ECSI School Search Mount Holyoke College Loan Federal Perkins Loans
Saturday, February 2, 2019

ECSI School Search Mount Holyoke College Loan Federal Perkins Loans

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School Search

We’ve collected several pages useful for finding schools by name, location or number.

Low-Income Schools Search

Perkins and Stafford Loans offer certain benefits for teaching at an eligible low-income school. This list is updated each year
so be sure to check the appropriate list for each year you taught.

Federal School Code Search

Find the Federal School Code for any school.

Closed School Search

Cancellations are available for certain schools that were closed.

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University of Iowa

University Billing Office

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Student Loan FAQs

Who is ECSI?

Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI is a billing and payment service that is subcontracted by the University of Iowa.  The borrower has the opportunity to view account information and set up payments online ( or call 888-549-3274).  ECSI’s business hours are 7:30 am to 8:00 pm EST.  School code = Y4.

Is the Federal Perkins loan the same as my Federal Direct Stafford loan?

No. The Federal Perkins loan is separate, distinct, and not related to any Federal Direct Stafford loan lending program.  Perkins loans are administered by the school; Direct Stafford loans are administered by Department of Education loan servicers.

How will I be billed for my loan repayment?

You will be billed for your Perkins, Health Professions, Nursing, Nurse Faculty, and Institutional loans by Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI (ECSI).  You will NOT be billed for these loans on your University bill.  ECSI bills the first day of the month, with the payment due on the 22nd day of that month.

How can I find all of my Federal Student loans?

Visit .  The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the US Department of Education’s central database for student aid.  It received data from schools, agencies that guaranty loans, the Direct Loan program, the Pell Grant program, and other US Department of Education programs.  NSLDS provides a centralized, integrated view of Title IV loans and Pell grants that are tracked through their entire cycle; from aid approval through closure.

What if I default? Do I have options?

Yes.  Visit our Loan Default Options page or contact us at 319-335-0071 or .

Can I pay my loan online or set up monthly installments?

Yes, visit or call 888-549-3274.  Transaction fees may apply.

What loan programs does the University of Iowa service?

The University of Iowa services Federal Perkins, Health Professions, Nursing, Nurse Faculty, and many Institutional loans.  Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI handles the billing for these loans on behalf of the University of Iowa.

If a collection agency is hired, am I responsible for their fees?

For most loans, yes.  It is the borrower’s responsibility to pay the fees if a collection agency is hired.  Refer to the details on your promissory note.

I am having trouble making my loan payments.  How do I apply for forbearance?

See our Deferment and Forbearance page for more information.

I will be enrolled in a graduate program.  How do I apply for student deferment?

See our Deferment and Forbearance page for more information.

I am teaching in a low-income area.  How do I apply for cancellation of my Perkins loan?

See our Cancellation page for more information.

I am confused about the terms and conditions of my loan.  Who can help me?

Call ECSI at 888-549-3274 or University of Iowa Billing and Loan Collections at 319-335-0071.

How is payment applied to my loans?

Loan payments are applied as follows: (1) fees, (2) accrued interest to the date the payment is recorded, and (3) principal.  Unless otherwise instructed by you, all overpayments will be applied to the principal balances of your loans proportionally based on your current monthly payment amounts for each loan.  If you loan payments are up to date and you wish to have your overpayments applied to a particular loan only or to multiple loans in some other proportion, please include those instructions on the payment stub with your payment.

Is my loan payment history reported to the credit bureaus?

All loans are reported to the major credit bureaus by ECSI.  This occurs at the time the loan is disbursed and continues until the loan is paid in full.  Current as well as delinquent payments are reported.  As a result, during your loan repaying period you have an opportunity to establish a favorable credit rating.  You may obtain a copy of your credit report at .

How and when can I contact ECSI?

You can contact ECSI by phone at 888-549-3274, or by email at .  ECSI’s hours are 7:30 am to 8:00 pm EST.  Their website is .

What loans can I consolidate?

See our Consolidation page for more information.