

Tara Hathorn

Tawana Johnson

Tawana Shepherd

Teresa Hook

Tess Calma

Thomas (Tom) Nunez

Tiffany Glover

Timothy Cooper

Timothy Seveney

Tyler Thomas

Verenice Madyun

Wayne Rowe

William Adamson

Yolanda Macias

Zarina Felton-irvine

Zoe Michael

Class of 1993


Adrian Viteri

Aleta Antone

Alex Inacio

Alison Cousineau

Alison Gurney

Amy Cicilline Lynch

Amy Christensen

Andrea Bohensky

Andrea Reynolds

Aneurin Warburton

Angela Dorando

Anita Harding

Anthony Butler

Arlene Nelson

Arturo Aguirre

Aubrey Souza

Beau Massenburg

Brandi Miller

Brent Morris

Bruce Robinson

Bryan Berdy

Bryan Edenbach

Bryan Mosher

Caryn Chandler

Casey Williams

Chris Garcia

Chris Jordan

Christina (Tina) Descoteaux

Christina (Tina) Howell

Christin Moitoza

Christopher Metz

Chrystal Sharp

Crystal Goodin

Daryl Peters

David Fruscella

Dee Hutchinson

Devin Henlyshyn

Diana de Palma

Doris Vars

Douglas “Doug” Paquin

Eitan Sabo

Elizabeth (Liz) Parvo

Elizabeth Calma

Erin Winthrop

Eve Kuhns

Frank Caron

Gregory (Greg) Giroux

Heather Leskowitz

Holly Crockett

Jackie Spridik

James Bailey

James McKinney

Jamici Smith

Jarrad Furtado

Jason Donovan

Jenna Daum

Jennifer (Jenny) Douglas

Jennifer Cicilline Vidotto

Jennifer Darrow Richardson

Jennifer Cabida

Jennifer Phipps

Jennifer Steadman

Jennifer West

Jeremy Labadie

Jodi Bailey

John Caminiti

John Goodland

John Soares

Jonathan O’Donnell

Kathy Hartnett

Kathy Sears

Kerrie-ann Tinkham

Kevin Spridik

Kimberly Everitt

Kimberly Marshall

Kristen Woodmansee

Lew Abramson

Lianne Gallagher

Lisa Blanchette

Lisa Sloan

Live Styles

Lorena Morazzoni

Maceo Eberhart

Maria Akerblom

Maria Brugman

Martha Kraeger

Matthew “Matt” Crowley

Matthew Carroll

Maureen Martin

Megan Yakey

Melissa Earley

Melissa Griffith

Michael (Mike) Plant

Michael Hearn

Michael Martens

Michele Full

Michelle Egan

Michelle Fraticelli

Michelle Mccarthy

Nathan Szydlo

Nicole Cormier

Nicole Evangelista

Paul Berdy

Peter Fucito

Racheal Richie

Rachel Ritchie

Randy Butler

Rasanna Dubose

Rebeca Lynn Hearn

Richard Silvia

Robert “Rob” Suplido

Robert (Rob) Howard

Ronald (Ron) Charfauros

Sakuna Ferreira

Sarah Brousseau

Sevon Robertson

Shamar Lyons

Sharice Pounds

Stephen Ferri

Thomas Gore

Titilola Palmer

Tonya Salas

Tracey Mcneal

Troy Troy

Valerie Payton

Vernon Carpenter

Vesterine Daniel

Class of 1994


Aaron Ames

Alexis Barr

Ami Jucovics

Amy Gomes

Amy Jucovics

Amy Martin

Amy Oliveira

Amy Silva

Amy Winthrop

Angela Soto

Ann Kaan

Arthea Andrews

Ashley Jacobs

Bernard Butler

Bethany Heller

Brenda Arruda

Brian Jodoin

Carla Sabatino

Carol Phaneuf

Chad Carter

Chris Lobecker

Christine Dwyer August

Christine Lauder

Danielle Carlone

David Booth

Dawn Barlow

Dawn Mars

Dawn McCarthy

Deanna Robinson

Dee Yumby

Dominic Hook

Dwayne Hazard

Edward (Eddie) Moye

Edward Garrity

Edward Hinman

Elena Perkins

Elisabeth Blanchette

Elizabeth Kaser

Faith Leskowitz

Frank Tucci

Gina Dimartino

Ismaelite Francois

Jacque Donaldson

James Eckler

James Hill

James Stevens

Jamie Manning

Jared Silvia

Jared Wahl

Jason Baesemann

Jason Champagne

Jasper Jones

Javier Morales

Jay Ward

Jennifer McCulley

Jennifer O’Loughlin

Jennifer Ohanley

Jennifer Ratliff

Joanna Jacob

John Doe

John Dubois

John Suratt

Joseph (Joe) Quinn

Joseph Dzwill

Joshua Marley

Julie Santasieri

Karla Nelson

Katrina Carter

Kerri Sousa

Kia Young

Kimberly (Kim) Dennis

Kimberly (Kim) Polley

Krista Williams

Kristen Starry

Kristin Edes

Kristine Jones

Leon Bennett

Lolita Villanueva

Luis Garcia

Mary Del

Mary Dutton

Megan Heller

Megmike Cawley

Melissa Eaton

Michael (Mike) Alcott

Michael (Mike) Posner

Micheal “Michael” Newsome

Michelle McCarthy

Monica Vann-Patrick

Morgan Frazier

Nancy Smith

Nicol Marshall

Nicol Sylvester

Nova Trisia

Omari Steede

Patrick Roach

Paula Florendo

Paul Gouveia

Rian Shea

Ronald (Ron) Hubbard

Sara Loats

Scott Hellquist

Sean Finn

Shanette Johnson

Sheri Clarke Holmquist

Sonya Nance

Starr Stroup

Tanya Mello

Taryn Mazza

Terrance Leach

Thomas (Tom) Brady

Thomas Bickham

Tricia Callahan

Trina Hugo

Vanessa Rayno

William Boiani

Class of 1995


Abdul-Shakoor Madyun

Abe Madyun

Adam Carter

Adam Seale

Allison O’Neill

Alyce Manville

Amanda Reels

Amber Riley

Amy Borges

Amy Giusti

Amy Winthrop

Anders Rydstedt

Angela Beaufort

Barbara Shapiro

Bethany “Beth” Connerton

Brandi Miklos

Brandon Massey

Brendan Blank

Brenda Theriault

Bridget Bourne

Bridget Richardson

Candice Rushworth

Chris St Peter

Christine Silvia

Christopher Dibble

Christy Souza

Courtney Ashcraft

Crystal Ardrey

Crystal Audette

Daniel McGregor

Daniel Roach

Dannica Franco

Darius Nowinski

Deirdre Walsh

Dominique Wiggins

Edward Taber

Elizabeth (Liz) Heald

Elizabeth Cruz

Elizabeth Heald

Erica Edwards

Fernando da Silva

Fernando Dasilva

Frank Mccauley

Glenda Garcia

Gordon Green

Gretchen Snyder

Heahter Duponte

Heather Crosby

Heather Migneault

Heidi Ponder

Ian Shea

J D Antone

J Laurens Schalekamp

Jacob (Jake) Somervell

James Musgrave

Jamie Mcguire

Japhen Silvia

Jason Caminiti

Jason Kell

Jason Kindness

Jason Knight

Jason Reynolds

Jennifer Brakeville

Jennifer Peckham

Jessica Gray

Jessica West

Jill Greenman

Joana Monteiro

John Hyatt

John Joyce

John Watkinson

Joseph “Joe” Pine

Kate Rice Kieffer

Kendra Edes

Kenyonn Sincere

Kevin Burke

Kevin Chaplin

Kevin Lawrence

Kevin Toney

Kimberly (Kim) Jemmott

Kimberly Mccoy

Lara Paul

Laura Clark

Laura Thompson

Lawrence Thomas

Leah Edwards

Makiko Ohara

Mandy Watts

Meg Benigno

Melissa Banks

Melissa Fraticelli

Melissa Souto

Michael Gizzi

Michael Triplett

Michelle Lauth

Michelle Manville

Michelle Marie

Michelle Washington-Scarberry

Missie Coite

Mokka Freeman

Moshawnda Fergerson

Nathin Johnson

Nicholas Dunnuck

Patrina Doyle

Pedro Orosco

Peter (Pete) Alfieri

Peter (Pete) Baesemann

Peter Corr

Philip (Phil) Hadley

Philip Quarry

Quinton Stubblefield

Rachel Catalan

Richard Forbes

Rich Rowland

Rikki Nisbet

Robert Henderson

Rute Isabel Violante

Ryan O’Connell

Sarah Maher

Sara Peters

Scott Border

Scott Michael

Scott Snyder

Sean Heller

Severin Larson

Shannon Edwards

Shannon Randall

Sharon Soares

Sue Smith

Teira Tar

Teneka Spencer

Tia Parton

Tomiko Grier

Tomiko Williams

Travis Johnson

Valdirene Oliveira

Veronica Velasco

William Babcock

Class of 1996


Aimee Furtado

Amanda McNulty

Amy Potter

Amy Rubeck

Angela Mcpherson

Anne Foulke

Anthony (Tony) Espino

Bennie Plummer

Bethany Spooner

Brandi Miklos

Brandon John

Carol Baker

Chris Brockman

Courtney Kopplin

Courtney Sears

Crystal Theroux

Dan August Cordeiro

Danielle Randall

David Carrington

Devin Henry

Dominick McIntosh

Doris Rosa

Douglas Davis

Edison Albright

Ellen Turcotte

Erica MacKnight

Erin Burke

Erin Knowles

Erin Soares

Glenn Johnson

Gregory (Greg) Greg

Heather Like

Hilary Golembeski

James Stepalavich

Jamie Fucito Goeden

Jamie Manning

Jamie Morris

Jamie Stone

Jason Flanders

Jason Lynch

Jason Pantig

Jasonya Wakester

Jay Prouty

Jennifer Folkes

Jennifer Neves

Jennifer Pasvolsky

Jessica Eyth

Jessica Inman

Jillian Gray

Jodi Fullerton

John Bennett

John Mermin

John Taylor

Jonathan Bunker

Jorge Muralles

Joseph (Joe) Gore

Joseph (Joe) Smith

Katherine (Kate) Winthrop

Kathryne Shimkus

Kathy Lawton

Keisha Mcleod

Kelley Anderson

Keri Long

Kevin Smith

Kimberly (Kim) Rogers

Kyle Zambarano

Lisa Pembrook

Lisa Wright

Margaret (Maggie) Quarry

Maria Arroyo

Mark Driscoll

Marquis Johnson

Mary Harrington

Mary Medford

Megan Henlyshyn

Meme Lobecker

Michaela Grauer

Michael Doyle

Michael Napolitano

Micheal Wakester

Michelle Barber

Michu Mitchell

Mickey Egano

Monique Bentil

Natalie Harris

Nicole Leber

Nicole Yalanis

Norman Llamas

Patricia Goff

Patricia Smith

Patrick Finn

Patrick Gray

Patrick Murphy

Rian Bednarz

Rich Sweetman

Rikki Nisbet

Ryan Labriole

Sara Petty

Sergio Garcia

Shannon Lindgren

Shirley Mills

Stay Hein

Stephanie Larock

Talya Goodwin

Terri Mccann

Tmaika Rice

Tracy Pado

Trish Deano

Varina Gunn

Victor Brooks

Victoria Cyr

William Byrne

Class of 1997


Aimee Caminiti

Alexander Andrews

Alicia Campbell

Amanda Roberts

Andrew Jacob

Ariel Connerton

Ariel Crowley

Attempting To Find Jason Bixler

Benny Benigno

Bruce Fisher

Caitlin Greene

Cesar Oliveira

Charissa Soliozy

Chrissy O’Brien

Christina Rahn

Christine Bean

Christine Munroe

Christopher Connerton

Curran Carr

Daniel Caron

Dave Lagow

Destiny Jones

Diane Maye

Elias Pierson

Erin Powers

Ezra Thompson

Fatima Aziz

Frank Raposo

Gerald Griffin

Ginger Seekell

Gregory Humble

Heather Macpherson

Ian McDermott

Jaclyn Perry

Jacob (Jake) Mosher

Jacob Vieira

James Eissinger

James Kelley

Jamie Davis

Jared Toussaint

Jason Thompson

Jasonya Wakester

Jay Danella

Jeanie Portela

Jeanine Audette

Jean Lee

Jeffrey Cornell

Jennifer Coates

Jennifer Donovan

Jessica Ellison

Jessica Weston

Jessica Wilkinson

Jill Donovan

Jill Petrone

John Hurd

John Martzoukos

Joseph (Joe) Walker

Katharine Canole

Latoya Walmsley

Laura Escude

Lisa DiMatteo

Lucy Bailey

Lynnette Rosa

Marcia Tavares

Maren Salas

Maria Figueras

Mark Stewart

Mary Beth Chambers

Mary Wasilewski

Matthew Krous

Megan Nolan

Meghan Brown

Meghan Smith

Melodie Kosloski

Michael (Mike) Medford

Michael (Mike) Toppa

Michael Franklin

Michael James

Michael Schindler

Michael Silvia

Michelle Andrews

Michelle Mearns

Naomi Earle

Nathan Smith

Nicholas (Nick) Langstaff

Nicolas Vienne

Nic Vienne

Patrick Mcdermott

Paul George

Pauline Butler

Rachel Augustine

Rebekah Strickland

Rian Pelletier

Robert Eagle

Robert Richardson

Ryan Parsons

Ryan Smith

Sabrina Moss

Samantha Orzette

Sarah Jarvis

Simon Leung

Stephanie Botelho

Steven Dubois

Syreeta Briscoe-Davis

Tammy Addessi

Tannya Stanton

Thayer Everett

Tiffany Kay

Vilma Llamas

Walter Evans

Class of 1998


Aaron Roderick

Aimee Costa

Alyson Zalewski

Amie McElroy

Andrew Ferreira

Angela Butler

Anna Maria Hattendorf

Bartis Greg

Brooke Hollins

Carmen Amado

Casey Harris

Catherine Langa

Chantal Jansen

Chris Mello

Christina (Tina) O’Loughlin

Christina (Tina) Oloughlin

David Lockhart

Dwight Morse

Elizabeth Ames

Elizabeth Butler

Emily Mosig

Erika Gizzi

Evangelina Reyes

Everette Dellava

Gabriel Cogswell

Gary Lewis

Geri Glover

Jaclyn Perry

James (Jimmy) Walker

Jamie Edwards

Janetta Donovan

Jay Walker

Jeannine Brady

Jennie Marvelle

Jessica Potts

Jill Pado

Jill Pilotte

John Vance

Joseph (Joe) Napolitano

Joy MacPherson

Justin Szpotanski

Kathleen Jindracek Stubbs

Keith Nicodemus

Kevin Fenton

Lara Eckler

Leah Humble

Lee Abney

Lee Ogaldez

Maegan Thompson

Maria Fraticelli

Matthew (Matt) Perkins

Meagan Koles

Megan Genga

Mellissa Gosset

Michael King

Michael Wood

Michelle Arce

Michelle Moitoza

Mindy Ward

Miriah Cotter

Nathaniel (Nate) Mac

Nichole Moniz

Nicholle Massey

Nicole Keane

Rachel Stinson

Ricardo Pierce

Robert (Bob) Smith

Robert (Rob) Gilman

Robert Cocroft

Roger Davis

Roseanna Bowen

Rudolph Jindracek

Sara Kindness

Scott Dumont

Shanika Carter

Siraaj Madyun

Steven DuBois

Suzanne Burdett

Taisha Edwards

Tara Delk

Thomas (Tom) Brady

Tiffany Kay

Timothy “Tim” McCartney

Timothy (Tim) Brown

Tobey Bliss

Tyler Walmsley

Vanessa James

Yojaira Sanchez

Class of 1999


Adam Occaso

Adam Piker

Afia Adjei

Aislynne Sambrook

Alexis Radkovich

Amber Bortz

Anastasiya Felis

Andre Hedges

Ann White

Anthony Richardson

Antoinette Knight

April Correia

April Griggs

April Vance

Bradley (Brad) Souto

Casey Breitenstein

Chahlynn Durand

Christina Goodwin

Christina Lyons

Christine Moniz

Christopher Douglas

Cj Chavez

Cynthia Miller

Danae Turner

Daniel Caron

David Ruiz

Dd Wintergardens

Denisse Andino

Dennis Calhoun

Diana Williamson

Douglas “Doug” Smyth

Elisa Valero

Elise Massey

Elizabeth Noka

Elizabeth Rosa

Emma Nylander

Erin Watts

Frederick Williams

Gina Gallo

Hags Ksmas

Heather Stapleford

Hope Smith

Ian Kelly

Ian Patrick

James Black

Jason Dearinger

Jeffrey Mercer

Jennie Brown

Jennifer Nance

Jessica Coulter

John Grayson

John Medeiros

Jonathan de Mello

Jonathan Van Hees

Jonathon (Jon) Voogt

Joshua (Josh) Glenn

Joshua (Josh) Perham

Jr Canales

Karry Rivera

Kristen Doyle

Leana Moseley

Leslie Wilkinson

Lindsay Andreski

Lindsay Giannini

Lindsay Sorgenfrei

Lochiel Macdonald

Loren Farias

Maria Veronica Pangilinan

Matthew Mcneil

Megan Surber

Melissa Bickham

Melissa Connell

Melissa Mayer

Natalie Meltzer

Nathan Kinsella

Neva Melton

Nicholas (Nick) Williams

Nicholas Souza

Nicole Lauzon

Oliverio Llamas

Pat Heller

Patrick Willis

Penelope “Penny” Billington

Rachel Figueroa

Rafael Arroyo

Rebecca Levenseller

Richard Mudd

Robert (Bob) Dole

Robert (Rob) Anthony

Robert (Rob) Cheyne

Ronald Ribera

Roseanna Bowen

Roxeanne Strickland

Samantha Manchester

Sarah Hazard

Scott Mearns

Shane Benisch

Siobhan Wheeler

Stephanie (Steph) Icey

Steven (Steve) Orosco

Susan Kabrick

Tabby Dermody

Tammy Dubell

Tanya Walmsley

Thomas (Tom) Feazell

Thomas Souza

Timothy (Tim) Polley

Tremayne Gendron

Trevor Calderon

Veronica Pangilinan

William Blake

Class of 2000


Allison Silveria

Amy Hansen

Andrew Jennings

Angel Marrero

Ashleigh Clayton-Thomas

Barry James Furtado

Brandon Ohl

Brandon Webster

Cassie Halton

Cassius Jones

Ceddeth Richardson

Ceilidhe Brown

Charles Thibedeau

Chris Dumont

Christy Bryer

C Jones

Clay Jones

Clifford (Cliff) Anderson

Conor Maguire

Corey Monteiro

David W Gilbert

David Clark

David Laflamme

Deborah Watkins

Delia Carpenter

Devin Ashley

Dianna Asters

Douglas (Doug) Rhoades

Douglas Goncalo

Earl Smith

Erica Perez

Ernest Smith

Grace Harold

Gregory Purdy

Ian Mcgregor

Irelynne Estevez

Isias Payne

Jae Curtis

James Heier

James Miller

Jared Luczynski

Jessica Gregory

Jessica Thomas

Jill Grovenor

John Weiderman

Jorge Ascui

Jose Rodreguez

Jose Rodriguez

Julie Hardin

Kay Lay

Kelly Fry

Kevin Barrett

Kevin Cottle

Kimberly Dwyer

Kimmy Michael

Kyle Mcdonald

Kyle Silvia

Lauren Thompson

Lillian Knight

Lucien Jarret

Matthew Mcneil

Matthew Neuenfeldt

Meghan Klassner

Melinda Whitey

Meryl Oakley

Michael “Mike” Sturgess

Michael (Mike) Hamill

Michael (Mike) Millington

Michael Farrington

Michael McCarthy

Myra Jenkins

Nora Johnson

Oscar Ross

Pamela Sullivan

Patrick Walker

Paul Stubbs

Peter Dugan

Peter Johnston

Pierre Pages

Quincy Jones

Rafael Cabral

Rebecca Killian

Rebecca Settle

Richard (Rick) Bialecki

Robert (Rob) Beebe

Robert Evans

Robert Leary

Robert Weaver

Roger Souza

Ryan Dumont

Sajjad Rehman

Sandra Marrero

Sarah Nichols

Sara Vargas

Scott Medeiros

Shanta Carter

Sherry Hemond

Susan Carrington

Tabitha Sleeper

Tanya Souza

Tara Harrison

Thomas Pickens

Toby Hendrix

Tonya Gee

Tyffannie Ross

Valerie Rich

Victoria Rodrigues

Zita Saunders

Class of 2001


Adrienne Perez

Allan Allan

Alyse Antone

Amanda Allan

Amanda Goodison

Amanda Manchester

Amber Bortz

Anthony Spiratos

Ashley Sawyer

Bridget Perry

Caitlin Gorman

Candice Delos Reyes

Carlos Xavier Hernandez

Carlos Fabian

Ceilidhe Brown

Cheri Cheyne

Chris Magnett

Chris Maloone

Christine Burdett

Christiphor Murry

Christopher R Bessin

Christopher Dumont

Christopher Murray

Christopher Schonbeck

Christopher Voogt

Christopher Wilson

Courtney Sullivan

Cristine Burdett

Damian Bellamy

Daniele Nogueira

Daniel Labrecque

Danielle Morabito

Danny Smith

Dan Teixeira

Deidre Gauch

Dennis Hofer

Desiree Choquette

Elias Alvarez

Elisa Dickens

Elizabeth (Liz) Feazell

Elizabeth Campo

Eric Bartenbach

Giancarlos Fabian

Heather Crowley

Jacci Weaver

Jackie Potts

Jamie Terpening

Jane Ferro

Jannea Brown

Jared Landers

Jawad Rehman

Jennifer Connell

Jermaine Brewster

Jessica McCalla

Jessie Henry

John Fater

Jose Camacho

Juanita Antone

Katherine Ramos

Kevin Michaud

Kimberly Jeanne Gray

Kristen Montevirgen

Kristin Bottomley

Lance Rhodes

Lidia Castillo

Lilling Buttons

Lindsey Christopher

Matthew Tidwell

Melissa Murray

Melissa Rooney

Meno Payne

Michael Gonsalves

Michael Mignogna

Natacha Mccloy

Patricia Paul

Patrick Browning

Patrick Dearth

Patrick Downes

Patrick Murphy

Phillip Paquette

Renato de Oliveira

Renato Oliveira

Richard Davis

Robert Pedretti

Sam Windley

Sonya Witt

Stacey Keefe

Stephanie Sawyer

Steven (Steve) Johnson

Tabitha Schultz

Tang Li

Tara Donnelly

Taran Leno

Terry Delany

Timothy (Tim) Shea

Timothy Lockhart

Toni Gonsalves

Victoria Wender

William Bannon

Class of 2002


Amit David

Amy Mckinney

Andrew Douglas

Andrew Martucci

Angela Gambrell

Angel Parton

Benjamin (Ben) Jerk

Bethany Kelly

Brandon Toppa

Brenda Lepage

Brittany Smith

Carissa Daniels

Cecilia Murgo

Chris Allen

Chris Brodeur

Chris Larock

Chris Neuenfeldt

Chris Patterson

Christina (Tina) Land

Christina Fitch

Courtney Maher

Craig Fitch

Daniel “Dan” Windley

Daniel Chambers

Danielle Collins

Daniel Pedretti

Darryl Coleman

David Gentry

Donald Szpotanski

Dyana Parish

Elizabeth (Beth) Mitchell

Elizabeth Alfier

Elizabeth Eason

Erik Ficke

Frankie Kozakiewicz

Jaclyn Briggs

Jahmal Maloney

Jamie Perkins

Jane Craw

Jemel Maloney

Jennifer Moniz

Jessica Blinn

Jessica Camacho

Jessica George

John Tavares

John Walker

Jojo Goncalves

Jonathan Courtemanche

Jonathan Keith

Joseph “Joe” Hoffnagle

Julio Quiroa

Justine Shanti

Karen Nothstein

Karolien Thornton

Katherine Ames

Katherine Parent

Kathryn Brady

Keisha Edwards

Kelvin Serrano

Kenyetta Whitford

Kierra Brown

Kimberly Toner

Laura English

Lauren Dunbar

Lily Ramey

Lisa Gomes

Mary North

Matthew (Matt) Esteban

Meagan Landry

Michael (Mike) Cahoon

Michael (Mike) Rotondo

Michael Gonsalves

Michael Medeiros

Michael Romanski

Michele Gibbs

Misty Daly

Natasha Henderson

Nekisha Martin

Nichol Corey

Nicole Kearney

Padraig Omahoney

Patrick Dunn

Patrick Hayes

Patrick Magner

Patrick Swistak

Paul Labita

Peter (Pete) Rak

Rachel Gallo

Raymond (Ray) Gomes

Raymond Blanchette

Rey Reyes

Robert Pachico

Roseann Francoeur

Rosemarie Rodrigues

Sam Gillson

Sam Gilson

Sara Viera

Scott Glazier

Shannon O’Connor

Tammy Cheyne

Traci Haar

Vanessa Rivera

Vanessa Rivera-Arroyo

Yi Li

Yolanda Jones

Zachary Casselman

Class of 2003


Adam Landers

Alyssa Connery

Amanda Cook

Amanda Michalik

Andrew Fontaine

Annie Kilroy

Ashley Vierra

Bradley “Brad” Smith

Brian Bailey

Brian O’Donnell

Brittany Campbell

Cam Stewart

Charles Charron

Courtney Leduc

Cristal Rodriges

Cristal Rodriguez

Crystal Caldwell Burnett

Crystal Caldwell

Crystal Malone-Drew

Daniel Gimple

David Franzi

Dee Marie

Devin Simas

Diana Llamas Morales

Diana Llamas-morales

Diana Llamasmorales

Elizabeth (Beth) Souza

Elizabeth (Liz) Cushing

Emily O’Rourke

Erica Williams

Eric Mureddu

Heather Mosher

Jennifer (Jen) Arnold

Jennifer Lalli

Jeremey Kappler

Jerome Hernandez

Jessica Camacho

Jilda Lalli

Joel Glenn

John Murgo

Justin Mitchell

Katherine (Kate) McLaughlin

Kathleen Reynolds

Keisha Edwards

Kori Lyman-champion

Lauren Judd

Leah Charpentier

Liam Mcdermott

Lindsey Watson

Live Styles

Luis Laboy

Mark Machado

Mark Yeomans

Marycatherine Ledesma

Mary Morrissey

Meghan Barrett

Michael Barrera

Michelle Stevens

Narcheline Vazquez

Orlando Torres

Pablo Solorzano

Patrick Sleeper

Peter Viteri

Rachel Coleman

Ryan Ellis

Shahzad Rehman

Sharlene Jamiel

Stephanie Blease

Stephanie Cotsoridis

Tabitha Benoit

Tara DeMello

Tasha Thibeault

Toni Tracey

Valerie Bruno

Victor Thomas

Class of 2004


Alan Sanders

Amanda Wernik

Amy Pramagioulis

Amy Witt

Balion Watts

Becka Zimmerman

Billie Jo Baker

Breana Michon

Brian Brugman

Britney Brow

Cameron Stewart

Casaundra McKenna

Cassidy Silvia

Charita Harrell

Christina Cruz

Christopher Napoli

Claire Kowrach

Crystal Chester

Danielle Cuzimnice

Deborah Johnson

Derek McGregor

Elizabeth Lan

Ernest Smith

Faheem Islam

Faye Dugan

Gabriel Luna

Halston Lacey

Heather Fisher

James Hughes

Jeremy Cowans

John Harding

John Murphy

Jonathan Abbassi

Jose Cancel

Joseph Kirwin

Julia Jackson

Justin Desantis

Kimberly Rich

Lindsey Pribula

Marijane Hazard

Mary Aswell

Mason Folcarelli

Matthew Kerr

Meagan Landry

Meg Moy

Meredith Crosby

Mia Manning

Michael (Mike) Hoffman

Michael (Mike) Larry

Michelle Kintner

Misty Sanders

Oleg Borisyuk

Rebecca Dutcher

Renee Deroche

Richard Messier

Sean Devine

Sean Sullivan

Shawn Leary

Sierra Rose Strattner

Sophilia Mctyre

Talita Nogueira

Terence Murphy

Thomas Beckman

Tiffany Paquette

Tiffany Soares

Timothy (Timmy) Rahn

Timothy Windly

Tj Donovan

Vanessa Walsh

Victoria Portela

Walter Bennett

Class of 2005


Aaron Clark

Alexander “Alex” Casey

Alexis Whitney

Amanda Mendes

Anna Marie

Anthony (Tony) Chaves

Anthony (Tony) Kads

Ashley Morris

Brittany Brow

Brittnea Freeman

Carline Lopez

Caseymae Ramey

Ciara Madison

Cole Younger

Colin Rinehart

Dane Cooney

Daniel Kettner

Danielle Allen

Devon Harnett

Diana Bradley

Eric Correy

Eric Michael

Ev Sims

Gregory Collin

Hawah Wesson

Ingrid Cooper

Jenn Buckley

Johnny Watts

Kasie Kunze

Kimberly Duran

Lauren Stanek

Lizzie Marie

Mariel Marrero

Meagan Swanson

Meaghan Swanson

Rachel Toppa

Robert Toribio

Robin Botelho

Salli Walmsley

Samuel Carrasquillo

Sasha Nazario

Stephanie Macedo

Sulaymaan Miles

Terriann Medina

Thalia Pemberton

Timothy Windley

Treasray Carter

Tyler Brantingham

Zachary Green

Zach Wisely

Class of 2006


Alex Castillo

Alison Amoruso

Amanda Gonsalves

Amy David

Audrey Beckman

Brandon Smith

Carline Lopez

Chris Ortiz

Christina Gutierrez

Christina Longo

Christopher Smith

Cindi Van Egghan

Crystal Beckman

Cynthia Cynthia

Daneeta Ford

Danna O’Loughlin

Emily Kro

Emily Krous

Frances Williams

Gregory (Greg) Parkos

Hali Cotter

Jacob (Jake) Campa

James Allan

James Barta

Jason Green

Jenna Jones

Jeremy Ibarra

Jessica Webler

Jodie Morinho

Jules Forchione

Justine Ward

Kacheena Mabry

Kacie Goodson

Katherine (Kate) Thomas

Kayla Fernandes

Kayla McElligott

Keith Stokes

Latoya Johnson

Lourdes Martinez

Lynette Donboch

Maria Gonzalez

Melissa Morris

Michael (Mike) Sullivan

Michael Bourgeois

Paladin Shepard

Pia Diterlizzi

Rebecca Davis

Robert Milburn

Rogerio Thamy

Samantha Silvia

Sam Imbriale

Sebastian Moore

Shanah Backman

Shontesa Kindle

Tyler Leeno

Walter Brown

Yesenia Fuerte

Class of 2007


Aaron Hampton

Alessandra Louise

Alma Legrand

Angelica Picazo

Bethany Shelton

Bryan Benoit

Cassy Contois

Chris Dugan

Crystal Thigpen

Dayanne Costa

Donelle Conway

Erika Muniz

Jeffrey (Jeff) Jones

Jeniffer Dacosta

Jenn Dacosta

Jessica Therriault

John Smith

Jonathan Powell

Jorge Saldana

Joseph McGee

Justin Murphy

Katelyn Maynard

Kristen Mccarthy

Micah Windley

Monika Johnson

Nicholas (Nick) Maini

Qiana Maloney

Sara Quinn

Shane Neves

Shayne O’Sullivan

Steven White

Toni Yates

Zuleika Martinez

Class of 2008


Adriene Machado

Alex Siddons

Dan Buckley

Dayna Johnson

Dustin Morris

Emma Sconyers

Henry Rose

Jaleesa Hunter

Jennifer Silvia

Jerome Egano

Jovon Wallace

Jucileia Palomares

Justin Shemeley

Kathleen Walker

Kayla Rose

Kyle Stammer

Lauren Berriochoa

Meagan Davis

Natty Ortiz

Ricky Rodriguez Otero

Samantha Silvia

Sarah Caldwell

Stephanie Watterson

Steven Gates

Terriann Berry

Class of 2009


Ana Vasqez

Bernard Hammond

Brandon Perkins

Derrick Starnes

Drew Stevenson

Frankie Thomas

Grace Casey

Heather Mcmanus

Jorden L’heureux

Kathleena Gibbs

Laine Fountain

Lauren Faerber

Michael (Mike) Kelley

Nayby Benitez

Nicholas Neves

Roy Matos

Ryan Browner

Taimoor Tam

William (Will) Janes

Class of 2010


Alicia Neubecker

Ally Bettencourt

Britney Butler

Christopher Rossier

Domeny Anderson

G’tobia Washington

Gerri Duarte

Lance Lopez

Marcus Jones

Rachael Gandy

Ryan Smart

Shirley Potter

Class of 2011


Ariel Davison

Dani Rose

Jalisa Jackson

Jordan Wavy Traynum

Kassandra Boiani

Kaydin Botner

Kaylee Mae

Kaynisha Johnson

Nicholas (Nick) Manning

Raymond (Ray) Bandz

Trevor Smith

William Stiess

Class of 2012


Ashanti Prout

Bethany Santiago

James Strom

Jeannie Ruth

Victoria Gomes


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2017-07-06 / News Briefs


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RHS ‘82 Reunion

The Rogers High School class of 1982 will be celebrating its 35 year reunion on August 12 from 6 to 11 p.m. at Vasco Da Gama Hall. The night will include cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, dinner and dancing. To attend, interested parties should send $40 per person to RHS Class of 1982 C/O Paula Morris, 36 Hoppin Road, Newport, R.I. 02840 by July 5.

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