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  • Home
  • Math
    Prime Factors and Prime Factorization
    Mensuration of a Cube: Area, Volume, Diagonal etc.
    Mensuration of a Sphere: Surface Area, Volume, Zones
    Mensuration of a Cone: Volume, Total Surface Area and Frustums
    Arithmetic, Geometric, Harmonic Progressions – With Problems and MCQ
    Trigonometry 1a – Intro to Trigonometric Ratios, Identities and Formulas
    Trigonometry 1b – Solved problems related to basics of Trigonometric ratios
    Trigonometry 2a – Heights and Distances, Circumcircles/Incircles of Triangles
    Trigonometry 2b – Heights and Distances, Angles/Sides of Triangles: Problems and MCQs
    Trigonometry 3a – Basics of Inverse Trigonometric Ratios
    Trigonometry 3b – Problems/MCQs on Inverse Trigonometric Ratios
    Quadratic Equations, Cubic and Higher Order Equations : Plots, Factorization, Formulas
    Graphs of Cubic Polynomials, Curve Sketching and Solutions to Simple Cubic Equations
    Graphs of Quartic Polynomial Functions
    The Principle of Mathematical Induction with Examples and Solved Problems
    Complex Numbers- Intro, Examples, Problems, MCQs – Argand Plane, Roots of Unity
    Calculus – Differential Calc. -Algebraic, exponential, log, trigonometric,polynomial functions
    Calculus – Introducing Integral Calculus
    Permutations and Combinations
    Linear Algebra – Problems Based on Simultaneous Equations, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors
    Probability: Part 1 – Continuous & Discrete Variables, Chebyshev Inequality, Problems
    Probability Distributions- Discrete/Continuous- Bernouilli/Binomial/Geometric/Uniform/etc
  • Physics
    Basic Mechanics: Introduction to Vectors and Motion
    Basic Mechanics: More on Vectors and Projectile Motion
    Basic Mechanics: Newton’s Laws of Motion
    Basic Mechanics: Work, Force and Energy
    Basic Mechanics: Simple Harmonic Motion
    Basic Mechanics: Rotational Dynamics
    Basic Mechanics: Fluid Mechanics
    Engineering Mechanics
    Engineering Mechanics: Moments and Equivalent Systems
    Engineering Mechanics: Centroids and Center of Gravity
    Engineering Mechanics: Analysis of Structures
    Basic Electrostatics and Electromagnetism
    Basic Electrostatics: An Introduction
    Basic Electrostatics: Some Interesting Problems
    Basic Electromagnetism: An Introduction
    Basic Electromagnetism: Some Interesting Problems
    Electrostatics and Electromagnetism: A Quick Look at More Advanced Concepts
  • Chemistry
    Atomic Structure: Notes, Tutorial, Problems with Solutions
    Chemical Kinetics
    Chemical Equilibrium
    An Introduction to Electrochemistry
    Liquid Solutions
    The Gaseous State
    Co-ordination Compounds
    Nomenclature of Simple Organic Compounds
    Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes
    Basic Organic Reactions
  • Computer Science
    The Book Corner for Computer Science and Programming Enthusiasts
    Programming Interviews
    Arrays and Searching: Binary Search ( with C Program source code)
    Arrays and Sorting: Insertion Sort ( with C Program source code, a tutorial and an MCQ Quiz on Sorting)
    Arrays and Sorting: Selection Sort (C Program/Java Program source code, a tutorial and an MCQ Quiz on Sorting)
    Arrays and Sorting: Merge Sort ( C Program/Java Program source code, a tutorial and an MCQ Quiz on Sorting)
    Arrays and Sorting: Quick Sort (C Program/Java Program source code; a tutorial and an MCQ Quiz )
    Data Structures: Stacks ( with C Program source code)
    Data Structures: Queues ( with C Program source code)
    MCQ Quizzes on Data Structures, Algorithms and the Complexity of Algorithms- Test how much you know!
    MCQ Quizzes- Test how much you know about basic Algorithms and Data Structures!
    MCQ Quizzes- Test your C Programming skills!: Quiz questions on Strings, Arrays, Pointers
    Learning Python: Programming and Data Structures
    Introduction to Ruby and some playing around with the Interactive Ruby Shell (irb)
    C Program ( Source Code and Explanation) for a Single Linked List
    C Program (Source Code) for a Doubly Linked List
    C Program (Source Code With Documentation) – Circular Linked List
    Introduction to Java Collections
    Networking: Client-Server and Socket Programming (in Python)
    Networking: Client-Server and Socket Programming (in Java)
    Intro to Digital Image Processing (Basic filters and Matlab examples.)
  • EE
    Basics of DC Circuits
    DC Circuits: An Introduction
    DC Circuits: Examples and Problems, Circuits with Resistance and Capacitance
    DC Circuits: Introducing Inductors
    DC Circuits: Problems related to RL, LC, RLC Circuits
    DC Circuits: Electrical Networks and Network Theorems
    DC Circuits: More Network Theorems, Examples, Solved Problems
    Basic Digital Circuits: Number System-1
    Basic Digital Circuits: Number System-2
    Basic Digital Circuits: Boolean Algebra-1
    Basic Digital Circuits: Boolean Algebra-2
    Basic Digital Circuits: Karnaugh Maps-1
    Basic Digital Circuits: Karnaugh Maps-2
    Basic Digital Circuits: Combinational Circuits-1
    Basic Digital Circuits: Combinational Circuits-2
    Basic Digital Circuits: Sequential Circuits-1
    Basic Digital Circuits: Sequential Circuits-2
  • English
    Top Schools & School-wise results (CBSE 2015 Class 12 Examinations)
    Toppers in CBSE Class 12 Exams, 2015
    Top Schools & School-wise Results (ISC 2015, Class 12 Exams)
    Toppers in ISC Class 12 Exams, 2015
    Top Schools & School-wise Results (RBSE 2015 Class 12, Rajasthan State)
    Top Schools & School-wise results (CBSE 2014 Class 12 Examinations)
    Top Schools & School-wise Results (ICSE-ISC 2014 Examinations)
    Top Schools & School-wise results (ICSE-ISC 2013 Class 10 & 12 Examinations)
    IIT JEE Preparation Material
    Buy CBSE/NCERT Books
    ISC Class 12: Syllabus, Specimen Papers, Books
    Books From Flipkart
    A List of CBSE Schools in India
    A List of CBSE Schools in Delhi
    A List of CBSE Schools in Uttar Pradesh
    A List of CBSE Schools in Andhra Pradesh
    A List of CBSE Schools in Tamil Nadu
    A List of CBSE Schools in Harayana
    A List of CBSE Schools in Punjab
    A List of CBSE Schools in Karnataka
    A List of CBSE Schools in Kerala
    A List of CBSE Schools in West Bengal
    A List of CBSE Schools in Madhya Pradesh
    A List of CBSE Schools in Maharashtra
    List of all ICSE and ISC Schools in India ( and abroad ).
    UP Board Madhyamik Schools
    Kerala-Board HSE Schools
    School Listings: Review, Result Analysis, Contact Info, Ranking and Academic Report Card
    Chhattisgarh Board CGBSE
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    PhotoBlog – Travel Pics
    Random Thoughts
    After Class 12
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    Top ICSE-ISC Schools in Agra
    Top ICSE-ISC Schools in Ahmedabad
    Top ICSE-ISC Schools in Allahabad
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    Top CBSE Schools in Chennai
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    Top CBSE Schools in Delhi
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Address:961 9TH CROSS 13TH MAIN ULLAL UPANAGARA BANGALORE KARNATAKA Phone Num: STD Code: PhNo: 3211364 , Fax:6637959, Website: 

The school is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Various details about the school are listed below – contact information, academic facilities and statistics based on academic performance based on whatever data is available online. The Affiliation Code is 830041.

A summary of results in the AISSCE class 12 board exams conducted by CBSE in March 2016.

Average Percentage Score:72.323
Median Percentage Score:73.6
Highest Percentage Score:93.0
Percentage of Class Scoring 80% and above:0.0
Stream Wise Performance
Science – Avg %Score:72.323
Comprehensive Subject-Wise Performance
ENGLISH CORE – Avg % Score:76.1
MATHEMATICS – Avg % Score:53.9
PHYSICS – Avg % Score:80.6
CHEMISTRY – Avg % Score:71.3
COMPUTER SCIENCE – Avg % Score:71.6
AGGREGATE – Avg % Score:72.3
BIOLOGY – Avg % Score:84.9

The statistics presented above are indicative of the academic standards of the school. This information will also give you an idea about the streams offered by the school and the subjects available as electives. Overall percentage scores have been computed using the five-subject average. In case a candidate appeared for a sixth subject, we use the first language + best 4 subjects. All-India Statistics: As this chart shows

To benchmark the results with other schools across the country, here’s a listing of over 7000 CBSE affiliated schools both in India, and abroad

A Summary of the academic performance in Class 12 exams, in the period 2014-2016

 YearAverage Aggregate (Five Subjects) 
 CBSE-2016 72.323

 CBSE-2015 79.152
 CBSE-2014 80.236

Here’s a list of other CBSE Schools in the same Pin Code/City 560050

Top Ranked CBSE Schools in recent years on the basis of performance in Class 12 Examinations

Top CBSE Affiliated Schools based on Class 12 Board Exam Results for the Year 2016
Top CBSE Affiliated Schools based on Class 12 Board Exam Results for the Year 2015
Top CBSE Affiliated Schools based on Class 12 Board Exam Results for the Year 2014

School details, facilities and Contact information (phone, fax, email, website) as listed on the CBSE school portal

Details Of The School


Affiliation Number 830041
Pin Code 560050
PhNo.&STD Code 080




Year of Foundation 1986
Date of 1st Opening 6/9/2008 12:00:00 AM
Sex 0
Principal’s Qualifications: B.Sc., B.Ed

Experience (Years

Admin: 01
Teaching: 13
Status of The School Senior Secondary
Type of affiliation Provisional
Affiliation Period
From 1/4/2014
To 31/


    Nearest Railway StationDistance in KM
    Nearest Police StationDistance in KM
    Nearest Nationalised BankDistance in KM


    Category of School Boys
    Medium of Instruction English
    Types of School Independent



    No. of Section

    No. of Student

    Labs and Rooms Details












    Physical Size

    Area of Campus 

    (in sq. Mtrs.)

    (in Acres.)

    Built up Area in (in sq. Mtrs.)

    Whether the School at one site or two site

    Area of Playground (in sq. Mtrs.)


    Type of W.C and Urinals 
    No. of Urinals/Lavatories Separately for Boys
    No. of Urinals/Lavatories Separately for Girls
    Potable Water
    Has Certificate about health and sanitary conditions, drinking water and fire safety
    of the school has been obtained from the competent authorities of the area? if yes
    attach copy of same 


    Total No of Books
    Reference Books


    Swimming Pool
    Indoor Games
    Dance Rooms
    Music Rooms


    Health and Medical Check up

    Discuss this school:

    Comparing Indian Boards
    CBSE vs ICSE vs IGCSE/IB vs State Boards

    School Performance Rankings
    CBSE RESULT 2018 
    Top Ranking CBSE Schools
    Toppers in Class 12
    Toppers in Class 10

    School Infrastructure Data For All Districts
    Links to Infra Details of Various Schools


    School Performance Rankings (Old)

    Top CBSE Schools -2017
    CBSE-Class 12 Toppers 2017
    Top ISC Schools – 2017
    ISC-Class 12 Toppers 2017
    ICSE-Class 10 Toppers 2017

    Moderation Mess

    Exposing CBSE/ICSE: A follow-up (2015)
    Exposing CBSE/ICSE Marking Scams(2013)
    CBSE Score manipulation over a decade
    CBSE Chapterwise Solved Papers 2018-2009 Mathematics Class 12th

    The DU Admission Mess
    Brazen Unfairness of DU’s cut-offs

    Career Paths
    After Class 12
    Good CS Programs
    How to pick a BTech branch or program

    CBSE 2016
    2016 CBSE School-Wise Results
    2016 Percentage to Percentile

    ISC/ICSE 2016
    2016 CISCE School-wise Results
    K12 Toppers 
    2016 Percentage to Percentile

    That’s me!
    Prashant Bhattacharji

    Info for parents and students 
    looking for schools and admissions.
    Old CBSE Results
    2015 School-wise Results 
    2014 School-wise Results 

    CBSE Chapterwise Solved Papers 2018-2009 Physics Class 12th

    Python for Data
    Baby step with python for Data Science (word count)
    Simple Regression with Matrix
    Linear regression via Normal Equation
    Predicting Flight Price with Tensorflow
    Data Analysis with Pandas (Basic)
    Data pre-processing & Linear Regression with Gradient Descent
    Linear Classification with Stochastic Gradient Descent
    Ada-grad vs Bold-driver for linear classification
    Regularization & ridge regression with batch GD

    R for Data

    Data transformation in R using dplyr
    Imputation Techniques In Data Science In R
    String Manipulation in R
    Text Preprocessing In R
    Using ggplot To Create Visualizations In R

    General Posts 
    What sets apart US univs?
    Common Core standards in Math
    Facebook recommends Math
    England: GCSE.GCE Performance 
    USA: California School Ranks

    Popular articles 
    What kind of criteria should one use to pick a college?
    After Class 12
    CBSE/ICSE schools in Dubai/UAE
    IITs, JEE and Girls Quota
    CBSE in Dubai, Middle East 
    Gujarat School Fees Cap
    Delhi Nursery Admissions: The mess
    Examination Results 2017

    Old State Board/ICSE Results
    Kerala-Board HSE Schools
    Chhattisgarh Board CGBSE
    UP Board Madhyamik Schools
    ISC 2015  K12 Toppers
    ICSE/ISC 2015 K12 School-wise Results 
    RBSE 2015 K12 School-wise Results
    PSEB 2015 K12 School-wise Results

    ISC 2014 Percentage to Percentile 
    ICSE/ISC-2014 Schools-wise Results


    Prime Factors and Prime Factorization
    Fibonacci Numbers

    Quizzes on Progressions
    MCQ #1: Arithmetic Progression
    MCQ #2: Geometric Progression
    MCQ #3 : More on Geometric Progressions.

    Polynomial Curves
    Graphs of Cubic Polynomials
    Graphs of Quartic Polynomial Functions

    Coordinate Geometry – Straight Lines

    MCQ #1: Cartesian Planes, Straight Line Basics
    MCQ #2 on Straight Lines

    1 MCQ #1 on Circles.
    2 MCQ #2 on Circles.
    3 MCQ #3 on Circles.

    Conic Sections- Parabola, Hyperbola, Ellipse
    1 MCQ- The Basics of Conic Sections
    2 MCQ on Parabola..
    3 MCQ on Hyperbola
    4 MCQ on Ellipses. 

    MCQ #1 on Basic Probability
    MCQ #2: More Challenging Problems on Probability
    MCQ #3- Conditional Probability and Bayes Theorem

    Complex Numbers
    MCQ #1
    MCQ #2: More on Complex Numbers

    Quadratic Equations
    MCQ Quadratic Equations

    Quadratic In-equations
    MCQ Quadratic In-equations

    Computer Science

    Quizzes on Basic Object Oriented Programming with C++

    1 MCQ #1: C++ and OOPS
    2 MCQ #2: Inheritance in C++

    Quizzes on C Programming- Arrays, Strings and Pointers

    1 C Programming MCQ #1: Strings- 1
    2 C Programming MCQ #2: Strings (2)
    3 C Programming MCQ #3: Strings (3)

    Quizzes on Java Programming

    1 Java MCQ #1- Classes, Inheritances and Interfaces
    2 Java MCQ #2- Collections
    3 Java MCQ #3- Threading

     Quizzes on Data Structures, Algorithms and Complexity

    1 MCQ #1: The Basics of Sorting Algorithms- Quadratic Sorts
    2 MCQ #2: Efficient Sorting Algorithms- Quick sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort
    3 MCQ #3- The Radix Sort
    4 MCQ #4: Divide and Conquer
    5 MCQ #5- Dynamic Programming
    6 MCQ #6- Complexity of Algorithms
    7 MCQ #7- Application of Master’s Theorem
    8 MCQ #8: Binary Search Trees
    9 MCQ #9: B-Trees
    10 MCQ #9: AVL-Trees
    11 MCQ #10: Representing Graphs as Data Structures
    12 MCQ #11: Spanning Trees
    13 MCQ #12: Algorithms – Graphs: Spanning Trees – Kruskal and Prim Algorithms
    14 MCQ #13: Algorithms – Graphs: Depth and Breadth First Search

    Basic English Grammar

    English Online: Articles (Quiz #1)
    English Online: Articles (Quiz #2)
    English Online: Articles (Quiz #3)

    Examination Results 2016  

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    CBSE | PU College | State

    Registration for Pre Nursery 2019-20 will be open from 10.00 am on 25th November 2018 (Sunday) till 6.00pm on 28th November 2018 (Wednesday)

    Our Vision

    As Vidyaniketan, we are committed to providing
    students with a transformative learning experience
    that nurtures essential skills building upon a strong foundation of values and ethics.


    Within the warmth of an ambient learning ecosystem,
    our young minds explore and engage as they build on essential foundational skills.


    Offering courses in Science and Commerce streams, our Pre-University College provides students with a combination of top quality infrastructure and qualified teaching fraternity, to help students pursue their interests and build their career paths.


    Established in 1986, Vidyaniketan CBSE has classes from Pre-Nursery to Class XII. Over three decades, the school has strived to facilitate excellence in students in a variety of academic and co-curricular areas.


    At Vidyaniketan we emphasize the need for discipline through Nation building activities like NCC and also through a variety of Sports.


    Check out the latest News, Events, and Updates about Vidyaniketan.

    Apply Online


    Vidyaniketan (State Board), is open for Class VIII to X. We ensure that the academic competence of students is nurtured through a combination of appropriate pedagogical interventions and adequate support.



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