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Dimensions For A High School
Baseball Field

Reprinted From:
Southern Athletic Fields

Baseball, High School and College

Apex of Homeplate to the front of the pitching rubber:…60’6″

Apex of Homeplate to the center of second base:..127′ 3 3/8″

Apex of Homeplate to the back of the bases (1st & 3rd):..90’0″

Recommended Fence Distance: Left/Right Field:..310′-325′

Center Field:……………….375′-410′

Homeplate Diameter:……………..26’0″ (measured from the apex of homeplate)

Pitching Rubber Diameter:…..18’0″ (measured from 18″ in front of the pitching rubber)

To determine distance between any two points:

A2 + B 2 =C2

Example: Softball 60′ Bases

HP to 1st Base -A2 60×60= 3600
HP to 3rd Base-B2 60×60= 3600
Total 7200
C2 square root of 7200

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Baseball Field Diagrams
and Measurements

Official Baseball Field Diagrams, Measurements, and Dimensions
for youth, high school, and college.

Make sure you do the job right using the right measurements. You can use these for the base cutouts, base paths when edging, areas around the mound and home plate, and the infield skin.

field maintenance planning picture
college baseball field

high school baseball field

baseball field diagram

Diagrams, measurements, and specifications for baseball fields
(These are my favorite diagrams from www.turface.com and www.markersinc.com)

50′ Basepath T-Ball or
Pinto Baseball Field

baseball diagram thumbnail
Click here for full size diagram. 

Give your T-Ball or Pinto players the best start possible!
  • How do tell if the bat is too heavy?
  • Where do I place the T for the hitter? (are you making this mistake?)
  • Need some tips and techniques for throwing and fielding?
best t-ball tips icon

60′ Basepath Little League Baseball Field

baseball diagram thumbnail
Click here for full size diagram.  And click here for another good version.

90′ Basepath High School and College Baseball Field

baseball diagram thumbnail
Click here for full size diagram.   And click here for another good version.


60′ Basepath Softball Field

baseball diagram thumbnail
Click here for full size diagram.

Where to Measure the bases

Now available: The entire package of baseball field maintenance guides

Need to know square footage for turf and dirt on baseball and softball fields? 

Then check out these diagrams of square footage on baseball and softball fields .

So, how much grass seed, fertilizer, and dirt do you need?

After you see the diagram for your field, you need to know how much seed, fertilizer, or dirt you need or your job.  This is a frequently asked question.  ” How much seed, fertilizer, and dirt do I need for my field? “

Putting it all together Check out the case studies of real projects based on the right baseball field diagram and measurements. See projects based on the diagrams, measurements, and quantities or material needed.

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