Disabled Parking Permits Disability permit holders must pay at new Winnipeg parking meters …
Monday, March 25, 2019

Disabled Parking Permits Disability permit holders must pay at new Winnipeg parking meters …

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Welcome to the Canada section of the FIA Guide for the disabled traveller. Read this page, and then click on the province or territory you intend to visit


Whether or not your Parking Permit will be recognised depends on where you are from:


Are you from another Canadian province or territory? If so, most provinces and territories will recognise your Parking Permit

Are you from Europe (EU / EEA countries), USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Korea (International Transport Forum (ITF) member countries)? If so, all provinces and territories of Canada should recognise your Parking Permit but you are advised to contact the parking permit issuing office of your provincial/territorial destination to ensure that your Parking Permit will be recognised – contact details are below

Are you from a country not listed above? If so, your Parking Permit may not be recognised and you should ask locally if it will be accepted


This is explained under the heading “Where you may use your Parking Permit”


“You may use your Parking Permit in _ _” means that reciprocity has been confirmed officially, but may only apply to Parking Permit holders from ITF member countries ie Europe (EU / EEA), USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Korea


What you should always do:

  • Check the entry in the Guide
  • Check locally by asking if your Parking Permit will be recognised, particularly if you are not from an ITF country – local people, police and parking officials will want to help you so do not be afraid to ask
  • If you are satisfied your Parking Permit can be used, display next to it the print-out notice to explain to police and parking officials your right to park, and where they may find more information

Always – ask locally, park sensibly and safely, obey the rules, enjoy your visit!


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Footnote: We have made every effort to ensure the information in the Guide is correct but cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions. You must always check the parking signs and ask locally if your Parking Permit will be recognised. Only take advantage of parking concessions when you are completely satisfied it will be recognised

© FIA 2011. All rights reserved.

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