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13 Attribute Antonyms What is the opposite of attribute?

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Synonyms of attribute in English:


See definition of attribute


1‘they attributed the success of the expedition entirely to one man’


ascribe, assign, accredit, credit, impute, allot, allocate

put down to, set down to, chalk up to, lay at the door of, hold responsible for, pin something on, lay something on, place something on

connect with, associate with

informal stick something on


1‘he has all the attributes of a top midfield player’


quality, feature, characteristic, trait, element, aspect, property, hallmark, mark, distinction, sign, telltale sign, sure sign

idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, quirk

2‘the hourglass was depicted as the attribute of Father Time’


symbol, indicator, mark, sign, hallmark, trademark, status symbol

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