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  • Admissions Guide for International Students, Undergraduate, Fall 2019
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  • Professor Kim Youngmin On The South Korean Identity Crisis
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  • SNU GSIS Open Lecture (Asia and the World)
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Seoul National University

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Which undergraduate degree programs are taught in English at Seoul National University?

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2 Answers

Shahlo Giyasova

Shahlo Giyasova , B.A from Seoul National University (2022)

HAHAHA. This is my question right here. There is no fully english-taught program at SNU, at least for Bachelor’s. Maybe some Master’s, but Undergrad is for sure no.

I am freshman at SNU and I just went through stressful process of finding an english-taught course for my major (BA). It would be so so much easier if you knew Korean, of course, but If you are like me and do not know Korean at all, there is still a chance for you. Maybe.

The thing is that even though there are some english-taught courses for each major, they are still limited and the number of students seeking them is greater sometimes. I am not sure about other majors, but most popular courses at Business School fill up in seconds.

You can check out english-taught courses by your major here:

Undergraduate | Programs | Academics | SNU

You just need to click on appropriate college, then “E” button and it will automatically take you to a list of all available ET courses.

SNU also allows you to do pre-registration, which helps a bit to understand how you should chose classes, your credits, timetable and so on.

Good luck!

Adnan 아드난

Adnan 아드난 , studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering at Seoul National University (2018)

As per my knowledge no undergraduate degree is taught in English at SNU. There are some courses offered in English but you still need to learn Korean language in order to survive.

If you are looking for all English course then I recommend KAIST. They offer almost all courses in English.

Note: South Korea is a non English speaking country that means life is going to be a nightmare if you dont know Korean language.

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