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Sutton Middle School

Sutton Middle School

As part of APS North Atlanta cluster, Sarah Smith students continue to Sutton Middle School .

Take a Tour of Sutton 6th Grade Academy

Want to learn more about Sutton? We invite you to tour the Sutton Middle School 6th Grade Campus on Powers Ferry Road. Tours are from 9:30 – 11:00 am. There is limited space, so a reservation is required. Sutton Tours fill up fast! Please contact Ms. Sonya Williams at  404-802-5615  or  to reserve your spot. 

Tours at the 6th Grade Campus: 9/13, 10/18, 11/8, 12/13, 1/17, 2/14, 3/21, 4/18 
Tours include a group session with the School Principals, a guided tour of the school, and an information packet. Parking is available in the front or back of the building. 

Attention 5th Grade Parents/Guardians:

If your child will be attending Sutton next year, please be aware of a few communication mechanisms that you will find very useful over the summer to help ease the transition to a new school.  
  • The Sutton Source is Sutton’s weekly e-newsletter.  It is the school’s main communication tool.  Please sign-up before summer starts to receive these valuable updates.  Sign-up  here.
  • Robin Ortale  is the 6th grade parent liaison.  The grade level liaisons are responsible for communications for the grade level.  She will send out some communications this summer with general school information like transportation, carpool, campus portal, dress code, locker info, etc.  After school starts, she will send weekly e-mails with information specific to the grade level (6th grade socials, field trips, chaperone opportunities, etc.) as well as some overall school information.  The 6th grade parent liaison will also be a great point of contact for you to ask any questions that you may have.  The e-mail address is .    

To sign-up for these e-mails, Please send an e-mail to  and indicate that you have a rising 6th grader and would like to be added.

  • Sutton’s Website is .  There are 2 links on the home page that are helpful for rising 6th grade parents:
    • New campus information ( )
    • Rising 6th grade information (orientation camps, the rising 6th grade presentation given this spring, etc.) ( )

Stay Up to Date with Sutton

  • Sutton Source:  Subscribe to Sutton’s school newsletter  .It’s a great way to find out what’s going on at Sutton, including updates on Clubs and Sports Programs and valuable information from our new principal, Mr. Greene.  
  • Follow Sutton MS on Twitter at:

Letter from Sutton’s LSC Regarding the 6th Grade Academy

In April 2012, the Board of Education approved a plan which included the creation of a 6th Grade Campus for the North Atlanta Cluster to manage rising enrollment and improve programs to bolster student achievement. APS will implement this plan for the 2015-2016 school year.

Beginning in August 2015, Sutton operate as one International Baccalaureate school, but will have two campuses. 

  • 6th grade students will attend school at the Powers Ferry Campus (4360 Powers Ferry Road)
  • 7th and 8th grade students will attend school at the current Northside Campus (2875 Northside Drive)                        

The benefits of this move include expanded facilities to accommodate student enrollment and program offerings that bolster academic success and support the holistic development of our students.  We will continue to be one school (i.e. one LSC, one PTA, one football team), but this move will allow us to have programmatic enhancements such as all science classes having access to science labs.
Please reference the following documents for more information:

  • APS’ "Sutton Campus Changes"  website  
  • LSC’s background summary

Sutton’s Local School Council (LSC) is committed to fostering information sharing and dialogue between parents, teachers, administration, and APS.  The LSC met for a special session on Monday to discuss communications regarding Sutton’s Campus Changes.
The LSC has identified an initial set of questions to submit to APS in anticipation of inquiries from our community.  As APS provides answers to these questions we will provide them to our community by updating a dedicated webpage on the Sutton website.  Information will also be shared with our feeder elementary schools. 
Please note that, while the LSC will assist with community communication, the critical decisions regarding what process is followed, what decisions are made and the planning out of logistics will be made at the system level (APS).  We are always available to hear your thoughts and questions via email at . 
Below is a list of initial questions for which the LSC will get answers and share with the community. Please send your additional questions to .

Sutton Campus Changes – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the historical background on this decision? 
  • Will there be public meetings held to describe more in person? 
  • What is forecasted enrollment for each grade at Sutton Middle school over the next few years?  
  • Will school hours remain the same for both Sutton Middle School campuses? 
  • Will each campus have separate bus routes or will busses run to both campuses similar to elementary schools with primary centers? 
  • How will families find out their bus route and times? 
  • Will both campuses offer students all connections courses on a daily basis? 
  • How will after-school programs work at each campus? 
  • How will sports offerings work at each campus? 
  • How will student club offerings work at each campus? 
  • How will this affect students attending L’Amistad and Agape?
  • Will bus service between campuses be provided for any after school activites?
  • Will two campuses affect the IB program? 
  • Will there be any interaction between 6th graders and 7th/8th graders?
  • How will the two campuses be staffed: teachers, support staff, and administration?  
  • How will the logistics and travel time be handled for teachers who teach 6th graders and 7th/8th graders, e.g. World Languages.
  • Will there be a Celebration of Learning at both campuses? 
  • Will this decision affect class sizes? 
  • How will we work to maintain a “one school” feeling while at two campuses?
  • Will there be transition events during the school year to help 6th graders interact/assimilate with the 7th/8th graders? 
  • What events are planned to ensure an effective and smooth transition this fall? 
  • How will students receive class schedules? 
  • What is Sutton teacher feedback regarding this decision? 

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